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95 Kinstone Android tablet can handle HD video 3D gaming

first_imgApple is well-known for producing highly desirable devices that you can pay a lot of money for. Just look at the entire range of MacBook products and you can see each one comes with a hefty price premium when compared to the equivalent hardware in a non-Apple device.There is an exception to that rule, though. Currently Apple has the most popular tablet on the market, but it’s also one of the cheapest. An iPad 2 can be picked up for as little as $499, while you can pay significantly more for an Android tablet from one its major competitors like Samsung.AdChoices广告However, at the other end of the sales spectrum there are a growing number of tablets that manage to break the sub-$500 price point. Until now they have been pretty poor performers, or opted for an inferior resistive touchscreen solution. But a new effort reviewed by YouTube user Charbax, and offered by manufacturer Kinstone, looks like it may have caught up and offers a usable Android tablet for just $95.When we say usable we have a few criteria such as fast boot time, display technology, HD video playback, and games-capabilities to judge it by. Kinstone looks to have ticked all those boxes with its KS-UMD070VC tablet.As the video above shows, the 7-inch device is capable of playing back HD video, 3D games, and has a fast boot time into Android. It does fall down on the screen as it is resistive, but then a capacitive version is only $30 more, so it still remains well below $150.The full spec includes:Cortex-A9 single-core @ 800MhzARM Mali-400 GPUAndroid 2.2.1 (3.0 possible if Google allows it)512MB RAM4GB on-board storage7″ touchscreen (resistive and capacitive options (+$30))1800mAh batteryUSB 2.0, HDMIFlash 10.1 supportEven though it is a single-core chip, the core functions of a tablet (HD video, games, web surfing) seem to be catered for, and even though it’s not stated, using such a processor is sure to aid with battery life.While the focus at the moment may be on which of the big name manufacturers can deliver an iPad-killer, it is possible that some very capable, cheap Android tablets may arrive and surprise everyone by eating into Apple’s market share.Seriously, who is going to turn down a HD-capable, WiFi Android 2.2 tablet with capacitive touchscreen for $125? That’s a bulk price, but even with taxes, shipping, and packaging expenses applied it’s still going to come in at well under $200.Anyone thinking this is just a one-off we will never see should check out Charbax’s latest video below. It’s another $100 tablet, only this time from Thinkbook running Froyo and shipping with a capacitive touchscreen.via ARMdevices.netlast_img read more