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Saudi ambassador to Morocco denies granting scholarships to Polisario students

Rabat  – Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Morocco Abderrahmane Mohamed El-Jadii denied allegations reported by certain electronic media outlets suggesting the embassy granted scholarships to students from the Polisario front.KSA ambassador “has denied reports suggesting granting scholarships to students from the Polisario front”, a statement of the embassy said.  Some electronic media outlets reported last Friday that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expressed to the United Nations its readiness to host students from the Polisario.  The Saudi diplomat said that his country’s position with regard to the Sahara issue is “immutable”, stressing “the deep, solid and distinguished bonds” between Morocco and KSA.

Malaria mortality rates remain unacceptably high senior UN official says

23 April 2010The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today described as “unacceptable” the fact that 850,000 people still die from malaria every year even though simple insecticide-treated mosquito nets could significantly reduce mortality if made readily available to all people in regions where the disease is endemic. The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today described as “unacceptable” the fact that 850,000 people still die from malaria every year even though simple insecticide-treated mosquito nets could significantly reduce mortality if made readily available to all people in regions where the disease is endemic.“As we commemorate World Malaria Day 2010, there are only 250 days left to meet the challenge set by the UN Secretary-General for all endemic countries to achieve universal coverage with essential malaria control interventions by 31 December 2010,” said Ann Veneman, UNICEF’s executive director said in a statement ahead of the day, which will be marked on Sunday.“It is unacceptable that around 850,000 people annually still die from a mosquito bite. Of those who die from malaria each year, nearly 90 per cent of them live in sub-Saharan Africa, and the majority of those deaths are children under five years old. This shocking disparity is even more unacceptable,” she added.Ms. Veneman acknowledged that there had been a significant increase in insecticide-treated bed net (ITN) coverage in several African countries, largely due to widespread national distribution campaigns with an emphasis on reaching those most in danger of contracting malaria.“Evidence shows that malaria control interventions work, but they need to be scaled up even more to achieve the 2010 goal. The dual approach in the fight against malaria – from better coverage of ITNs to increased use of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) to treat patients – is what is needed to help save hundreds of thousands of lives,” Ms. Veneman said.Strong collaboration among governments, donors, international organizations, the private sector, civil society and faith-based organizations, have driven much of the success in combating the disease, she added.She said a successful anti-malaria campaign could lead to other benefits including reducing pressure on health centres, cutting down mortality rates among those infected with HIV/AIDS because malaria further weakens AIDS patients, and improving the health of pregnant mothers and that of their babies.In a related development, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) reports that a new evaluation of malaria rapid diagnostic tests will help health workers quickly identify patients who have the disease and need immediate treatment, putting into action the agency’s recent recommendation that malaria diagnosis be confirmed before treatment.The malaria product testing evaluation programme recently completed a new assessment of the performance of 29 rapid diagnostic tests and found that 16 of them met minimum performance criteria set by WHO, the agency said.“These rapid tests have been a major breakthrough in malaria control,” said Robert Newman, director of WHO’s Global Malaria Programme. “They allow us to test people who cannot access diagnosis based on microscopy in remote, rural areas where the majority of malaria occurs,” he added.In 2008, just 22 per cent of suspected malaria cases were tested in 18 of 35 African countries reporting data. Universal diagnosis would enable health workers to identify which patients with fever have malaria and need life-saving antimalarial drugs, and which ones have other causes of illness and require alternative treatment. With 38 tests that now meet minimum performance criteria, malaria-endemic countries and donors have a wider choice of tests which have been assessed for quality and reliability. read more

UN must be fully engaged in antiterror fight Security Council President says

Briefing journalists following closed-door consultations, Ambassador Jean-David Levitte of France, which currently holds the Council’s rotating presidency, recalled that in the past the Security Council had taken action against terrorism generally, and had also specifically acted in response to the situation in Afghanistan.”The question is today is there room for action beyond resolution 1368 that we adopted unanimously a few days ago?” he asked, referring to the text adopted by the Council on 12 September, following the attacks the previous day against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. “This will be discussed next week,” he said. Ambassador Levitte recalled that resolution 1368 expressed the Council’s readiness to take all necessary steps to respond to the attacks of 11 September and to combat all forms of terrorism. “That is exactly what we are determined to do and that we will discuss next week.” There are already some 12 treaties dealing with different aspects of terrorism, he noted. In addition, there are two additional initiatives under consideration – a global convention against terrorism as well as a convention aimed specifically at fighting acts of nuclear terrorism. Beyond these treaties, he noted, there were specialized institutions and agencies as well as regional organizations which played an important role in the fight against terrorism. The President also said that an opinion piece published by the Secretary-General “reflects exactly the general mood and the general will not only of the Security Council but certainly of the whole membership.”In his op-ed, the Secretary-General argues that the UN is uniquely well-placed to advance the fight against terrorism, providing the forum necessary for building a worldwide coalition to combat the menace. read more

Yemen amid food crisis UN expert warns of deliberate starvation of civilians

“As the conflict continues to escalate, over 12.9 million people in Yemen are now surviving without adequate access to basic food supplies, including six million who are deemed severely food insecure,” warned Hilal Elver, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, in a press release issued earlier this morning.The situation facing children in the country is particularly alarming, she stressed, with reports suggesting that 850,000 of them face acute malnutrition – a figure that is expected to rise to 1.2 million over the coming weeks, if the conflict persists as its present level.Sieges in a number of governorates, including Aden, Al Dhali, Lahj and Taiz, have been preventing staple food items, such as wheat, from reaching the civilian population, while airstrikes have reportedly targeted local markets and trucks laden with food items. “The deliberate starvation of civilians in both international and internal armed conflict may constitute a war crime, and could also constitute a crime against humanity in the event of deliberate denial of food and also the deprivation of food sources or supplies,” Ms. Elver continued. “The right to food does not cease in times of conflict, indeed it becomes more crucial as a result of the acute vulnerabilities in which individuals find themselves.” The UN expert explained that in a country that relies on imports for 80 per cent of its food intake, current restrictions have resulted in steep price hikes, which, combined with increases in the price of diesel by some 47 per cent, are having a “devastating impact” on food security. In addition, she said that both “an immediate and unconditional” humanitarian pause in hostilities and a boost in relief funding would be needed to prevent “a deepening national catastrophe in Yemen.”“I call on the international community to do everything possible to provide on an emergency basis the necessary funding as well as essential aid,” concluded Ms. Elver.According to the latest data released by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the ongoing conflict in Yemen has taken a heavy toll on civilians, more than 1,895 of whom have been killed by fighting since March. Half of the population does not have enough food to feed their families, while more than 15 million people are deprived of access to basic healthcare.The health system in Yemen is indeed continuing to suffer, leaving civilians without access to critical, life-saving health care, World health Organization (WHO) Representative Tarik Jašarevic explained during a press briefing in Geneva.“Almost 23 per cent of all health facilities in Yemen are currently non-functional or partially functional as a direct result of on-going violence, and additional facilities continue to close down week by week,” he said.While WHO had asked for $151 million to meet the health needs of internally displaced people until the end of 2015, it had received so far $23 million, resulting in a funding gap of 85 per cent.“Without the funds, many critical healthcare services would be forced to shut down,” warned Mr. Jašarevic.So far, he added, WHO had supported the Ministry of Health of Yemen and partners with over 181 tonnes of medicines and medical supplies for more than three million people, including trauma care, non-communicable diseases and laboratory and blood banks. read more

Risk grows of catastrophic humanitarian fallout in Syrias Idlib where 3 million

‘What is the point of the Security Council passing resolutions like that if States are not going to comply with them?’ He ended his briefing with a chilling list of factual responses to some key questions put to his office in recent weeks, by Member States, NGOs, doctors and families affected by fighting in the Idlib zone. Here is the full transcript of his  closing remarks:”Who is bombing all these hospitals? I can’t say. But at least some of these attacks are clearly organized by people with access to sophisticated weapons including a modern air force and so called smart or precision weapons.Are hospitals being deliberately targeted? I don’t know. The people who do, are the ones dropping the bombs. What I can tell you is that there are a lot of attacks on these health facilities.Is it true that you provide details of where hospitals are, in order to protect them? Yes. The obligation to protect civilian objects – including hospitals – comes from international humanitarian law. We give details of some hospital locations to the parties to the conflict, so they can comply with those obligations.Is the information being provided about the locations of hospitals in fact being used not to protect hospitals but to target them? I don’t know. Again, the people who can answer that question are the ones dropping the bombs. Many deconflicted sites which are not hospitals, have not been attacked.Has this kind of thing happened before during the Syria conflict? Yes. The then Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura and I, last year raised concerns about similar attacks in eastern Ghouta with Council Members who we thought might have relevant information and who we thought could prevent a recurrence.Did you get satisfactory answers at that time? We have yet to receive full answers to the questions we raised last year.If I were an NGO running a hospital, why would I want to give you give you details of my location if that information is simply being used to target the hospital? That is a good question. We are thinking about what conclusions to draw from recent events in respect of the deconfliction system in so far as it covers health facilities.What is your advice to parents of children who live in the de-escalation zone – should they take their children to the hospital in the case of an illness or injury? That is a very difficult question. I am deeply concerned about the impact on the health of children, and their safety, when so many medical facilities are being attacked.What would you do if you were the parent of a child needing hospital care in the so-called de-escalation zone in Idlib right now? I am sorry to say that I just don’t know. I feel desperately sorry for parents in that horrible position.Hasn’t the Security Council passed a resolution reinforcing that countries shouldn’t bomb hospitals? Yes. Security Council Resolution 2286, passed in 2016, specifically covered that.Finally, I am asked: What is the point of the Security Council passing resolutions like that if States are not going to comply with them? That, Mr President, is also a very good question. It is, of course, not really addressed to me.” The UN’s head of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo told members that “we have been here before: in Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta and Raqqa” where civilian casualties mounted along with an all-out offensive by the Syrian Government and its allies.“If the escalation continues, and the offensive pushes forward, we risk catastrophic humanitarian fallout and threats to international peace and security”, she said, giving a cautious welcome to the announcement on Wednesday of a new Turkish-Russian working group, convened to try and salvage the military buffer-zone deal reached between the two nations last September over Idlib.The top former United States diplomat said the UN had followed the intensifying violence which has reportedly killed more than 100 civilians, and displaced around 180,000 already displaced civilians, “with great concern”. UN Photo/Loey FelipeRosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, briefs the Security Council on the situation in Syria. (17 May 2019)Fighting terrorists, can’t trump international legal obligationsShe noted the presence of the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which reportedly now holds sway in much of Idlib, saying that “the international community agrees” that it’s presence “must be addressed. But with three million civilians in close quarters, combatting terrorism cannot be allowed to supercede obligations under international law.”Ms. DiCarlo said the UN-facilitated political track needed to be revitalized, adding that if the Council can work together in support of Russia and Turkey’s ceasefire commitment “then we can work towards restoring a nationwide ceasefire and consensus” in line with previous Resolutions.“International cooperation and support of the Geneva process is critical if Special Envoy (Geir) Pedersen is to realize his mandate” she said, adding that “the conflict is Syria is complex but there is a path forward.”“Let us unite today for the first step – to support an immediate de-escalation of the violence in greater Idlib and work towards a political solution that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people”, she concluded.‘Our worst fears are now coming true’ – UN relief chief LowcockDespite repeated warnings from the UN Secretary-General and others, the decision by the Syrian Government and allies – which include Security Council permament-member Russia – to intensify a military offensive on Idlib in recent weeks, means that “our worst fears are now coming true”, said Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock.He reminded Council members that “the innocent civilians of course hugely out-number the men with guns” across Idlib. While many of the 180,000 newly-displaced have moved to camps in the past three weeks, “more than 80,000 people have found themselves with nowhere to go, so they are simply parked in open fields or sheltering under trees.”At least three IDP camps had been attacked with resulting deaths and injuries, and 17 schools damaged and destroyed, with more than 400,000 unable to sit for important exams. The UN humanitarian response would be completely overwhelmed if a full military incursion takes place, he added.The escalation in attacks on medical facilities inside the escalation zone, was the biggest cause for concern he said, noting the World Health Organization (WHO) had confirmed 20 attacks on 18 different facilities – or one per day, in the past three weeks. read more

Significant Digits For Wednesday July 29 2015

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.1 coachThat’s the number of female coaches in the NFL after Jen Welter was hired by the Arizona Cardinals as an assistant coaching intern. The NBA also has one female assistant coach, while MLB and MLS have no female coaches. As my colleague Leah Libresco tweeted: “We were going to graph the share of female coaches in men’s sports, but the bars were too small to see.” [FiveThirtyEight]4 jokesConan O’Brien is being sued for stealing jokes from Twitter. A man who says he was a longtime writer for Jay Leno claims an airline joke (wow, I’m laughing already) as well as jokes about Tom Brady, Caitlyn Jenner and the Washington Monument were pilfered from his feed and used on O’Brien’s show. Conan’s production company believes the suit is without merit. Coco, I’m gonna do you a solid: I’m tweeting a joke right now, just for you. I waive all rights, please feel free to use it in tonight’s monologue. [The Hollywood Reporter]8 farmsI’ve got my tent firmly pitched in the pro-cilantro camp, but my allegiance is being tested. The FDA has banned some cilantro imported from Mexico after investigators discovered “human feces and toilet paper in and around growing fields.” Eight of the 11 farms and packing houses investigated in the Mexican state of Puebla had “objectionable conditions” and five were linked to hundreds of outbreaks in the U.S. of cyclosporiasis. [CNN]15 percentShare of Americans who do not use the Internet. They must be so happy. [Pew Research Center]63.5 percentHomeownership in the U.S. is at a 48-year low. The seasonally adjusted homeownership rate is now 63.5 percent, down from pre-recession highs of above 69 percent. Both the homeowner and rental vacancy rates, however, have also fallen. This means a tight housing market — to which I can anecdotally attest, having recently hunted for an apartment — and a possible boon to the economy in ensuing construction. [The Wall Street Journal]200 to 400 feetAmazon has proposed that some prime (get it?) airspace, from 200 to 400 feet off the ground, be reserved for high-speed drones. The company has visions of one day delivering its packages by drone. [The Guardian]10,000 textsTom Brady’s four-game “Deflate-gate” suspension has been upheld by the NFL. In a statement on the decision, the league said Brady had destroyed his cellphone, despite investigators’ requests to access it. The phone had been used to exchange 10,000 text messages over four months — or just more than 80 texts a day. Even still, Brady’s got nothing on the 18 to 24 set — those kids send and receive more than 125 texts a day! [The Washington Post]$50,000 in bunny careAfter 103 rabbits were seized from her home, a Brooklyn woman has been ordered to pay $50,000 for their care. The bunnies had become celebrities in their neighborhood. [New York Post]$2 million a yearYou have to pay about $1,500 to license the song “Happy Birthday.” Yeah, that “Happy Birthday.” Two filmmakers upset by that fact have uncovered evidence that they say negates Warner/Chappell Music’s 1935 copyright and puts the song in the public domain. The copyright has at some points netted its owners about $2 million a year. [Ars Technica]304 million core usersTwitter’s stock price slumped more than 11 percent Tuesday, after slower than expected growth in its average monthly users. The company said it now has 304 million “core users.” That’s up from 302 million last quarter, but the growth was the slowest since the company went public. [Reuters]Don’t worry, Walt Hickey’s return is nigh. But today, for those of you who a) use the Internet and b) are on Twitter, if the significance of a digit moves you, please tweet it to me @Ollie. And have a super Wednesday!If you haven’t already, you really need to sign up for the Significant Digits newsletter — be the first to learn about the numbers behind the news. read more

Ohio State mens basketball hoping lessons from practice carry over vs Northwestern

OSU redshirt sophomore center Trevor Thompson (32) during a game against Maryland on Jan. 31 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost 66-61. Credit: Muyao Shen | Asst. Photo EditorOf all the Ohio State men’s basketball team’s games this season, its matchup against Northwestern on the road on Jan. 6 might best encapsulate the issues plaguing it. On that evening, redshirt sophomore Kam Williams came off the bench to ignite the otherwise struggling Buckeyes en route to a 65-56 victory. The guard had 21 points on 5-of-9 shooting from 3-point range. The next-highest scorer was redshirt sophomore center Trevor Thompson, who had 12 points. And besides Williams’ career-high performance from downtown, no other Buckeye made a 3-pointer. What the game showed about the whole season is a lack of consistent performances, resulting in a continuous reliance on a new unsung hero nearly every night to rescue the team. Against Indiana and Rutgers, it was freshman guard JaQuan Lyle. Sophomore forward Keita Bates-Diop propelled the team with a 22-point burst against Penn State. The first game versus Maryland it was no one, then sophomore forward Jae’Sean Tate shouldered the load in the rematch.  Thompson took his turn in the victory over Illinois on Jan. 28 when he scored a team-high 16 points. It’s not that scoring by committee is necessarily a bad thing for a basketball team. In some ways, it’s a plus for the Buckeyes that they have myriad players who can step up and score. But the lack of a go-to scorer to count on through thick and thin is seeing its effects on the Buckeyes. It perhaps might explain why one night OSU looks like a threat to challenge for a Big Ten title and on others, a team destined for the National Invitational Tournament. OSU coach Thad Matta acknowledged that a lack of steadiness has hampered his team, but as the Buckeyes get ready to welcome Northwestern for a rematch Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Schottenstein Center, he said he’s hoping for a change.  “We’ve talked about everybody coming in being dialed in, being focused, whether you’re in the game or out of the game,” he said Monday. “Whatever we’ve got to do to get that consistent effort across the board is what we’re after.”That unwavering performance might happen against the Wildcats, the coach said, if what has been displayed at practice lately shows itself come tip-off. In practice, a litany of roster combinations have been used. None of them have had any “rhyme or reason,” Matta said. These random practice assignments are done in an attempt to bring as much hustle, energy and effort as possible instead of just having the starters practice against the bench. “These guys have worked their tails off,” Matta said. “I want to see the carryover from what we’ve been doing in practice.” If those things do carry over, Tate said he thinks the Buckeyes are in good position beyond just their game against the Wildcats. The 6-foot-4 sophomore said OSU hasn’t hit its stride quite yet, but if it does soon, it will have positive trajectory heading into postseason play.“We’re sitting right in that middle area of the Big Ten,” Tate said. “(Tuesday) versus Northwestern is a start, we could start a win streak, get some momentum going into these last couple weeks.”No loveAfter scoring in double figures in 12 of OSU’s first 15 games, including five performances of 18 points or more, junior forward Marc Loving seems to have lost his shooting stroke. In the Buckeyes’ last nine games, the Toledo native is averaging just 9.2 points a game, including six consecutive games of below 36 percent shooting. While speaking to the media Monday afternoon, Loving was noticeably dejected, consistently allowing Tate to answer a bulk of the questions. When he did speak, his answers were terse, his tone subdued. “The ball just isn’t going in the rim,” Loving said when asked to explain his struggles. “I feel like I’m taking decent shots, the ball just isn’t going down.” Matta offered a little more explanation for why he thinks his team’s most veteran player has been underperforming as of late. The coach said he thinks Loving has a propensity to carry mistakes with him. Rather than leaving a missed shot or turnover in the rear-view mirror, Loving continues to focus on them, he said, therefore clogging up his mind and making it difficult to break out of the slump. “He’s worked very hard the past few days,” Matta said, later adding, “I’m hoping, as a junior, he understands the ramifications of how well we need him to play.” Northwestern notesNorthwestern (16-8, 4-7) comes to Columbus feeling good after it curtailed its five-game losing skid on Thursday against Minnesota in emphatic fashion.The Wildcats throttled the Golden Gophers 82-58 to get back on the winning track for the first time since Jan. 12. Coach Chris Collins’ squad is powered by strong guard play from sophomore Bryant McIntosh and redshirt senior Tre Demps. They both average 14.8 points and 3.5 rebounds per contest. The duo likes to shoot a lot of 3-pointers, with more than 40 percent of Northwestern’s attempts coming from the two. McIntosh, who also distributes 6.6 assists per game, connects at a higher clip — 38 percent to Demps’ 28.“We’re definitely going to have to guard the 3-point line,” Matta said. A different wrinkle about the Wildcats this time around compared to the first meeting this season is that they will have senior center Alex Olah back on the floor. The 7-footer missed the Jan. 6 game, but since returning from injury, he’s shown flashes of the player who posted three 20-plus point performances early on. Matta said OSU will have to account for Olah’s presence on the floor, meaning Thompson and freshman center Daniel Giddens will be instrumental in the Buckeyes picking up the season sweep. Sometimes when a team has beaten an opponent already, the victor can relax heading into the rematch instead of placing the same importance on the game. Tate admitted this can happen at times, but he said the Buckeyes understand how crucial Tuesday’s tilt is.“We’ve got to come out with the same fire that we would any other team,” Tate said. “This one is vital in my opinion.”Up nextAfter taking on the Wildcats, the Buckeyes are slated to head east to Piscataway, New Jersey, to square off against Rutgers. OSU toppled the Scarlet Knights 94-68 on Jan. 13. Tip-off is set for 4 p.m. on Saturday. read more

Mens basketball Ohio State – Marshall preview

Kam Williams (15) shoots the ball during the Buckeyes home opener against North Carolina Central. The Buckeyes won 69-63. Ashley Nelson | Sports DirectorWhen the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Marshall Thundering Herd on Friday night, only one team will remain unbeaten after 40 minutes. It will be one of OSU’s tougher tests in the early part of the season, as the Buckeyes look to move to 6-0 before a game with No. 7 Virginia on Wednesday. OSU has earned two quality wins over Navy and Providence through the first five games, so securing another solid victory against Marshall could help keep the morale high, and help propel OSU through some upcoming challenging games, both out of conference and within the Big Ten. Marshall, a 4-0 team from Conference USA, is OSU’s final game in the Global Sports Invitational. In the unbracketed event, both teams have wins over North Carolina Central, Western Carolina and Jackson State. The Buckeyes and the Herd each took care of NC Central and Western Carolina, but it was Jackson State that made the distinction. Jackson State was the most recent win for both Marshall and Ohio State, but while OSU took care of business on Wednesday with a 30-point win, Marshall was in a tight game, only edging the Tigers by 10 points, after trailing at half. However, OSU coach Thad Matta said that Marshall’s athleticism will bring challenges for his team. Marshall coach Dan D’Antoni has experience in the NBA with his brother Mike D’Antoni, coaching in Phoenix and New York.“They’re wide open,” Matta said. “That’s their style … They got a heckuva point guard and guys that can flat out shoot the basketball.”For Ohio State, the key to the game will be keeping Marshall’s offensive productivity to a minimum. While the Buckeyes have yet to eclipse 80 points in a game, the Herd have exceeded that mark in all but one game. OSU has been a fairly stout defense, holding opposing teams to just 56.6 points per game and 42.5 in the past two games. The Buckeyes should be the toughest test for Marshall so far, and if the Herd can find a way to produce offensively like it has all year, there could be a shootout brewing.The Buckeyes strong-suit is their defense, but their offense has not been particularly bad this year, either. OSU averages 73 points per game and is led by junior forward Jae’Sean Tate who scores 13.2 points per game. Sophomore point guard JaQuan Lyle is coming off a double-double against Jackson State in which he had 11 assists. Redshirt junior guard Kam Williams and senior Marc Loving had 15 and 19 points, respectively last game. The Herd are led by junior guard Jon Elmore who averages 19 points per game. Marshall will be without starter Ryan Taylor because of a suspension after being ejected from his last game against Jackson State. Taylor averages 8.3 points and 6.0 rebounds per game.Junior forward Keita Bates-Diop is still questionable to play. He suffered a sprained ankle against Providence on Nov. 17 and sat out the last two games. read more

Mabaruma without electricity for over five weeks as generator malfunctions

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related$125M contract inked for landfills in 3 municipalitiesAugust 23, 2017In “Business”Blackout woes for Essequibo continues as GPL trying to fix problemsJuly 8, 2018In “Business”Mahdia now Guyana’s 10th townOctober 26, 2018In “latest news” …new generator to be procured, standby in the interim – Bulkan Residents of the Region One community have been without electricity for over five weeks due to the malfunctioning generator.The Ministry of Communities says it will be working in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to procure a new generation set for Mabaruma, Region One.This was disclosed by Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan in an interview with Department of Public Information/Government Information Agency (DPI/GINA) on Tuesday.The procurement of the new generator is a long-term solution to the problem. Minister Bulkan explained that for the short-term intervention, the Ministry of Natural Resources has today been able to procure a standby 500kilowatt generator. The Ministry is currently making arrangements to have it transported and installed in the community shortly.Bulkan expects that this intervention “will kick-in, in soon.” In the meantime, he is asking that, “residents exercise patience as the government works expeditiously to rectify the situation.”The Mabaruma Regional HospitalRegion One, Regional Executive Officer, Leslie Wilburg explained that the generator went down on May 15, 2017. After purchasing parts to repair the generator, it was discovered that it could not be fixed without spending ‘large sums of money’.Wilburg said that, “The options were either to purchase a new plant, or spend more to repair it.” He reportedly considered both options and then shared his recommendations by way of a letter with the Minister of Communities and Minister of Public Infrastructure.According to GINA, “the options were to repair the plant for some $8.4M with a time frame of four to five weeks, or repair for $6M. The other option was to purchase a new plant for some $16.7M with one week’s framework for installation, or $14.4M with the installation time of 3-4 weeks.” read more

Atlas Copco launches 6thSense – digital path for whole of systems integration

first_imgAutomation and digitalization are the future of the industry. But automation is not just about remotely controlled machines. Atlas Copco offers smart connected products and with the new concept 6thSense takes a leap in getting all systems connected. “We are now taking a big step on the digital path for systems integration in mining, quarrying and tunnelling. With 6thSense you are able to improve your operation in a completely new way,” says Olav Kvist, Vice President Mining Technology.“6th Sense,” explains Kvist, “is all about interoperability, advanced data analytics and a work process where we help our customers take the right steps towards improved operations. Every little step results in the clear benefits of 6th Sense: increased safety, increased predictability and increased productivity.”With 6th Sense, Atlas Copco integrates equipment, services and automation with advanced analytics and management systems. To be able to do this Atlas Copco is investing both internally and teaming up with external partners.Kvist continues, “We are not alone in this. We are developing collaborations and key partnerships with a number of companies with excellence in performance and capabilities.”Atlas Copco has announced partnerships and collaborations with Mobilaris MCE, Dassault Systemes and IBM. With this eco-system view on automation Atlas Copco says it “will continue being a long term partner to its customers on their journey towards increased safety, predictability and productivity.”Customers are currently on different productivity levels and are continuously seeking new ways of improving their operations. This is where Atlas Copco with its 6th Sense digital path can be a key enabler to meet customer specific needs.Joe Farrugia Vice President Global Technology Operations explains, “The key thing is that most can take significant steps on their existing fleets.”6th Sense can be defined in four levels, Machine function, Machine autonomy, Process autonomy and System integration. In short, the levels can be described as follows.The first level – Machine function – is operator assist through automated machine functions. Monitoring systems provide easy access and collection of data while control systems provide operator assist functionality improving the value of the machine in use.Moving to the next level – Machine autonomy – it’s automation of a complete machine and remote control of one or several machines at the same time. You optimize your equipment’s full capacity by not having to adjust to the normal staff time schedules. On top of this autonomous operation means the machine is run consistently to its specifications improving the life and reducing wear and tear from manual use.The third level – Process autonomy – is when machines start to become connected from a working perspective. This is automation of a complete process with a mixed fleet communicating machine to machine, with real time positioning integrated to planning and decision support systems. Such as complete interoperability in a drill – blast cycle process.The final and highest level – System integration – is complete integration of processes and systems across the entire value chain. This includes advanced analytics, traffic management, total asset management and the whole operation management.last_img read more

Teck sees big future for saturated rock fill water treatment technology

first_imgTeck Resources says the results from a saturated rock fill (SRF) project at its Elkview coal operations in British Columbia, Canada, show the technology has the potential to replace future active water treatment facilities (AWTF) and, further, reduce capital and operating costs for water treatment.In 2018, the company successfully operated its first SRF project at Elkview, which has now been working for the past 12 months and “is demonstrating near-complete removal of nitrate and selenium from the feed water”, Teck reported in its 2018 financial results.With the full-scale trial showing promising results, Teck is working to increase the capacity of the Elkview SRF to potentially reduce reliance on active water treatment, it said.This approach has not yet received the necessary approvals and Teck said it continues to progress the construction of additional AWTFs to comply with the measures required by the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan, an area-based management plan approved in 2014 by the British Columbia Minister of Environment.The plan establishes short-, medium- and long-term water quality targets for selenium, nitrate, sulphate and cadmium to protect the environment and human health, as well as a plan to manage calcite formation. In accordance with the plan, Teck has constructed and is operating the first AWTF at West Line Creek.In the December quarter, Teck commissioned an additional treatment step to address an issue regarding selenium compounds in effluent from the West Line Creek AWTF. The facility is now operating as designed and the company has commenced construction on its next AWTF at Fording River Operations, which will use the same treatment process as the modified West Line Creek AWTF.Teck said capital spending on water treatment in 2019 is expected to be approximately C$235 million ($178 million), including advancing a clean water diversion at Fording River, application of SRF technology at Elkview, construction of Fording River AWTF South, and advancing management of calcite and the early development of water treatment for Fording River North. “This compares to approximately C$57 million of capital spending on water treatment in 2018,” Teck said.The company continued: “In our previous guidance, we estimated total capital spending for water treatment between 2018 and 2022 of C$850-900 million. We intend to complete construction of the Fording River South AWTF, currently under construction.“If we are successful in permitting SRF projects to replace the Elkview AWTF and Fording River North AWTF, we estimate that total capital spending on water treatment during this period would reduce to C$600-650 million. If no reduction in AWTF capacity is permitted, overall capital in the same period would increase by approximately C$250 million over our previous guidance, as a result of engineering scope changes at the Elkview AWTF and an increased volume of water treated at Fording River North.”Teck said it had presented regulators with evidence that SRFs are a viable technical alternative to active water treatment, and is working through a review process. “We expect that this process will result in a decision in the first half of 2019,” it said.In the meantime, Teck continues to advance research and development, including the SRF technology.“We estimate that over the longer term, SRFs will have capital and operating costs that are 20% and 50%, respectively, of AWTFs of similar capacity. If we are successful in replacing a substantial portion of active water treatment capacity with SRFs, we believe that our long-term operating costs associated with water treatment could be reduced substantially,” it said, adding that all of the foregoing estimates were “uncertain”.last_img read more

La composition du Soleil se révèle

first_imgLa composition du Soleil se révèleGrâce à des échantillons de vent solaire obtenus après la mission spatiale Genesis, une équipe de chercheurs franco-américaine a mis au jour “l’ADN du Soleil”, sa composition isotopique en azote. Ils ont alors découvert qu’elle était très différente de celle de l’azote des météorites et de la Terre.Pour comprendre la façon dont se sont formés le Soleil et les planètes qui l’entourent, les scientifiques tentent de percer les secrets de notre astre, qui concentre plus de 99% de la matière présente dans le système solaire. Aujourd’hui, les astronomes savent que le système solaire s’est formé dans un nuage de gaz et de poussières, la nébuleuse protosolaire. Or notre étoile “a conservé la composition initiale de la nébuleuse protosolaire (…) Ce qui n’est pas le cas de la plupart des autres corps du système solaire, comme la Terre, Mars ou les météorites”, explique la Nasa dans un communiqué.À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESAC’est pourquoi une équipe franco-américaine dirigée par le Centre de recherches pétrographiques et géochimiques de Nancy a étudié la composition du Soleil, grâce à des échantillons de vent solaire récoltés par la mission spatiale Genesis. Lancée par la Nasa en 2001, cette mission avait pour principaux objectifs d’établir les compositions isotopiques en azote et oxygène du Soleil. Les rapports isotopiques de ces éléments sont en effet très différents entre la Terre, la Lune, Mars, les météorites, les comètes et les planètes géantes. “Pour expliquer ces variations, il était indispensable de déterminer la composition isotopique de la nébuleuse protosolaire, autrement dit celle du Soleil aujourd’hui”, explique le CNRS. La composition isotopique indique les proportions des divers isotopes (des atomes qui ont le même nombre de protons mais un nombre de neutrons différent) d’un élément chimique.Le Soleil 60% moins riche en isotope 15N que la Terre A l’issue de leurs analyses, dont les résultats sont publiés par la revue Science, les chercheurs concluent que l’azote solaire est très différent de l’azote terrestre. Le Soleil est en effet 60% moins riche en isotope 15N que la Terre. “En d’autres termes, la Terre et les météorites sont enrichies de 60% en 15N tandis que les comètes le sont de 300%”, note le CNRS. En outre, les chercheurs ont découvert que le rapport 15N/14N du Soleil était similaire à celui de l’atmosphère de Jupiter, qui avait été analysé il y a dix ans par une sonde américaine. Une similitude qui tend à prouver que les planètes géantes ont capturé dans leurs atmosphères une partie du gaz de la nébuleuse primitive. En outre, les chercheurs américains ayant participé à l’étude ont découvert que l’oxygène solaire est également appauvri en isotopes rares (17 O et 18 O) par rapport à celui de la Terre. L’une des hypothèses étudiées par les chercheurs avance que ces variations auraient été engendrées par une irradiation intense du gaz résiduel de la nébuleuse par le Soleil jeune. “Des réactions photochimiques auraient alors enrichi en isotopes rares les composés résultant de ces réactions, qui auraient été incorporés dans les météorites et les planètes telluriques”, explique le CNRS.Le 6 juillet 2011 à 09:52 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

On The Exorcist Fighting Demons is Tiring Work

first_img 7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were GreatThe 11 Scariest Religious Horror Movies Stay on target While last night’s episode of The Exorcist wasn’t the scariest, it was the most hopeless the show has felt all season. Fathers Marcus and Tomas are rushing Casey back from the lake to nuns’ house where Marcus learned new exorcism techniques. Tomas wants to tell the Rance family they found Casey, but Marcus tells him not to. This isn’t a simple possession. Regan escaped the demon all those years ago, and now the demon wants to torture her daughter in front of her. He tells Tomas to lie to the Rance family.Nine days later, we learn that Casey has been staying with the nuns since the end of last week’s episode and the demon has only gotten stronger. The nuns are worried that if the demon can’t merge with Casey, it’ll kill her. Marcus says that’s no reason to give up. Tomas meanwhile is dealing with pressure from the church to give up Marcus’s location. His superiors worried about the damage to the church’s image if the media got word of an excommunicated priest performing an unsanctioned exorcism the week before the pope’s visit.Tomas knows exactly where Marcus is and is even helping him and the nuns perform the exorcism. It’s not going well. Casey bites Tomas, telekinetically throws a nun into a piano, growls and smiles unnervingly as everyone chants prayers over her. Tomas tends to his wound and asks Marcus what happened at the lake. Marcus admits he killed Casey. He drowned her in the lake, but God brought her back to life. Marcus asked why God would revive Casey only to have the demon take hold of her again. Marcus says it’s not their job to ask.Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) doesn’t trust the Friars of the Ascension. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Father Bennet meets with the Friars of the Ascension to plan the upcoming papal visit when he learns they want the pope to make a spontaneous stop at an insecure location. He also confronts the group about their finances. Specifically, he asks how a defunct landscaping company has been able to donate $2.7 Million to the group. The brush him off with veiled threats. Later that night, he investigates a warehouse belonging to the Friars and finds a room full of mutilated bodies. He is attacked by two possessed men, but despite being stabbed, is able to fight both of them off and exorcise one.At the Rance house, the media has swarmed outside. During an interview, a reporter starts asking questions about Casey’s violent behavior. Angela starts shaking and cancels the interview. Father Marcus meets with the family and Angela starts getting impatient. She points out it’s been two weeks since Father Marcus told them they had a matter of hours until the demon integrates with Casey, and they’ve heard nothing since. Henry tells her that Tomas is doing his best, but Angela says that’s not good enough. She and her mother reconcile as now Angela realizes that watching her child fight a possession is almost as bad as living through it.Mother Bernadette (Deanna Dunagan) tells Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) that she believes they will have to kill Casey. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Tomas goes back to Marcus and finds that Casey’s body is failing. The nuns have sedated her, meaning the exorcism can’t continue and she will die. Marcus demands to know why the nuns are killing her. Mother Bernadette says they grow so much belladonna to put the extreme cases out of their misery while their soul is still their own. She asks Marcus if he wants to continue the exorcism for Casey’s sake or for his own. Marcus goes to Casey and blesses her, offering forgiveness one more time. She wakes up and says, “No more.”Father Marcus begs Casey to hold on and keep fighting, while Father Tomas has another unpriestly visit with Jessica. She notices something’s wrong and offers to help, which only frustrates him more, and he storms out. He heads to the pharmacy to see what he can do about his bite. The clerk tells him he needs some antibiotics but can’t give him any without a perscription. The conversation is interrupted by a fan who saw Father Tomas on TV and pesters him for a selfie. Tomas becomes enraged and begins fighting the man. The clerk calls the police, but the man doesn’t press charges. Maria arrives to pick Tomas up and offers him some comfort.Father Tomas goes back to the Rance house. Angela isn’t doing so well and has been asking to see Tomas. She tells him that she fears Casey is dead. The night Casey ran away, Angela says, she knew things were still OK. She could feel that her daughter was still alive. She doesn’t feel that anymore. Meanwhile, Marcus is about to give Casey the belladonna, mercifully killing her. He decides he can’t do it. He tells Mother Bernadette that keeping the girl alive is part of God’s plan. Father Tomas brings Angela in to see her daughter. The demon comes alive, sits Casey up and greets her.The Demon remembers Angela. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)The Exorcist seems to be saving all of its scares for next week. Given the preview at the end of the episode, next Friday will have everything we’ve been waiting for. Two priests and a family against an impossibly strong demon that flies its host around the room making it do all kinds of unnatural things with its body. That’s next week, though. This week’s episode wasn’t all that scary, though Casey’s demon-face still creeps me out. It was effective in conveying how tiring the process is. Marcus and Tomas are spent and have all but given up hope. The episode is effective in making us feel that way too.The one part of the episode that was legitimately scary was Father Bennett’s section. His search for the truth about the Friars has turned out to be a much more interesting story than the central exorcism. If the show gets a second season, which is certainly not guaranteed at this point, I hope it focuses more on him rooting out the demonic infiltration of the church.last_img read more

Cast Oscar Isaac in Metal Gear Solid You Cowards

first_img Normally I don’t think “Famous Actor X Wants To Play Famous Character Y” stories are that newsworthy because who wouldn’t want high-profile, high-paying work? But sometimes the pairing between actor and character is so perfect that even if there’s only a slight chance of it coming true we owe it to the world to signal boost the possibility. This is one of those times.During an interview with our sister site IGN on his new movie Triple Frontier, Oscar Isaac said that among all video game characters by far the one he’s most interested in playing is Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. And by god that casting would be so good it would cowardly for it now not to happen.Just think about it. They aren’t going to cast veteran Snake voice actor David Hayter as the lead in a modern blockbuster. Kiefer Sutherland probably has too much fan baggage for taking up the role in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. So who better to lead your big weird military sci-fi action franchise than the legitimately great actor most recognized for his Star Wars pilot swagger?Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the theoretical director of the Metal Gear Solid movie, seems to agree. He posted this gruff BossLogic concept art of Isaac as Snake while saying “the ball’s in Oscar’s court.” However it’s way too early to begin those talks, especially since Vogt-Roberts’ next video game project is a TV adaptation of the Console Wars book.THIS-MUSING-IS-NOT-NEWS-PSA:To everyone asking how I feel about Oscar Isaac saying he wants to be Solid Snake.The full process required to cast an icon hasn’t even started, but..Ask @Bosslogic where the idea for his brilliant mock up came from.The ball’s in Oscar’s court.— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) March 4, 2019If there’s one downside to Oscar Isaac as Snake is that it would lead to a Metal Gear Solid movie more awesome than Konami deserves, frankly. Franchise mastermind Hideo Kojima always had cinematic ambitions for the series. So it would be a bummer to see them reach fruition only after he was unceremoniously kicked from the company now more famous for pachinko grifts. That said, working with Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo Del Toro on whatever the Hell Death Stranding is seems to be a nice consolation prize.For more on Metal Gear Solid check out our thoughts on Snake’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and learn more about this sneaky upcoming Metal Gear Solid board game. Keanu Reeves Mod Makes ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Even More Breathta…Toy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys Stay on targetlast_img read more

Mysterious powder causes concern at Broward courthouse

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A mysterious white powder at the Broward County Courthouse caused some concern, Wednesday.Firefighters worked with a Hazmat team to figure out what they were dealing with.In the end, officials determined the powder was not toxic.Court business continued as usual as all of this went on. There was never an evacuation.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Host Communities Push Projects to Sustain Travis AFB

first_imgOfficials from the communities that host Travis Air Force Base in northern California are considering several projects to support the installation.Under one proposal, Solano County would issue bonds to finance the construction of a civil engineering facility that would allow the base to consolidate more than 50 scattered engineering operations and buildings, reported the Daily Republic. A new facility would make the base more efficient and free up space needed for flight operations, said Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine, who traveled to Washington, D.C., last week with colleagues from Fairfield and the county to promote Travis on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon.The budget for the project, which does not yet have a specific timeline, is between $20 million and $30 million, Augustine said.“Our plan is we want to move forward with the base as quickly as possible,” said David White, city manager for Fairfield.The delegation also discussed plans to develop a 70-acre parcel under the Air Force Community Partnership Program. The plan is intended to provide a new source of revenue for the installation through a lease for the property.“Nothing is on paper, so anything is possible,” Augustine said. “But I don’t think it would be housing. It would more likely be commercial and maybe some light industrial.”The delegation also discussed efforts to secure a more reliable water source for Travis. With several of the base’s existing sources expected to end, the installation intends to develop more groundwater sources. At the same time, Travis is discussing the possibility of obtaining a secondary water source from Fairfield or Vacaville, according to the story. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

United Way of Central Maryland Hosts Event Connecting Homeless to Services

first_imgBaltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake addressed the event.Baltimore – Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was on hand to kick off the United Way of Central Maryland’s Project Homeless Connect Sept. 24.“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time from your day to help Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens,” Rawlings Blake said, addressing the hundreds of volunteers who milled around in white T-shirts. “A lot of people say that they care. Far fewer actually show up and do the work to demonstrate their compassion for their brothers and sisters in our city.”The United Way of Maryland’s fourth Project Homeless Connect helped the area’s homeless tap into more than 150 services.This was the fourth year for the event, which was held at the Baltimore Convention Center.Volunteers were matched with homeless adults or homeless families to help them take advantage of the more than 150 services available at the event. There were stations where participants could have photo identification cards made and obtain dental care, housing information and legal services. There was also a huge table full of necessities like water bottles, granola bars, toothbrushes and razors – all for free. Organizers said they planned to host 2,000 volunteers. Shamda Yates was among one of the many people waiting to have their teeth examined and take advantage of the other offerings. She said she came looking to make a positive change in her life. “It was important to me because I really need my ID,” she said. “I just changed my life, so I’m trying to get a job…I’m trying to do some things in life.”last_img read more

Asian Streamer Viu Adds Wattpad Development Deal

first_imgMulti-territory Asian video streaming service Viu has struck an original content deal with tech-driven story firm Wattpad. Together they aim to develop film and TV series under the Viu Original label.Canada-based Wattpad hosts a vast library of user-generated stories, with a claimed user base of 80 million, including 22 million in the Asia Pacific region. Some stories have been developed into films, with Anna Todd’s “After” the best-known example. It accumulated a billion online views on Wattpad before being adapted into a film, directed by Jenny Gage, that with a $69.5 million global box office is one of the highest grossing indie movies of this year.Other companies in Asia that have struck similar deals with Wattpad include Sony Pictures Television, Mediacorp, and Huayi Brothers Korea. “Wattpad has its finger on the pulse of youth culture, and with this collaboration we are able to enable the youth to connect global audiences on Viu’s engaged base,” said Helen Sou, senior VP, digital media, at Viu’s parent company PCCW Media. Viu, which primarily focuses on premium Asian content, operates across 17 markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, and South Africa.Viu productions include an adaptation of global phenomenon, “The Bridge,” which is available on HBO Asia’s channels and services throughout Asia, and experimental regional format, “No Sleep, No FOMO.” Viu plans to have over 80 scripted and non-scripted Viu Original titles this year.PCCW owns Hong Kong’s leading pay-TV service NowTV, a recently-launched free to air channel and is the territory’s leading fixed line phone operator. It also owns a minority stake in STX Entertainment. Popular on Variety center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Rahul pushes for increasing partys base

first_imgAt the brain-storming meeting of the Election Authority of the party, Gandhi is learnt to have expressed his concern over the tardy pace of organizational polls and asked young AICC secretaries to take responsibility to ensure that it gets the needed momentum in states.Re-introducing active membership concept, common membership across all the wings of Congress and enhanching the representation ratio of SCs, STs, OBCs and minorities in Committees are some of the measures that were debated threadbare during the meeting in which Gandhi was present for one and half hour. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJIThrust was laid on opening up the membership enrolment by introducing multiple channels like web-based application and smart phone application as well as providing “incentives” for a member who enrolls at least 25 members.From the meeting, coming a day before Delhi goes to vote, it emerged that the Congress Vice President was focussing on long-term strategies.Party General Secretary in-charge Organization Janardan Dwivedi could not attend the meeting as he was down with viral fever while some other general secretaries also failed to turn up. Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: KovindThe membership drive, which was earlier set to have ended on December 31 of last year, was extended for two months is to wrap up this month-end with Gandhi not quite keen on further extending it.The Central Election Authority headed by senior leader Mullapalli Rmachandran submitted some proposals and amendments to better the organizational functioning of the party, which was considered by the apex decision making body of the party, Congress Working Committee in a meeting on January 13. The CWC decided to take inputs from the states on the proposed changes and fine-tune the proposal and if necessary, place them before AICC session likely in March-April.This time there will be open membership and the party plans to carry out rigorous scrutiny to ensure transparent selection.There have been several complaints earlier regarding bogus membership and kin of senior politicians occupying key posts in the party by ‘managing’ elections.In a statement, the party said that since it is seriously considering to introduce active membership concept, the Election Authority exhorted each Congress workers to enrol at least 25 members and maintain its record to access “incentives” to be announced by the party, for every one, who enrolls a minimum of 25 members.last_img read more

WizTree 310 new keyboard shortcuts Visual Treemap mode

first_imgWizTree 3.10: new keyboard shortcuts, Visual Treemap mode by Martin Brinkmann on September 13, 2017 in Software – Last Update: September 13, 2017 – 15 commentsWizTree 3.10 is an important update for the software that displays the size distribution of files on Windows PCs; the new version comes with a new Visual Treemap display mode, new keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements.We reviewed WizTree 3.0 less than a month ago. The version introduced a dedicated 64-bit program, support for NTFS hard links, and direct feedback on file deletions.WizTree is available as a portable software that you can run from any location. You need to select one of the connected partitions and activate the scan button afterwards to get a sorted listing of the largest folders and files on that drive.You may run select operations, delete for instance, right in the interface, or make use of other options, for instance to open a folder in Explorer.WizTree 3.10First thing that veteran WizTree users may notice is that the default interface has changed. You still get the handy tree view listing, but also the new Visual Treemap view mode and the file type view mode.Visual Treemap uses the same system that WinDirStat uses to visualize the space distribution on the drive. Each rectangle represents a file on the scanned drive.The file name, path and size is shown when you hover the mouse over a rectangle, and when you select it, you are taken directly to it in the tree view listing. You cannot zoom in or out currently which makes the new display mode useful only for large enough files that you can select using the mouse, or for location folders that store a lot of files.You may hide the new display mode with a click on Options > Show Treemap, or by using the keyboard shortcut F9 to toggle it.F9 is one of the new keyboard shortcuts of WizTree 3.10. The new version of the program includes these additional shortcuts:F3 — To select a folder or drive.F4 — Reset tree expansion.F6 — Select parent.F7 — Re-select child nodeF8 — Show file types.F9 — Show Treemap.The second new display mode, File Type View, displays a breakdown of files by extension. This list is sorted by size as well, so that you can see the file types that occupy the most space on a drive.File types are color coded so that you may associate them with rectangles on the Visual Treemap visualization directly.WizTree 3.10 comes with three additional features. The program supports high contrast mode on Windows now, and it includes translations for select languages right away (Chinese, Polish, Russian and Ukraine).Users who make a donation to support the author — recommended — get a supported code when they do which they may enter in the program to hide the donate button in the interface.Closing WordsWizTree is an excellent program for Windows that evolves constantly. The author is highly active, and new versions with new features get pushed out regularly.Now You: Do you use a program to analyze space distribution on hard drives?Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 2 votes Software Name WizTreeOperating System WindowsSoftware Category AdministrationLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more