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There’s no extra Covid risk from living with kids, study finds

first_img– Advertisement – If you live with children, you’re not at a greater risk of contracting Covid-19, according to a large study carried out in the U.K.In fact, living with children was associated with a lower risk of dying from the coronavirus compared to those that didn’t live with children, researchers from the University of Oxford and London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found.They investigated 9 million adults in the U.K. under the age of 65 between February and August to see whether the risk of infection with Covid-19, and the risk of severe outcomes from having the virus, was different for those living with and without children.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – The study also looked at an additional 2.5 million adults above the age of 65 and also found that “there was no association between living with children and outcomes related to Covid-19.”Researchers highlighted that parents are known to have lower all-cause mortality than individuals without children, noting that the “protective mechanisms of having children are likely to be multifactorial, including healthier behaviours among parents, e.g. in relation to smoking and alcohol, and self-selection of healthier individuals becoming parents.”They also said “beneficial changes in immune function from exposure to young children have been proposed to cause reduced mortality among parents.”Wrangling over schoolsThe study comes amid ongoing uncertainty over the role of children and adolescents in the transmission of the coronavirus. But the researchers in this study noted that there was “accruing evidence” that suggests that, when it comes to Covid-19, “lower susceptibility and possibly lower infectiousness among children means that they may not transmit infection more than adults.”There has been heated debate over whether schools and colleges should remain open during national lockdowns, with millions of kids having to stay at home when governments first locked down their economies in spring.Amid a second wave of coronavirus infections, many countries have chosen to keep schools open wary of the harm to children if their school education is halted once again.In the U.K. for example, schools, colleges and universities are to remain open when England likely enters a second lockdown on Thursday. The government argued that the harm that would be caused to children and their education from closing schools outweighs the possible risks to them, and their caregivers, from the virus.The researchers in this latest study concluded that “for adults living with children there is no evidence of an increased risk of severe Covid-19 outcomes” and that, when it comes to school closures they had “found no evidence for a reduction in risk following school closure.”“These findings have implications for determining the benefit-harm balance of children attending school in the Covid-19 pandemic,” they said.The study has not yet been published in a medical journal or peer-reviewed and it received funding from the Medical Research Council, part of U.K. Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body sponsored by the British government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.center_img Students play during their break on their first day of school after the summer break at St Luke’s Church of England Primary School in East London on September 3, 2020.DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS | AFP | Getty Images The researchers found that living with children under the age of 11 “was not associated with increased risks of recorded Covid-19 infection, Covid-19 related hospital or ICU (intensive care unit) admission but was associated with reduced risk of Covid-19 death.”However, living with children aged 12-18 years was associated with a small increased risk of recorded coronavirus infection, the study noted, but not associated with other Covid-19 outcomes.Living with children of any age was associated with a lower risk of dying from non-Covid-19 causes, the researchers found.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Four times Yasiel Puig hasn’t been someone’s friend in 2019

first_imgHitting Yasiel Puig in the batter’s box? Not a great idea. pic.twitter.com/IaeeuSvqy1— FOX Sports Ohio (@FOXSportsOH) June 29, 2019Puig started to charge the mound before being restrained by Cubs and Reds players. After the game, Strop didn’t mince his words when offering reporters his thoughts on Puig.Pedro Strop didn’t hide his feelings about Yasiel Puig. pic.twitter.com/9GRPBxRIek— Sporting News MLB (@sn_mlb) June 29, 2019Puig took the high road, ultimately deciding to shift his focus to Sunday’s rubber match against a division rival.Following a war of words with Pedro Strop after being hit by a pitch, Yasiel Puig reacts to the situation and says his focus is on the @Reds winning the series tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/xkFcIQqz7H— FOX Sports Ohio (@FOXSportsOH) June 29, 2019 It’s no secret that Yasiel Puig isn’t the most even-keeled player in MLB. Even after an offseason trade to the Reds from the Dodgers, the love-him-or-hate-him outfielder has engaged in the type of on-field shenanigans that make Puig, well, Puig.While many fans have embraced his saying “Puig your friend,” some of his fellow major leaguers won’t be calling him a friend based on things that have happened this season.  His incident Saturday with Cubs reliever Pedro Strop, which was punctuated by Strop calling Puig “stupid as f—,” was the latest in a series of conflicts in which Puig has been at the center:MORE: Sign up for DAZN and watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a live MLB whiparound showApril 7: Ejected after benches-clearing brawlIt didn’t take long for Puig to start defending his Reds teammates. Pirates pitcher Chris Archer threw behind Derek Dietrich, who had homered earlier in the game, sparking an emptying of the benches. Puig quickly got in the middle of the argument, confronting Archer and other Pirates before being restrained. His fearlessness led to what may be the photo of the MLB season.  Puig was not backing down today in the Pirates-Reds altercation… pic.twitter.com/WQDfVnd9qg— FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) April 7, 2019Puig also tried to put Pirates bench coach Tom Prince in a head lock during the brawl. The outfielder was later suspended two games for his role in the incident.May 12: Rivalry with Madison Bumgarner resumesPuig’s relationship with the Giants’ ace has never been the best. The two have been involved in multiple incidents with each other dating to Puig’s time with the Dodgers, and Puig’s uniform change didn’t end the beef.The outfielder took the pitcher deep in May in San Francisco, complete with a bat flip. Blondes have more fun!#BornToBaseball pic.twitter.com/rcAhi44crA— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) May 12, 2019Puig had his moment against Bumgarner on the field, but the pitcher delivered a comeback of his own after the game about Puig’s struggles against his fastball.”He’s a quick study. It only took him seven years to learn how to hit that pitch,” Bumgarner said.June 25: Unhappiness with the umpireIt’s common for an MLB player to not be happy with an umpire’s strike zone, but Puig might have taken his displeasure too far when he took exception to two of umpire Kerwin Danley’s strike calls during his at-bat. After being rung up on strikes, he argued and was subsequently ejected. Puig then tossed his helmet and bat near the plate before walking off. He denied saying anything worthy of an ejection or making contact with Danley. Was Puig right to be upset? You be the judge.The pitches in question (1 and 3 were called). pic.twitter.com/UH4qaCPKyI— Sarah Wexler (@SarahWexler32) June 26, 2019Yasiel Puig and David Bell have both been ejected.#BornToBaseball | @Reds pic.twitter.com/evgzOjCBWT— FOX Sports Ohio (@FOXSportsOH) June 26, 2019June 29: ‘He’s stupid as f—’Puig’s most recent fracas took place Saturday against the Cubs and reliever Pedro Strop, who hit the outfielder on the leg with a 3-0 pitch. last_img read more