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AMEU Instructors Want Better Incentives for Faculty, Support Staffs

first_imgDr. Q. Somah Paygai, Vice President for Administration of the faith-based African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), on Camp Johnson Road, in Monrovia, has called on the Board of Directors to increase the salary of  employees.Dr. Paygai’s appeal was contained in a statement he delivered on Monday, June 11, at an honoring program of 35 “hardworking and long-serving staffs for their commitment to duty along with 25 students for academic excellence.”He informed the Board that in order for the university to remain focused in the pursuit of academic excellence, its faculty and administrative staffs must be paid salaries that will at least meet some of their basic needs.Dr. Paygai lauded the honorees for their dedication to job and study.At present, according to him, the university has a student enrollment of more than 4,000, over 138 academic staffs and 200 administrative staff members, who are dedicated and devoted to their respective duties. But he said they work under difficult situations that are incredibly hard to endure.“We know that many of you have stayed for long hours working for the good of the AMEU, so we say, thank you very much for your time and contributions to develop this university. It is through your collective and individual commitments that this university has been transformed into what it is today,” Paygai commended.He indicated that with the great achievements already made in its 23 years of existence, the institution still has a bigger goal to pursue in the coming years.Clemenceau B. Urey, the chief executive officer of the Atlantic Life and General Insurance Company, lauded the administration for providing “quality education to the students over the years.”Urey said amid some challenges that the institution has endured for the past 23 years, it has stood tall, delivering quality education.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Life Influences Dating Method

first_imgThe rate of calcium carbonate precipitation can double if microbes are present, says an article in PhysOrg.  Scientists studying hot spring deposits in Yellowstone made this “surprising discovery about the geological record of life and the environment.”  The article adds, “Their discovery could affect how certain sequences of sedimentary rock are dated, and how scientists might search for evidence of life on other planets.”    The travertine terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone can grow millimeters per day.  The precipitation can actually “more than double” when microbes are present, the article said.  Calcium carbonate is the most abundant mineral in the rock record.    The scientists believe that inferences about the presence of life can be drawn from studying the rate of deposition.  “Separating biologically precipitated calcium carbonate from non-biologically precipitated calcium carbonate is difficult,” however.  Inferences about life would also require independent knowledge about the rate of deposition.  They believe they can tease this information out from the chemistry, based on “the environmental and ecological context of the rock being studied.”The important observation here is that previous trusted assumptions about most common sedimentary rock were off by more than a factor of two.  What other assumptions are still unquestioned that will be overturned in the future?  Other questions: What will this do to cave formation dating methods?  Will they change the textbooks within the next decade?  How can they rightfully infer the presence of life from a precipitation rate on a planet where no life has been found, when other unknown factors could influence the rate?  How come geologists never apologize for the misinformation they spread?(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more