What is the Apocalypse Clock? Why do scientists delay or advance it?

first_imgImage: iStock The Clock of Revelation shows how close the total destruction isOne group of experts is responsible for varying their hands The Apocalypse Clock is a symbolic clock that represents how close the world is to total destruction. The less are the minutes left until midnight, the closer is the end of the world. The hands of this watch move according to the conclusions that a group of experts solve after analyzing the situation in which the world is in each moment.center_img In 1953, the clock hands were only 120 seconds from midnight or the end of the world. This situation was repeated in 2018 and was so far the closest point that the clock was to arrive at 12:00 at night in its 73 years of history. Currently, after analyzing the situation of our planet at the end of 2019, experts advanced the needles 20 seconds more and only 100 seconds left to reach midnightWhen was the Apocalypse Clock created?It was created by experts participating in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in 1947 after World War II.Why was the Apocalypse Clock created? This watch was originally created to show the effects of the nuclear holocaust in the world, but today it also represents the threat of climate change.What is analyzed to advance or delay the clock? The most important aspects that influence the time of the Apocalypse Clock vary are the technologies that affect the climate, cyber technology, biotechnologies and especially nuclear weapons.How many times have the clock hands been adjusted? Throughout its 73 years, the hands of this watch have been adjusted between 2 and 17 minutes, about 20 times.last_img read more

Oyarzun, available to Carrión

first_imgThe last player to extend the contract with the Soria team was Escassi after Higinio. As As has learned, one of the players who have been offered the renewal is Mateu but at the moment there is no agreement Between the parts. The team will work again this Thursday at the Los Pajaritos Stadium in order to prepare for Saturday’s game at La Rosaleda against Málaga.Upcoming matchesThe Numantino team already knows that the twenty-ninth day will be played at Carlos Belmonte on Saturday, February 22 at half past eight in the afternoon. At the moment only the next three meetings of Carrión are known: on Saturday 9 against Malaga at half past eight, a week later in Los Pajaritos you will receive the visit of the UD Las Palmas at six fifteen on Saturday 15.Little by little the sorianos are advancing in the season and yes well the main objective is to achieve permanence as soon as possibleThe Reds know that they are willing to fight for something more important if the opportunity is given. Virtually unnoticed. This has been, so far, the current season for Alain Oyarzun. Inside he played his last game with the CD Numancia in Riazor, when he jumped on Riazor’s turf in the 74th minute of the game, on October 18, and since then he hasn’t put on the rojillo team’s shirt again. Now, in the final stretch of his injury, Oyarzun has a hard time getting into the eleven But, like everything else, the first step is to be fully recovered and gradually enter the calls: “I’m happy to train again, I’ve been training with the team for three weeks, I’ve had a hard time ” indicated the player after Wednesday’s work session.For Oyarzun it has been the worst year as a professional, the injury has had him out of the team for almost four months: “It was weird because there were better days and worse days, I had pain again and yes, it was the worst time of my life ” The player clarified explaining how his day to day recovery has been: “It was a break that brought from last year, the preseason went well but I had to polish things and so far we have been working. “Now, with everything solved, Oyarzun wants to be one of the important pieces of the team again. A team that has achieved good results this season and that after 26 games has risen to the seventh position of the classification.Thus the Basque is again available to the coaching staff for the remainder of the season: “I am available to the coach and he knows it, when I touch I will be willing to help and encourage, “he said. Oyarzu is one of the many Numancia players that ends the contract next June. At the moment there is no news in that regard. LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of February 5, 2020last_img read more

Liverpool is ahead of Madrid and warns Dortmund that is going to Sancho

first_imgBut the head of that locker room, Jurgen Klopp, could be the ace in Liverpool’s sleeve to finish closing the signing. The English newspaper ensures that the good relations with his previous club, which he also led to conquer great successes, they would help make Dortmund more receptive to an offer from Liverpool than from other clubs.Sancho, who came to Westfalia from the City for less than 8 million euros, is already priced at least 100 million for the club that wants to get him out of there. Klopp said that its price could “be a problem” at the beginning of December 2019 but the signing of the agreement with Nike in January this year to be the technical sponsor at a rate of 94 million euros per year would appear as a liquidity injection that It would allow you to undertake your signing.Since arriving in Germany from the Manchester City Academy, Jadon Sancho is being one of the best young soccer players in Europe. After finishing last season with 13 goals and 19 assists, it is close to improving its data. The Londoner has 15 goals and 17 goal passes with the yellow shirt. Some figures that are going to be worth a return ticket at a gold price with a destination yet to be defined. “He is a good player.” However, straightforward, Jurgen Klopp made it clear that Jadon Sancho is one of the ones he likes and fits as a reinforcement in his Liverpool. The reds did not close their signing in this winter market but they are already preparing for the battle for the London player against United, City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona.In England, Daily Mail puts all these clubs in the bid for the Englishman but sees Liverpool with some advantage to finish closing his return home. This newspaper highlights the good relationship that Jadon Sancho maintains with several of the English network costumes such as Alexander-Arnold, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Captain Jordan Henderson or Rhian Brewster. With everyone has coincided in the absolute English team or the lower categories which would facilitate their integration into the Anfield locker room.last_img read more

Carlos Soler, shadow worker at the service of Valencia

first_imgThe Valencian He has led his team in recent months in what is known as ‘dirty work’. Celades, aware of Carlos’ work, has adopted a game layout on the left where side overflows have more relevance compared to the right. Not surprisingly, the data in the last precedents so express, ‘8’ coverage They allowed Gayà to be, together with Ferran, the player who most focused on the rival area against Atletico. Soler was also who else ran in San Siro a little over a week ago and also completed the same recoveries as Diakhaby in San Sebastián.Although it is a less striking work, although Soler starred in the important goals against Chelsea, Celta or Real Madrid, the technician has shown value. Proof of this is that since he returned from the injury He has been a starter in every game, including the Super Cup, the Champions League and the Cup. And only in five of 18 Celades decided to replace him. One of the players who, a priori, seemed to benefit from the arrival of Albert Celades to Valencia was Carlos Soler. The canterano had to adapt to play in the band with Marcelino and although that allowed him to adopt new faculties, the signing of the new technician seemed to return him to a more advanced position and hook with the strikers, his natural place until he reached the elite and where he could shine more. Nothing could be further from the truth. And is that the Valencianist Not only has he continued in the band, but he has had to adapt to the left side and play changed leg. In that part of the field, José Luís Gayà has shone in recent months, where he has participated in the attack moves as one more extreme. And if the side has been able to reach the opposite area without fear it has been, in large part, because Soler covered his back.last_img read more

Other serious historical incidents that never forced to postpone a Eurocup

first_img1992: War leaves Yugoslavia outThe Yugoslavia team had a powerful team in the early 1990s. Their hopes were largely based on the generation that had conquered the 1987 U-20 World Cup with footballers such as Robert Prosinecki, Zvonimir Boban, Pedrag Mijatovic, Davor Suker, Branko Brnovic and Igor Stimac. Everyone by 1991 had matured and joined other talents such as Darko Pancev, Dejan Savicevic, and Sinisa Mihailovic.Based on Red Star, Yugoslavia completed a brilliant qualifying phase for the 1992 European Championship in Sweden. In Group 4, alongside Denmark, Northern Ireland, Austria and the Faroe Islands, they won seven games and lost one to become the team. highest scorer with 24 goals. Nevertheless, that generation of great soccer players could not participate in the tournament.In 1990, conflicts between the various republics that formed Yugoslavia made the outbreak of a war practically inevitable, which finally began in 1991 with the brief conflict in Slovenia that gave way to the war in Croatia and its extension to Bosnia. The UN intervened and on May 30, 1992 issued resolution 757 in which, among other opinions, it sanctioned the Yugoslav government by preventing the participation of its athletes in international competitions.The Euro Cup, which was to start on June 10, condemned Yugoslavia, which was already concentrated to participate in the tournament. His replacement, Denmark, was summoned urgently and many of his players were on vacation. Interestingly, he won the Swedish Euro Cup after beating Germany in the final.1996: The Manchester Terrorist AttackThe 1996 European Championship in England was marked by the terrorist attack in Manchester during the first phase. At 11:17 a.m. on June 15, an IRA-placed bomb van exploded on Corporation Street, wrecking the city’s shopping center. There were no fatalities, but 211 were injured.It was a severe blow to England, which two years earlier had achieved a ceasefire to end terrorist activity. As a result of the attack, the Russia-Germany that had to take place that afternoon in Old Trafford was postponed and security was multiplied to avoid another catastrophe. Finally, the match was played the following day with a 3-0 victory for Germany with goals by Mattias Sammer and a double by Jürgen Klinsmann. The German team qualified for the quarterfinals and Russia was eliminated.2014: Incidents of Serbia-Albania in the classificationIn the qualifying phase for the 2016 European Championship in France, the match between Serbia and Albania had to be suspended due to incidents that caused a drone with the “Greater Albania” flag to erupt while the clash was taking place.At 41 minutes, the English referee Martin Atkinson and the players retired to the locker room after the appearance of the drone with the flag over the Partizán stadium that caused outrage from the spectators. The Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic picked up the flag to lower the apparatus and was pushed by several Albanian players that caused a tangana on the field, the launch of firecrackers and flares and an attempted field invasion.Atkinson finally decreed the suspension of the party, which was considered of maximum risk due to the enmity between the fans of Serbia and Albania for the conflict in Kosovo, an ancient Serbian province populated mostly by Albanians that became unilaterally independent in 2008. After the incident, UEFA sanctioned Serbia with three points and playing two games behind closed doors while their rival was sentenced to lose that match 3-0. The postponement of Euro 2020 due to the coronavirus is not the only shock that a competition has suffered throughout a history that began on September 28, 1958 with a match that the Soviet Union won 3-1 against Hungary.Since then and until today, the Euro Cup, both in its finals and qualifying phases, has suffered five serious incidents that have never, as UEFA decided on Tuesday, caused the tournament to be suspended.1960: Franco prohibits Spain from traveling to Russia for the semifinalsIn the 1960 Euro Cup, called the Nations Cup, Spain lost a great opportunity to win the trophy. The team then led by Ramón Gabilondo was one of the favorites of the competition. With names like Luis Suárez (Golden Ball that year), Alfredo Di Stéfano, Francisco Gento, Antonio Ramallets, Fernando Olivella or Ladislao Kubala, he had many ballots to take the victory.In the first round, he razed Poland. He won 2-4 in the first leg with doublets by Luis Suárez and Di Stéfano and 3-0 in the return, with the successes of Enrique Gensana, Gento and, again, Di Stéfano. In the quarterfinals, the Soviet Union awaited, which eliminated Hungary. Nevertheless, Franco’s decision, in a tense political climate, not to face the Soviet cadre and, above all, to prohibit them from entering Spanish territory, prevented Spain from winning its first title.The slightest option of falling defeated in the communist country was not liked by Spanish politicians, who were also not willing for any Soviet to step on Spain. In the end, UEFA decreed the expulsion of Spain from the Euro Cup and the classification of the Soviet Union, then champion, for the next phase. In 1964, curiously, Spain played against the Soviet Union and won its first Eurocup at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.1964: The Albania-Greece war and organizing SpainThe 1964 edition was marked by two moments. The first with the declaration of Spain as organizer of the final phase to avoid a repetition of the events of 1960, when it refused to confront the Soviet Union causing its automatic elimination. In this way, he could play the games at home, with the only condition that the USSR could tread on Spanish territory. José Villalonga’s team eliminated Romania, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Hungary and, in the final, beat the Soviet team to win the title.The second with the pairing of Albania and Greece in the preliminary phase. That edition, like the one in 1960, was not spared political problems. The draw revealed that Albania and Greece had to face each other, on Hellenic soil on June 21, 1962 and in Tirana on March 31, 1963. Neither party came to be held because Greece withdrew.The relations of both countries were always complicated. The border between the two is over the historical region of Epirus, the object of dispute between both states. In 1913, northern Epirus with a Hellenic ethnic minority became part of Albania. The south, with Albanian communities, was left for Greece.World War II distanced the link between the two countries. Albania, occupied by Italy, served as a bridge to attack Greece, which stopped the transalpine army. Germany helped its ally and finally caused the fall of Athens until 1944, when Hitler’s troops left the Hellenic country. After the conflict, Greece suffered a civil war that was won by Pro-NATO forces, which claimed the northern territory of Epirus and expelled the southern Albanian population accused of collaborating with the Italian-German occupation regime.The state of war started in 1940 was maintained during the following decades and it was this conflict that motivated Greece not to play in 1962 and 1963 against Albania, which went on to the next round due to the withdrawal of its rival to be eliminated by Denmark.last_img read more

Kyrgios offers to bring food to those most in need

first_imgNick Kyrgios has needed to dedicate himself to serving to his Australian compatriots in the course of the quarantine of the nation to curb infections by the coronavirus, which have already left greater than 5,600 contaminated and 33 deceased.Kyrgios posted a message on his Instagram account providing to bring food to those who don’t have any revenue or who’re going by means of a troublesome scenario due to confinement. “If somebody will not be working or has no revenue and runs out of food or is having a tough time … please don’t go to sleep on an empty abdomen. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ship me a personal message. It will make me very glad share what I’ve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a field of noodles, some bread or milk. I’ll go away it in your doorstep, no questions requested! “ A brand new gesture of solidarity from Kyrgios, who in January was one of many predominant promoters of the world tennis initiative to assist those affected by the fires that ravaged Australia. The Australian joins different initiatives developed by different rackets corresponding to Rafa Nadal, together with Pau Gasol, Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer, who’ve additionally donated cash to assist those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.last_img read more

Thierry Ascione, coach of Tsonga, intends to mount a ground tour in France

first_imgNo particular locations or dates are recognized but, however the gamers have reacted positively to an thought comparable to the one the Spanish Tennis Federation desires to perform. “I’ve talked to some gamers like Jo (Tsonga), Lucas (Pouille), Jeremy (Chardy) … they’re all ,” says Ascione. “I’m going to speak to others. We are going to proceed hand in hand with the FFT (French Federation) with this undertaking.” All the pieces will depend upon the liberty of motion that exists in France and it should be remembered that Roland Garros It might be held between September 20 and October 4, the dates that it unilaterally selected for its postponement. In accordance to experiences L’Equipe and it echoes Tennis.com, Thierry Ascione, coach of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga along with the Spanish Sergi Bruguera and organizer of the ATP 250 match in Lyon, intends to mount a dust tour of southern France if the state of affairs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic permits it.Ascione’s thought is to launch a collection of occasions for French gamers from the area and residents of that half of the nation, resembling Daniil Medvedev, who lives in Monte Carlo. “We are going to attempt to set up a match circuit to assist those that want it most,” stated Ascione. “It would additionally assist tourism, which has been hit exhausting. The advantages might be totally shared.”last_img read more

Williams is on Mbappé’s heels

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 17, 2020 PSG star Kylian Mbappé is the fastest footballer in the world according to data collected by the newspaper the French newspaper Le Figaror among the best of the European concert. His maximum top speed rises to 36 km / h, reached by the talented French striker, who surpasses Iñaki Williams and Aubameyang on the podium of a specialty typical of authentic prodigies of the stride and the immediate reaction in the race to overcome the defenders. The lion enjoys the 35.7 km / h mark that he sealed on May 9, 2015, in which he broke the record for top speed in Spain, reaching that figure in a supersonic sprint, surpassing the previous owner by 18 tenths of the record Sofiane Feghouli.The rojiblanco winger, knowing that devilish speed is his most outstanding quality, has always commented that “the sensors that they put on us say that I am the fastest, and that I have to take advantage of that virtue that God has given me “, launched. “I have to take advantage of the spaces and go for speed with meters ahead of the opponents”, he usually emphasizes as soon as they ask him, already acting extreme or 9. In the 18/19 campaign, LaLiga weighted the rojiblanco racing car as the second most fast of the domestic championship, with 33’59 km / h. At the start of the current championship, now stopped by the coronavirus pandemic, it confirmed Williams as its best representative, scoring 34.37 km / h, leader of the ranking of the fastest in LaLiga ahead of Chimy Ávila (Osasuna), with 34’01 km / h, and Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid), with 33’90 km / h. In this new update of data to refresh the virtual classification, just behind Williams is Aubameyang, from Arsenal, with 35.5 km / h in a top ten on the planet where two other Spaniards are located, both from Real Madrid. The right-back from San Sebastián, Álvaro Odriozola, with 34’99 km / h, now on loan at Bayern, and the defender Nacho Fernández closes the circle, with 34.62 km / h. In the middle a group of chosen by nature as the Egyptian player of Liverpool Mohamed Salah, who stands at 35 km / h.The fastest:1. Kylian Mbappé: 36 km / h2. Inaki Williams: 35.7 km / h3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 35.5 km / h4. Karim Bellarabi: 35.27 km / h5. Kyle Walker: 35.21 km / h6. Leroy Sane: 35.04 km / h7. Mohamed Salah: 35 km / h8. Kingsley Coman: 35 km / h9. Alvaro Odriozola: 34.99 km / h10. Nacho Fernandez: 34.62 km / hlast_img read more

The irregularities of the 2006 World Cup prescribe without punishment

first_imgFormer DFB Presidents Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach, as well as former FIFA Secretary General Urs Linsi are accused of fraud. In addition, former DFB Secretary General Horst Schmidt is accused of being an accessory to fraud.They are all accused by the The DFB’s allegedly irregular payment to FIFA of 6.7 million euros in 2005. The money was recorded as a contribution to a World Cup gala that never took place.In 2002, the chairman of the World Cup organizing committee, Franz Beckenbauer, received a loan for the same amount from businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus that ended up in the bank accounts of FIFA’s chief financial officer at the time, Mohamed bin Hammam. The trial for undue payments related to the concession to Germany of the 2006 World Cup will end without a verdict, since the Swiss Federal Criminal Court has extended the suspension of the case until next Monday, the day when the statute of limitations for the charges runs out.The court’s decision to extend the suspension due to the coronavirus outbreak did not mention any plans to resume the proceedings. The trial is against FIFA and against four former directors of the German Football Federation (DFB).last_img read more

Hinds must go! … Ramdin tells WIPA boss to resign

first_imgWest Indies wicketkeeper and batsman Denesh Ramdin has called for West Indies Players Association (WIPA) President and Chief Executive Officer Wavell Hinds to resign amid the latter’s handling of recent West Indies players salary negotiations. Commenting via his Twitter account @shotta8080, Ramdin said Hinds, through his salary negotiations with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), had let down “everyone”, and as such should step aside. “Is this man for real. It’s like he never play the game. By the way there is no one in the team with A+ contract,” Ramdin said in response to media statements made by Hinds earlier this week in relation to the new payment structures for West Indies players. “Hinds u (you) need to go, big man thing, you have let down everyone, sorry to say, jump on your bike. Too much friend thing going on in our cricket. “Represent players behind there (their) back an (and) saying is best interest after LOL (laugh out loud) joking,” added Ramdin. Hinds, in responding to recent claims made by top West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels that players are being paid less in comparison to previous years, stated that this was not necessarily the case. The WIPA boss, who has been in the post for four years, said what obtains instead was a virtual redistribution of player incomes to West Indies players to reflect the changing global cricket landscape. “He (Samuels) said he was getting US$17,500 before his salary was cut to US$5,000. Marlon is a retained player and gets a monthly salary and then match fees. If he doesn’t play cricket, he (still) gets a salary each month,” said Hinds. The former West Indies batsman went on to further explain that what Samuels was referring to with regards to receiving US$17,500 was based on the WICB paying players directly from what it gained from team sponsorship. Instead, Hinds explained that what the board had done was to increase the threshold of retainer contracts, as well as pay first-class players for their participation in the recently introduced WICB Professional League. “What the WICB did was to move the US$35,000 into the retainer fee, which has been ramped up. The match fees right now are as follows; Test Match – US$5,750, ODI US$2,300, and T20I US$1,750,” remarked Hinds. The former big-hitting left-hander, who also shares executive positions with WICB President Dave Cameron at Kensington Cricket Club in Jamaican, also went on to explain the current annual retainer fee structure for the 15 contracted West Indies players. He said that US$150,000 was now offered for A+ contracted player, US$135,000 for A, US$120,000 for B+, US$115,000 for B, and US$100,000 for category C. This original contract categories, Hinds pointed out, used to see players receiving US$105,000 for a A+ contract, US$80,000 for A, US$53,000 for a B, and US$30,000 for C. The 31-year-old Ramdin’s comments also come in wake of Instagram posts by West Indies’ talismanic opener Chris Gayle, who, last week, called for a “shake-up” at WIPA. PLAYERS GETTING LESS PAYlast_img read more