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Arab Spring Legacy in Tatters Hopes Pinned on Tunisia

first_imgTunis- With chaos in Libya, military takeover in Egypt and Syria’s brutal conflict threatening to extinguish hopes fueled by the Arab Spring, only Tunisia stands out even as its stability hangs in the balance.By the end of 2013, the political forces that emerged from the tumultuous changes in the region nearly three years ago have yet to build the new democratic order or bring about the social transformations demanded by the millions who took to the streets.Some argue that the Egyptian army’s decision in July to depose democratically-elected Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was the death knell for any remaining hope of real change that accompanied the mass uprisings in 2011. “The July 3 coup confirmed the end of the Arab Spring given Egypt’s importance in the region,” said Shadi Hamid, research director at the Brookings Doha Center.“No one can argue that Egypt is moving towards democracy. It is actually going in the opposite direction … There is now an effort to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood as a political force,” he added.The military takeover in Egypt has certainly cast a shadow over the democratic transition in Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring, where the ruling Islamist party Ennahda has accused its secular opponents of seeking to replicate events in Cairo.“(Tunisia’s) Islamists experienced the military coup as if it happened in Tunisia. Various politicians continue to talk about the putschist threat even though there is nothing to prove it,” said Selim Kharrat, an analyst with the NGO Al-Bawsala.Such fears have only aggravated the mistrust between the country’s rival factions that has dogged negotiations to appoint a caretaker government of technocrats and resolve the political crisis sparked by the murder of opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi in July.Suspicion has also been stoked by the rise in attacks this year by armed Islamists, who are blamed for the killing of Brahmi and another secular politician in February, and whom the security forces have been battling in the Mount Chaambi region near Algeria.Tunisia’s militants have benefited from the chronic instability in neighboring Libya and the surge in arms trafficking since former dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s ouster.More than two years after the NATO-backed rebellion toppled Gadhafi’s regime, Libya lacks a stable government, with jihadist groups mushrooming and the authorities struggling in vain to integrate former rebels into the army.Starkly illustrating the growing lawlessness plaguing the country, gunmen briefly abducted Prime Minister Ali Zeidan from his Tripoli hotel in October, and the following month seized the deputy intelligence chief as clashes in the capital left nearly 50 people dead.“In Libya they have to build a state from scratch. That is going to take time and prolong the transition period which has been marked by armed violence in a country largely controlled by militias,” said Libyan political analyst Khaled Bouchoucha.Distant hopeBy contrast, Tunisia’s revolution has a much better chance of succeeding, Bouchoucha argued, essentially because it has managed to “preserve a strong state” and because the army remains neutral.But as the International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think-tank, warned last month, the “alarming rise” in jihadist attacks in Tunisia, while still low in intensity, threatens to weaken the state and further polarize the political scene.In its report, entitled “Tunisia’s Borders: Jihadism and Contraband”, ICG said the worrying increase in cross-border arms trafficking was enhancing the jihadists’ disruptive potential and intensifying corruption.“In the long term, only minimal consensus among political forces on the country’s future can enable a truly effective approach to the border question,” it said, adding that an end to the country’s political crisis “seems distant at the time of writing.”As in countries across the region, concern is also growing in Tunisia about the likely blowback from the fighting in Syria, when the thousands of foreign jihadists thought to have joined the rebel ranks there return home.The conflict, which erupted when a brutal government crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protests in March 2011 inspired by the Arab Spring escalated into full-scale civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime, has now killed an estimated 126,000 people and left millions displaced.last_img read more

UN rural development fund lends Bolivia 8 million for poverty alleviation

5 April 2011The United Nations rural development arm has lent Bolivia about $8 million to fund projects to alleviate poverty in two departments, the agency reported today following the signing of a financing agreement with the Government of the South American country. The United Nations rural development arm has lent Bolivia about $8 million to fund projects to alleviate poverty in two departments, the agency reported today following the signing of a financing agreement with the Government of the South American country.The UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said the Government will also contribute $4.3 million to the project, with beneficiaries providing approximately $2.9 million in co-financing.The poverty alleviation undertaking, dubbed “Plan Vida-Peep Pilot Project to Strengthen the Capacity of Communities and Families Living in Extreme Poverty,” will run for three years and will be implemented by Bolivia’s Ministry of Development Planning.“The project is designed within the framework of the Bolivian Government’s Plan to Eradicate Extreme Poverty,” said Francisco Pichón, IFAD’s Country Programme Manager for Bolivia. “The project looks to strengthen food security for those living in extreme poverty at the same time ensuring these families are able to find opportunities to improve their income,” he added.The scheme focuses primarily on poor rural families of Quechua and Aymara origin living in the northern Potosí and southern Cochabamba regions of Bolivia.“The activities will be conducted in full respect of the communities’ cultural identities and social structure. The authorities, administrators and project technicians will adopt participatory approaches, thus ensuring all stakeholders are included in the decision-making process,” said Mr. Pichón.More than 53 per cent of project funding will work to improve natural resource management and production systems, 16 per cent will go to community initiatives and 11 per cent is dedicated to strengthening productive infrastructure.The financing will also work toward strengthening organizations, improving citizens’ rights, monitoring and evaluation, and other operational costs.“The deterioration and fragmentation of traditional lands, coupled with lack of adequate technologies and natural resource management practices are some of the main causes of poverty among rural communities in these regions,” said Mr. Pichón.“The joint work with the Government of Bolivia to provide the communities involved with the tools and training they need will break the cycle of extreme poverty,” he added. read more

Canadas record manufacturing sales not just hot but scorching says economist

OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales rose 2.5% to $53.7 billion in July, exceeding the previous record of $53.2 billion set in July 2008.The agency says the July gain was mainly due to higher sales in the transportation equipment and primary metals industries.Economists had expected a gain of 1%, according to Thomson Reuters.“July was a hot month for Canadian manufactured goods exports, so the only surprise was that shipments were not just hot, but scorching. The 2.5% gain in dollar values was eclipsed by a 2.8% rise in real volumes, as prices eased a bit, leaving a big contribution in store for July GDP and some potential upward revisions to Q3 forecasts, where we were already looking for a more than 3% pace,” said Avery Shenfeld of CIBC World Markets Economics, Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales have been trending upwards since January. July sales were up 16 of 21 industries in, representing about 56% of the country’s manufacturing.Transportation equipment sales rose 10.3% to $10.1 billion in July, while primary metal sales rose 4.0% to $4.2 billion.In July, five industries reported lower sales, with food manufacturing reporting the largest decrease, down 1.4% to $7.9 billion. read more

Ranjan Ramanayake to get UNP district organiser post

Ramanayake was yesterday replaced by Provincial Council member Kithsiri Manchanayake as UNP Divulapitiya organiser. (Colombo Gazette) Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake is to get a new post in the United National Party (UNP).Ramanayake, who was removed from his Divulapitiya organiser post by the UNP yesterday, is expected to get a district organiser post.

UN aid in northern Darfur will be suspended unless rebel attacks stop

Unless rebel attacks against United Nations and other relief operations in a northern sector of Sudan’s strife-torn Darfur region stop immediately, the world organization will be forced to suspend all assistance to 450,000 vulnerable people living in the area until safety can bee assured, a top UN official warned today. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Sudan, Jan Pronk, called on the rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) stop attacks on humanitarian workers in Darfur, where some 180,000 people have been killed and 2 million more uprooted in three years of fighting between the Government, pro-government militias and rebels. The UN will hold responsible the armed groups, including those related to the SLA, and their leaders for the failure to assist the extremely vulnerable populations under their control, the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) said in a statement. Over the past few weeks, aid workers operating for UN agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have come under continuous attacks and harassment by armed groups in the Shangil Tobayi, Tawilla and Kutum areas of North Darfur, with several reports indicating that many of the attacks were waged by SLA factions. “Armed robbery and hijacking have endangered humanitarian workers assisting over 450,000 vulnerable people living in the area,” the statement added. “Moreover, credible information points to the use of hijacked vehicles for military purposes by these armed groups. This is unacceptable and contrary to international humanitarian law.” It noted that Mr. Pronk had appealed to the rebels to “take all necessary steps” to assure the safety of staff and property in the areas under their control. “Unless these attacks and harassment stop immediately, the UN and its partners will be obliged to suspend all relief assistance to this particular area till effective safety for humanitarian personnel and assets is guaranteed,” the statement said. read more

Iraq UN refugee agency increasingly concerned at surging exodus due to violence

“Inside Iraq and in neighbouring States, an increasing number of families are becoming dependent and destitute,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Ron Redmond told a news briefing in Geneva. “Many of those fleeing now have little money, and those who fled earlier are running out of resources.“The welcome mat is also wearing thin in some of the neighbouring States, which have been extremely generous in hosting so many Iraqis. While they are still tolerated, we’re seeing stricter measures being implemented on duration of stay and visa extensions. Rents are high, with Iraqis blamed for driving up prices.“Market prices have also gone up and health facilities and schools are becoming overcrowded in some areas,” he added, appealing to adjoining nations to continue extending hospitality and temporary protection and for countries beyond the immediate region to help carry the burden.UNHCR briefed government donors in Amman, Jordan, this week on the situation.The displacement has forced the agency to reassess its priorities throughout the region, shifting from assisting returns and aiding 50,000 non-Iraqi refugees in Iraq to providing more help to some of the tens of thousands fleeing their homes every month. Many are moving on to other countries in what could be termed a steady, silent exodus.UNHCR’s 2006 budget of $29 million for its Iraq operation is still $9 million short and activities risk being cut before the end of the year if the funds are not forthcoming. The Iraqi Government, UNHCR and its partners estimate there are now more than 1.5 million people displaced internally, including over 365,000 who have fled their homes and communities since the mosque bombings in Samarra in February.UNHCR estimates that up to 1.6 million Iraqis are now outside their country, most of them in Jordan and Syria. Others are in Iran, some of whom have been outside Iraq for a decade or more. But many have fled since 2003 and “we’re now seeing a steadily increasing arrival rate,” Mr. Redmond said, noting that at least 40,000 Iraqis are reported to be arriving in Syria each month.Tens of thousands are moving further afield; of some 40 nationalities seeking asylum in European countries in the first half of 2006, Iraqis ranked first with more than 8,100 applications. “Where last year, we saw more than 50,000 Iraqis go home from neighbouring countries, this year we’ve seen only about 1,000 returns,” Mr. Redmond said. “Far more are leaving.”Inside Iraq, the Government estimates that up to 50,000 people are leaving their homes every month. “The enormous scale of the needs, the ongoing violence and the difficulties in reaching the displaced make it a problem that is practically beyond the capacity of humanitarian agencies, including UNHCR,” Mr. Redmond said.“The longer this goes on, the more difficult it gets as both the internally displaced and their host communities run out of resources. Thousands of displaced without family links or money are living in public buildings and schools, in often hazardous improvised shelters and in Government-run camps administered by the Iraqi Red Crescent. There is an urgent need for shelter and aid items, food, access to water and employment.” read more

No back to school for millions of children affected by conflict crisis

“For children living through emergencies, education is a life line,” said Josephine Bourne, UNICEF’s head of global education programmes in a statement to the press, which noted that the 30 million children who’s schooling has been derailed by conflict make up about half the worldwide number of out of school children. “Being able to continue learning provides a sense of normalcy that can help children overcome trauma, and is an investment – not only in individual children, but in the future strengthening of their societies. Without the knowledge, skills, and support education provides, how can these children and young people rebuild their lives – and their communities?” A third of schools recently surveyed in the Central African Republic have been struck by bullets, set on fire, looted or occupied by armed forces. Over 100 schools were used as shelters for more than 300,000 people displaced during the most recent conflict in Gaza and now require rehabilitation. Students and teachers have been killed and abducted in northeast Nigeria, including more than 200 abducted school girls who have yet to be released. In Syria, nearly three million children, half the school population, are now not attending classes on a regular basis. And approximately 290 schools have been destroyed or damaged in recent fighting in Ukraine. Ms. Bourne outlined how UNICEF supports emergency education through efforts ranging from temporary classrooms and alternative learning spaces for internally displaced and refugee children, to the provision of millions of notebooks, backpacks and other school supplies. The agency is also supporting self-directed studies for children who can’t leave their homes and will help provide educational radio programmes for children in Ebola-affected countries. However, despite these emergency education programmes, many initiatives may remain severely underfunded. A record number of emergencies means that more children than ever are at risk and more resources are needed. “Last year, global emergency education programmes supported by UNICEF only received 2 per cent of all funds raised for humanitarian action, resulting in a $247 million funding shortfall. Education is an essential part of humanitarian response, requiring support and investment from the very onset of a crisis,” Ms. Bourne said. read more

UK automotive production – August 2010

37.3% Aug-10 Commercial Vehicles 27.7% Funding & Support SMMT Ltd % of total Total Engines 13.5% 26.8% 2,301 Log in 31.7% Total 31.6% 20,877 892,672 42,173 26Nov SMMT Annual Dinner SMMT NewsEmissionsEuropeEventsRegistrationsUK Manufacturing Events NewsAl Murray announced as after-dinner speaker for the 103rd SMMT Annual Dinner30 September 2019Supply chain opportunities from vehicle electrification top bill at SMMT Open Forum3 June 201940 years of automotive innovation revealed at landmark industry Test Day23 May 2019Read More Sign up to the SMMT Newsletter 22.1% 72.0% 71.7% Aug-10 39.1% Register YTD 2010 SMMT Events SMMT runs a series of exhibitions, shows, seminars and missions abroad. Our events calendar highlights the latest SMMT events, SMMT supported events and lists any other industry event. 36.1% 72.3% © SMMT 2019 | Registered in England & Wales: 74359 | VAT number: GB238893808 17OctFuture Mobility Challenge# SMMT Events 72.0% 640,086 % change 41.3% 115,804 11.2% Close 73,631 252,586 1,130,229 73.2% 24,827 69.0% 32.7% 48.8% 1,569,966 -0.8% YTD 2010 % of total 41.3% 27.7% International Services % change 83,767 77,882 74.2% 51.8% Home SMMT NewsRegistrationsUK ManufacturingEmissionsEuropeEvent NewsTNB NewsVehicle DataCar RegistrationsLCV RegistrationsHGV RegistrationsBus & Coach RegistrationsEVS & AFVS RegistrationsManufacturing DataMotorparc Vehicles in UseExport ReportsNew Car and Van ForecastsProduction ReportsUsed Car Sales DataProduction OutlookMember ServicesAutomotive LogisticsSMMT Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF)Certification and trainingFunding and SupportInternational ServicesSMMT PublicationsTechnical Circulars Industry TopicsBrexitDigital ManufacturingEconomyEmissionsEnvironmentSafety & SecuritySustainabilityTechnology & InnovationUK AutomotiveSMMT EventsSMMT EventsSMMT Future Mobility ChallengeSMMT Annual DinnerIntroduction to SMMT seminarSMMT Automotive Quality Management Systems (AQMS) ConferenceSMMT Connected 2019Commercial Vehicle ShowAutomechanika BirminghamInternational Automotive SummitMeet the BuyerOpen ForumWebinarsSponsorship and Exhibiting OpportunitiesSMMT ReportsUK Automotive Sustainability 2019UK Automotive Trade ReportLCVs: Delivering for the UK EconomyCAVs: The Global Race to MarketSMMT Motor Industry Facts 2019New Car CO2 2019Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles GuideThinking of buying a new car?UK Specialist Car Manufacturers 2017Digital ManufacturingCAVs: Revolutionising Mobility in SocietyConnected and Autonomous VehiclesThe UK Automotive AftermarketThe Ultra Low Emission Vehicle GuideAutomotive Council ReportsUK Automotive priorities for a new ParliamentReports Archive JoinMember BenefitsApply to JoinAbout usAbout SMMTConsumer InformationSMMT StructureSMMT CommitteesSMMT HistorySMMT VacanciesContact UsContact DetailsFind UsMedia TeamGeneral InfoTerms & Conditions of UseCookies NoticePrivacy PolicyAcronymsLinksEnvironmental PolicyCorporate InformationHow To Pass Your MOTMember, Associate and Affiliate LogosSMMT Garage Finder Source: YTD 2010 Aug-10 812,687 Twitter: smmtInnovate in Britain: UK government & auto industry have jointly invested more than US$640m (£500m) in CAV R&D and t… 10:18:17 AM January 10, 2019 65.6% 60,589 41.4% 8.9% 60.9% YTD 2010 Export 22.1% 38.3% 227,779 This is a secure area and requires you to be . 79,985 28.0% – Category – SMMT News  (4,266)    Emissions  (73)    Europe  (32)    Event News  (27)    Registrations  (873)       Bus & Coach  (122)       Cars  (238)       Electric & Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles  (95)       HGVs  (219)       LCVs  (23)       Pre-Registration  (165)    UK Manufacturing  (464) 57,005 % change 61.1% 28.3% 36.4%DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 23,178 73.3% 55,178 Aug-10 Filter News Read more ×Close Members Lounge Membership Services 31.0% 63.6% Member Services SMMT represents the UK automotive industry through the membership of companies involved in design, concept, manufacture, sale, after sale, disposal and recycling of motor vehicles, components and accessories. 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Ukip volunteer faces 20 years in jail after admitting attempted dark web

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. At the time of his arrest at Chicago’s O’Hare airport Ukip described Cottrell as “an unpaid and enthusiastic volunteer for the party over the period of the referendum”.The party has declined to comment on his confession.A plea agreement filed by prosecutors in Phoenix, Arizona, in December, states that Cottrell admitted to communicating with the “traffickers” on March 27 2014.He said he had contacted individuals in Phoenix from London and worked with an associate called “Banker”.Cottrell said: “I explained various ways criminal proceeds could be laundered – for example, methods to transfer large amounts of cash out of the United States without triggering reporting requirements and ways to disguise the proceeds as legitimate business income for tax purposes.”I falsely claimed that I would launder the criminal proceeds through my bank accounts for a fee. Rather than launder any of the money, though, Banker and I intended to retain the money.”Cottrell had faced 21 charges but these were reduced to one count of wire fraud as part of the plea bargain. In court documents prosecutors said that around March 2014, Banker had advertised “money laundering consultation services” on an clandestine network using software called TOR (The Onion Router).”Undercover law enforcement agents contacted Banker, posing as drug traffickers seeking money laundering services for approximately 50,000 to 150,000 (£120,000) dollars per month in drug trafficking proceeds,” prosecutors said.”Banker agreed to help the undercover agents launder their money for a fee, and then proposed that the undercover agents speak with his associate, ‘Bill’.”The undercover agents talked with Banker and Bill on March 27 2014, via an encrypted group messaging platform online. Bill agreed to launder the undercover agents’ purported drug proceeds by transferring the property to offshore accounts ‘with complete anonymity and security’.”The undercover agents then met with Bill  later identified as George Swinfen Cottrell – in person in Las Vegas, Nevada.”Cottrell, who comes from a wealthy, aristocratic family, was arrested as he returned from the Republican Party convention with Mr Farage on July 22. Donald Trump, right, welcomes Nigel Farage, to speak at a campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi in August After his success in the EU referendum, the former Ukip leader spoke at a fringe event at the convention that later saw Donald Trump nominated as the Republican candidate for the White House.Cottrell’s uncle Lord Hesketh, a former hereditary peer, worked for former prime minister Margaret Thatcher before losing his seat in the Lords in 1999 as a result of the House of Lords Act. He later defected to Ukip.Cottrell’s mother, Fiona Cottrell, is the daughter of another peer.A Ukip spokesman said at the time of his arrest: “George was an unpaid and enthusiastic volunteer for the party over the period of the referendum.”We are unaware of the details of the allegations excepting that they date from a time before he was directly involved in the party.”On Monday a Ukip spokesman said: “We are not commenting on the matter.”The spokesman was unable to confirm whether or not Cottrell was a member of the party. He will reportedly be sentenced in March.center_img Donald Trump, right, welcomes Nigel Farage, to speak at a campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi in AugustCredit:AP Photo/Gerald Herbert A former aide to Nigel Farage faces up to 20 years in jail in the US after admitting attempting to defraud criminals on the “dark web” by masquerading as a money launderer.George Cottrell posed as a “financier” on a black market network where he offered to help transfer the ill-gotten gains of drug traffickers, according to court documents.However his prospective clients were in fact undercover agents, and Cottrell was arrested as he and the former Ukip leader travelled back to Britain following a trip to the US.The former aide, who is in his 20s, was charged with a string of offences including blackmail, extortion, money laundering.He now faces up to two decades in jail and a fine of up to $250,000 (£203,000) after reaching a deal with prosecutors. Show more last_img read more

95 Kinstone Android tablet can handle HD video 3D gaming

first_imgApple is well-known for producing highly desirable devices that you can pay a lot of money for. Just look at the entire range of MacBook products and you can see each one comes with a hefty price premium when compared to the equivalent hardware in a non-Apple device.There is an exception to that rule, though. Currently Apple has the most popular tablet on the market, but it’s also one of the cheapest. An iPad 2 can be picked up for as little as $499, while you can pay significantly more for an Android tablet from one its major competitors like Samsung.AdChoices广告However, at the other end of the sales spectrum there are a growing number of tablets that manage to break the sub-$500 price point. Until now they have been pretty poor performers, or opted for an inferior resistive touchscreen solution. But a new effort reviewed by YouTube user Charbax, and offered by manufacturer Kinstone, looks like it may have caught up and offers a usable Android tablet for just $95.When we say usable we have a few criteria such as fast boot time, display technology, HD video playback, and games-capabilities to judge it by. Kinstone looks to have ticked all those boxes with its KS-UMD070VC tablet.As the video above shows, the 7-inch device is capable of playing back HD video, 3D games, and has a fast boot time into Android. It does fall down on the screen as it is resistive, but then a capacitive version is only $30 more, so it still remains well below $150.The full spec includes:Cortex-A9 single-core @ 800MhzARM Mali-400 GPUAndroid 2.2.1 (3.0 possible if Google allows it)512MB RAM4GB on-board storage7″ touchscreen (resistive and capacitive options (+$30))1800mAh batteryUSB 2.0, HDMIFlash 10.1 supportEven though it is a single-core chip, the core functions of a tablet (HD video, games, web surfing) seem to be catered for, and even though it’s not stated, using such a processor is sure to aid with battery life.While the focus at the moment may be on which of the big name manufacturers can deliver an iPad-killer, it is possible that some very capable, cheap Android tablets may arrive and surprise everyone by eating into Apple’s market share.Seriously, who is going to turn down a HD-capable, WiFi Android 2.2 tablet with capacitive touchscreen for $125? That’s a bulk price, but even with taxes, shipping, and packaging expenses applied it’s still going to come in at well under $200.Anyone thinking this is just a one-off we will never see should check out Charbax’s latest video below. It’s another $100 tablet, only this time from Thinkbook running Froyo and shipping with a capacitive touchscreen.via ARMdevices.netlast_img read more

Ramsay avoids just desserts

first_imgGordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant and bar located in the Melbourne Crown Metropol hotel has been placed into liquidation, although it continues to trade according to accountants HLB Mann Judd. It is understood that the restaurant has collapsed owing $4.6 million to over 100 local suppliers. One of its creditors is Collingwood-based Ocean Made Foods, a leading seafood wholesaler in Victoria, who are owed more than $10,000. Ocean Made’s owner, John Christopoulos told Neos Kosmos that he think’s it’s unlikely, given the size of the overall debt, that his company will ever recover the cash. “When you’re owed money it’s hard to pull the pin, you just keep going,” said Mr Christopoulous, “we were supplying calamari, whiting, yellowfin tuna and Atlantic salmon. Now we’ve just got to work for the next couple of months not making a profit, to make up the loss.” Talking to The Age newspaper last week Christopoulos added: ”No one seems to be taking any responsibility, everyone is pointing fingers in different directions. This will ruin many small businesses who provided stock and credit on the basis of Ramsay’s international reputation.” Trouble at the restaurant had been brewing for some time, according to Mr Christopoulos, who repeatedly tried to get the restaurant to pay its dues. “The writing was on the wall, when we saw senior managers resigning, but they kept telling us everything was fine.” With the debt going back several months, Ramsay faces allegations that Maze was trading whilst insolvent, despite a statement given to Neos Kosmos this week from a Crown spokesman that the venue is one of Australia’s ”highest-grossing and most popular restaurants” and that the hotel is “disappointed by the decision taken by Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd (GRH) to place Maze and Maze Grill restaurants at Crown into liquidation.” In 2010 the restaurants had a turnover of more than $14 million and served over 300,000 customers. The status of Maze’s solvency has been in question for some time, after Fairfax reported in April that the business was under duress. However, at that time GRH claimed the business was profitable. Ramsay himself will not be liable for any of the losses as he is not a director of the Melbourne restaurants. In an announcement that has further angered the out-of-pocket suppliers, GRH claim that GRH itself, as part of the liquidation, is the largest creditor.A spokesperson for GRH in London told Neos Kosmos that the British-based company was the largest creditor, “due to the investment it has made into the business”. GRH’s spokeswoman went on to rebuff Crown’s claims that the restaurants are economically viable, “Crown aren’t claiming it is making a profit, they are quoting the turnover figure, sales, and [this] doesn’t take into consideration any costs such as overheads and wages.” On GRH being the biggest creditor, John Christopoulos said, “it’s interesting to say the least, hilarious.” All of the celebrity chef’s business interests are held in the company Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd. Ramsay is believed to own a 69 per cent stake in the company which is valued at over $100 million. Ramsay has previously broken ties with two other Maze restaurants, in Prague and Cape Town. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

The Weirdest GI Joes Of All Time

first_img If you’re not reading IDW’s excellent licensed comics, you’re missing out. They’ve managed to take a bunch of toys and cartoons from our childhoods and weave them together into what can only be called the Hasbro Non-Cinematic Universe. Their Transformers book has low-key been one of the best reads on the stands for years, and now with friend of Geek Aubrey Sitterson signed on to write the main G.I. Joe comic and a massive crossover in Revolution, it’s the perfect time to hop on board.That said, we don’t expect every single Joe from the toy line’s history to make an appearance. Hasbro had to knock out a disturbing number of figures every year to keep the money flowing, and once you get away from the iconic guy’s things get a little weedy.In this list, we’ll spotlight eleven Joes that should probably sit this next fight out. Knowing Aubrey, though, it’s more than likely you’ll see a few of them just to spite us.Captain Grid IronTo truly discuss the weirdness of Captain Grid Iron, we need to talk about another Joe: William “The Refrigerator” Perry, the first-round draft pick who rode to fame with the Bears and the Eagles before becoming one of the few people with Joes modeled and named after them. So the team already had a football player, right? Why, four years later, would they add another one? Captain Grid Iron was the QB of his squad at West Point but never played in the NFL, instead opting to join the infantry. He was a “hand to hand combat specialist,” which was a little odd because he carried an enormous shotgun and a bunch of football-sized grenades, which one thinks would slow a soldier down.AltitudeOne of the biggest issues with G.I. Joe is that eventually they just ran out of ways to differentiate the characters from each other. Altitude (real name thankfully not Al Titude) is a perfect example. The dude’s ostensibly a paratrooper, but pretty much every warm body in the Joe force knows how to jump out of a plane because they explode all the time. So they had to give John Jones, the aerial recon scout codenamed Altitude, a little something different. The geniuses at Hasbro decided on “he’s good at drawing” – apparently when he’s floating up there Altitude whips out a pen and pencil and uses his photographic memory to make sketches of enemy encampments. Dude, even the cheapest cell phone has a camera in it now. You can relax.BullhornYou know what totally works well in dealing with international terrorists named after snakes? Negotiation. Psyche, we’re just kidding, those guys never give up or make deals. That’s why Bullhorn is such an inexplicable addition to the Joe roster. His file card says that he’s the type of guy to “negotiate with wackos and fanatics who have an axe to grind with society.” Presumably, he uses the giant novelty voice changer he got a Party City to talk in a robot alien voice because of hostage takers like that.MuskratGetting a code name from a wild animal is classic military stuff, but what happens when all of the good ones are taken? Then you get Muskrat, the Joe from down in the bayou with a heart of gold and the hat of a hobo. We’ll give him this: if you spend a lot of time in the swamp, you get very familiar with snakes. After joining the Army Rangers, the Joe squad was the next step. We have plenty of questions about Muskrat’s whole deal (and what he smells like, besides “bad”), but the top one is the accessory that comes with the figure: a “Swamp Skimmer,” which is basically a boogie board. Do people really boogie board in the Everglades and if so what is wrong with them?Sci-FiThe general concept behind Sci-Fi isn’t so crazy: he’s a “laser trooper,” armed with a high-tech futuristic rifle that shoots beams of energy instead of bullets. Hey, wait a minute – don’t all G.I. Joe weapons shoot beams of energy instead of bullets? Yes, they do, and herein lies the tragedy. The one thing that was supposed to be Sci-Fi’s niche in the Joe squad was taken away from him unceremoniously. He went from “Sci-Fi” to “Just Some Guy” in the blink of an eye, and the only thing he had left was his oddly Power Rangers-esque outfit.MaceThe thing with G.I. Joes is that they were victim to the constantly-escalating arms race of 80s toys. Each year’s models had to be more intense and extreme than the ones before, which is how by the time the 1993 Battle Corps line was released we wound up with a soldier billed as an “undercover operative” who wears a bright yellow helmet with a freaking missile launcher bolted onto the side of it. Where exactly Mace is going undercover in this insane outfit is anybody’s guess. Maybe Burning Man? He was in the second to last grouping of figures to be released before Hasbro shut the line down in 1994.Dee JayPeople come to the elite fighting force that is G.I. Joe from many different branches of the military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. But a few are enlisted from civilian life for their special talents. Like Dee Jay – he’s in the group because he can wrestle sick beats from his radio. The “Comm-Tech Trooper” carries a communications device, that (and this is straight from the back of his toy card) he can “make it work, fix it and coax strange sounds out of it with an infectious beat.” Yes, I’m sure that when you’re trying to stop a bunch of goofy snake men, identical twins, dudes with metal faces and assorted creeps and cretins from conquering the world you really want to take a second to bust a move or two.Ice Cream SoldierIf you’re a wrestling fan, you might be familiar with Pennsylvania-based indie promotion Chikara. That company has a pair of masked luchadors named El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr that work a frozen dessert gimmick. So one would think that the G.I. Joe codenamed “Ice Cream Soldier” might be similar? Wrongo, buddy. In fact, he’s a heavily-armored dude who carries a flamethrower around, because everybody loves the flaming ice cream you get at strip mall Japanese restaurants. Unfortunately, you can’t show charred corpses on afternoon cartoons, so Ice never got to do his job.ChucklesWhen kids are playing with G.I. Joes, there’s always a battle between who gets the flashier figures like Snake Eyes and Duke and who has to settle for the dregs. In the entire history of pretend wars held in backyards and bedrooms all across America, we can confidently say that nobody has ever called dibs on Chuckles. The team’s undercover intelligence officer is just some jamoke in a cheap Hawaiian shirt who used to be an insurance investigator. Apparently, he’s really good at blending in with Cobra dudes, which is a little shocking because they all wear full face masks. How hard can that be?HardballGoddammit, another sports guy? Hardball epitomizes the real tragedy of G.I. Joe: no uniform dress code means they could wear whatever idiotic outfit they wanted into battle. For dudes like Quick Kick, that meant going barefoot and shirtless. For Hardball, that means wearing his minor league baseball uniform into combat like a damn lunatic. Dude, we get it: you left your angels in the outfield and are taking out your roid-fueled frustrations on Cobra. But we can’t all be Kenny Powers. It’s time to let your dreams die and move on with your life.Colonel CourageThere are a lot of moving parts in keeping a fighting force active, but let’s be real here: kids don’t want to fantasize about being mess cooks, drill sergeants or desk jockeys. Colonel Courage (real name Cliff V. Mewett) was the latter, a designated “Administrative Strategist” who for some reason came armed with more guns than he could carry. Do you think they gave him that bad-ass code name as a sort of passive-aggressive jab on his duties? “Thanks so much for signing and filing my equipment requisition forms, Colonel Courage.” It’s like Office Space, but instead of a stapler, it’s a live grenade. Stay on target Toy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ ToysScarlett’s Strike Force Cancelled: Now What? last_img read more

TShirt Tuesday The Best Mega Man Shirts

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like Graphitti Designs contracted with movie studios and comics publishers to create shirts with our favorite characters and sold them up on the walls of comic book stores and through mail-order.The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world. Starting with Threadless, dozens of companies popped up letting artists and designers show their stuff. It’s a better time than ever to be a geek fashionista, and if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe we’re going to help you out every week… on T-Shirt Tuesday.This week: Celebrate Capcom bringing back the Blue Bomber in Mega Man 11 with T-shirts featuring the blasting boy robot.Get EquippedYou’re going to see a lot of baby blue on this list, so get ready. The essential quality of Mega Man is his ability to siphon the powers of downed opponents, indicated by the classic semi-broken English of “Get equipped with…” Pay tribute to that action with this nice shirt by trapjaw that features the icons of Dr. Wily’s original octet of robot masters.$20, buy it here.Mega DoomPeople have experimented with transforming Mega Man into the first-person perspective once or twice, with mixed results. Artistically, we have to give props to CoinboxTees for this pitch-perfect transformation of the iconic Doom cover art into a feverish battle scene featuring Mega Man fending off Cut Man and a horde of other robots named after their abilities.$20, buy it here.When It’s All OverWhat happens to Mega Man once he’s completed his mission, shut down all the rogue robots and put Dr. Wily away once and for all? He’s going to be carrying the memories of everybody he destroyed – and their powers – with him for his entire life, like some sort of bizarre mechanized PTSD. Artist kiwifruitbird delivers a pensive portrait of the little guy at the end of a long day.$20, buy it here.Traveling BluesProto Man is in some ways a tragic figure, an earlier version of Mega Man who was simply not as good, afflicted with an energy imbalance that caused him immense pain and shortened his robo-lifespan. So Firestorm‘s shirt depicting him as a lonesome hobo riding the rails with an energy canister in his hand is sort of appropriate. Will he find happiness out there? We may never know.$20, buy it here.3D Mega ManIt can be hard to transform a character made out of a few hundred pixels at most into a believable 3D model, but artist Thibeault nails it on this T-shirt. Instead of adding a bunch of extraneous detail, they capture the gentle curves and innocent expression of the robot with a human face, and it’s a really nice design.$20, buy it here.Mega TronIf you played the Mega Man Battle Network games, you saw an alternate universe where the buster-blasting hero was just a computer program sent into systems to clean up nasty viruses and other malware. Sounds a lot like Tron, right? Artist djkopet seems to think so, as they’ve created a mash-up shirt design that gives Mega Man a neon glowing makeover.$20, buy it here.ServbotIntroduced in the Mega Man Legends series, the Servbots are some of the cutest creations in the Capcom universe. Devoted to their master, the thieving industrialist Tron Bonne, they scurry around and take care of menial tasks. They’re also the lowest tier character in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, for what that’s worth. Artist JoelHorton transfers their face to a bright yellow shirt.$20, buy it here.Fist BumpI love it when a plan comes together, especially when it means long-lost family gets together to make it happen. This design by CoinboxTees depicts Mega Man and Proto Man giving each other the bro fist as Dr. Wily’s fortress explodes in the background. Sure, he probably survived, but you can’t have everything.$20, buy it here.Mega DeathYou know how we love to fold in heavy metal references into our nerd culture, so this Mega Death T-shirt by Hoomph is right up our alley. Taking Vic Rattlehead, the mascot of the band Megadeth, and slapping a burning Mega Man helmet on him is a genius choice that we’re surprised nobody thought of before.$20, buy it here.Synthwave Mega ManThe retro-futuristic aesthetic that suffuses synthwave music is perfect for Mega Man, who blasted robots to some of the catchiest chiptunes ever recorded. Artist Meechemax knocks out a T-shirt that could work equally well as an album cover, and (this is a first) even recorded a song to go with the design.$20, buy it here.Cross SectionHow exactly does the miraculous technology powering Mega Man work? What arrangement of circuits and valves let him copy his foes so miraculously that he can summon scissor blades, spinning leaves and other weapons seemingly from thin air? This cutaway diagram by montoya1983 doesn’t answer any of those questions, but it sure does make a damn cool T-shirt.$20, buy it here.center_img T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Hulk ShirtsT-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Fortnite Shirts last_img read more

NWS issues flood watch for Vancouver and surrounding areas

first_imgThe National Weather Service in Portland has issued a flood watch that includes the greater Vancouver area due to periods of heavy rain. Areas at risk of flooding include portions of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington — the Portland metro area, the South Washington Coast, the Interstate 5 corridor in Cowlitz County and the South Washington Cascade foothills, as well as Vancouver.The flood watch remains in effect until 10 p.m. Friday, the weather service said.“Periods of heavy rain (Thursday) afternoon through Friday afternoon will result in sharp rises on many rivers and creeks” in the affected area, forecasters said.Rainfall for coastal areas could reach up to 8 inches while the inland valleys will likely see 1 to 3 inches. And melting snow and ice at low- and mid-elevations will also add to the wet conditions, the weather service said.Rivers currently forecast to reach or approach flood stage include Johnson Creek in the Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, the Clackamas River in Clackamas County, the Grays River in Wahkiakum County, and the Nehalem River in Tillamook County.last_img read more

Nearly half a million in funding to Save TCI Iguanas

first_img Related Items:#DarwinPlusProject, #magneticmedianews, #saveTCIiguanas Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, April 11, 2017 – Providenciales –A “Saving the Iguanas of Turks and Caicos” project has been launched to protect the native species of the island.  The three-year Darwin Plus Project, whose main objective is to further the conservation of the rock iguanas and other native reptiles to secure a future for these unique and highly threatened species, had its grand launch this past Friday at the Opus Conference Centre.  The organizers of the project have established partnerships with six organizations to achieve their goals. They are: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), UK; Turks & Caicos National Trust; Department of Environment and Coastal Resources; Department of Agriculture; San Diego Zoo Global, USA and Big Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd. The organizations will work together initially to design bio-security for Little Water Cay and Big Ambergris Cay. The second phase of the project will focus on implementing necessary actions resulting from the findings, following the bio-security surveillance activities in phase one.  Steps taken will also ensure rats, feral cats and other potential harmful species do not become established and threaten the iguanas and native reptiles. The Darwin Plus Project will last for 3 years and costs £370,000 or $460,000 USD. It is said that £200k will come from Darwin and £170k match funding is provided by RSPB and San Diego Zoo Global.Story by: Sheri-Kae McLeod#MagneticMediaNews#saveTCIiguanas#DarwinPlusProjectlast_img read more

Del Mar Racetrack is celebrating its 80th season this summer

first_img KUSI Newsroom, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Opening Day at Del Mar is fast approaching and thousands of fans are excited to celebrate the official start of summer season.Del Mar Racetrack is celebrating its 80th season this year, with Opening Day on July 17th.For more information about concerts and events hosted at the racetrack click here. Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Updated: 1:52 PM June 4, 2019center_img Posted: June 4, 2019 KUSI Newsroom Del Mar Racetrack is celebrating its 80th season this summerlast_img read more

State Rep Harris ends guessing He wont run for county commissioner

first_imgEven before Commissioner Steve Stuart, the lone Democrat on the three-member Clark County Board of Commissioners, decided not to seek re-election, his Republican counterparts had his successor in mind: State Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver. Republican Commissioner David Madore took to Facebook early in 2013 to blast Stuart — and declared that Harris would try to oust the Democrat in the 2014 election. Until now, Harris would not say if he would make a run for the seat. But Friday, in an editorial board meeting at The Columbian, Harris said he is happy serving as a state legislator. Asked point-blank if he were running for county commissioner, Harris said, “Heavens no.” “I like where I’m at,” Harris told the editorial board. “I like being a state legislator. I enjoy it, and I’m going to stay right where I’m at,” he said. Harris said he did consider running for the position, but that he held off making a decision until after the Legislature adjourned in March. So far, no Republicans have announced they will run for the seat, which represents the southwest corner of the county, including a large portion of the city of Vancouver. Several of the Democrats in the running to be appointed to the remainder of Stuart’s term have indicated they will run.last_img read more

Troopers Conducting High Visibility Enforcement Effort For Holiday Weekend

first_imgAccording to a ‘Focused Enforcement’ state trooper dispatch, while the troopers are out to curb DUIs, they will also be on the lookout for additional driver behaviors that often contribute to fatal crashes, such as speeding and driving too fast for conditions. The focused enforcement by the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers over the holiday is intended to prevent major injury and fatality crashes through enhanced enforcement. Don’t hesitate to make a REDDI report any time of the year by calling 911! To learn more about REDDI (Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately) visit Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska State and Wildlife Troopers started the Annual Click It or Ticket high visibility enforcement effort on Monday. The effort runs through June 2. Colonel Barry Wilson, Director of the Alaska State Troopers: “Memorial Day weekend serves as a kick-off to summer. People celebrate with barbecues, camping and other family gatherings. We want people to go out and have a good time. We just ask that you do it with a plan in place to get home safe… wear your seat belt. Additionally, if you choose to consume alcohol, don’t drive impaired, be sure to have a designated driver, stay the night or call a cab. Again, if you plan to celebrate on Memorial Day weekend, have a plan to get home safe.”last_img read more

First Annual Wilmington Tennis Open To Be Held On August 11

first_imgWILMINGOTN, MA — The Friends of Wilmington Tennis is holding the First Annual Wilmington Tennis Open on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Wilmington High School courts.There will be two categories — adult doubles (high school grads & older) and junior singles (grammar school to high school seniors). Players must be able to keep score, serve, and bring a can of new hardcourt/extra duty tennis balls.Registration costs $20. All proceeds to benefit the Friends of Wilmington Tennis.Registration form can be found HERE. Email your information to directors include Matt Hackett, Rob Mailey, and Kathleen Reynolds. Call 978-729-3600 or email with any questions.The event’s rain date is Sunday, August 12, 2018.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related2nd Annual Wilmington Tennis Open Set For August 10In “Sports”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, August 10, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”Wilmington High School To Administer PSAT Exam On Saturday, October 19In “Education”last_img read more