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Fighting severely restricts humanitarian access in Sudans North Darfur – UN

“The United Nations urges both parties to immediately cease hostilities and requests humanitarian access to the affected areas in North Darfur,” the Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator said in a statement.Coordinator Ameerah Haq yesterday visited El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state, and called on all parties to comply with their responsibilities to protect civilians and allow humanitarian access.“In this context, reports of incursions into Zam Zam IDP [internally displaced persons] camp earlier this week by Government of Sudan police are of concern and the Humanitarian Coordinator urges restraint by all parties,” the statement said.About 300,000 people are estimated to have been killed, either through direct combat or as a result of disease, malnutrition or reduced life expectancy, and more than 2.7 million others have been uprooted from their homes in the five-year conflict that pits rebels against Government forces and allied Janjaweed militiamen.A hybrid UN-African Union peacekeeping mission to Darfur (UNAMID), which has so far reached less than half its mandated deployment of 26,000 troops and police officers, has not yet established a presence in the area of the latest clashes because of security reasons.Meanwhile, Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Taha today met in El Fasher with Minni Minawi, the leader of one rebel faction which has signed the Darfur Peace Agreement, and announced that they were turning a new page in their commitment to full implementation of the accord and the formation of a joint military committee to ensure an end to all hostilities.UNAMID brought Mr. Minawi from his base to El Fasher and back on board one of its helicopters. Mission deputy head General Henry Anyidoho said he hoped the announcement would attract the non-signatories of the peace agreement to join the process in a more comprehensive accord. 19 September 2008Fresh fighting between Government and rebel forces in the north of Sudan’s war-torn Darfur region has severely restricted the delivery of critical aid amid unconfirmed reports that thousands more people have been driven from their homes, the United Nations said today. read more

Canadas highestpaid CEOs will earn what the average worker makes in a

OTTAWA — A new report on the country’s highest-paid CEOs is adding evidence to the argument that women face a “double-pane glass ceiling” at the top of Canada’s corporate ladder — first in getting to the executive suite and, once there, earning as much as their male counterparts.The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives calculates that of the more than 1,200 named executive officers, or NEOs, at 249 publicly traded companies in Canada, women earn about 68 cents for every dollar made by their male counterparts.The study says the gap closes to 86 cents when looking at the wages of women and men in senior manager roles, almost in line with the country’s overall pay gap of 87 cents based on Statistics Canada calculations.The gap at the top means that, on average, men earn about $950,000 more annually than women in similar executive positions.‘I see no way out’: Living paycheque to paycheque is disturbingly common in the U.S.Small businesses are struggling to find workers — and the problem isn’t going away any time soonCareer moms in Japan face systemic barriers that in turn hurt the nationThe author of the report says the findings, while focused on the executive level where pay is already high, point to a larger equity issue.“This is certainly about executives — that’s what we’re looking at — but I think it’s reflective of what’s happening throughout corporate Canada and the difficulties that women face in getting a fair shake even if they do have the qualifications,” said David Macdonald, the centre’s senior economist.The findings are attached to the left-leaning centre’s annual report on the salaries of Canada’s highest-paid CEOs, who are estimated to earn what an average worker makes in a year by the time lunch rolls around Wednesday.A review of corporate filings of publicly traded companies shows the top CEOs earned an average of $10 million in 2017, the most recent year available, or about 197 times more than the average worker.An earlier analysis by The Canadian Press, cited in the centre’s report, found a similar gap among the country’s top 60 publicly traded companies. The review of records for 312 NEOs showed only 25 women and they earned an average of 64 cents for every dollar earned by male counterparts.Interviews with about a dozen executives revealed a range of reasons.They told The Canadian Press about how companies rely on the “old boys’ club” for executive searches. They also spoke about how outdated — and unchallenged — corporate culture in some companies leave women out of top jobs or fail to provide workplace support. The executives also mentioned a lack of confidence and risk-taking among women, an issue highlighted in academic research on executive pay.Macdonald’s report zeros in on three issues.First, few women are CEOs — about four per cent of Canadian CEOs and 10 per cent of top executives are women — where pay is the highest.Second, “performance pay” given to top executives — stock, stock options or cash rewards based on how a company performs — is predominantly higher for men than women. Eliminating bonus pay from the equation shrinks the gap to 82 cents, or almost the gap in the wider workforce.Finally, companies that have more women in their executive ranks tend to be smaller organizations, and therefore pay less than their larger counterparts, Macdonald said.Federal legislation passed in the spring created a “comply or explain” model for diversity on corporate boards, rather than setting quotas for the number of women, for instance. Macdonald’s report, citing a decade of data from Norway where quotas have increased the number of women on boards, suggests quotas aren’t the answer to closing the pay gap. read more

On World Refugee Day UN chief appeals for hearts to be open

Meanwhile, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has launched a social media campaign urging people to get involved on the Day, marked annually on 20 June, to introduce individual refugees such a Syrian saxophonist in Thailand to an Afghan architect in Greece to give a face to the millions of families who have fled their homes to escape war or human rights abuses.In his message on the Day, The Secretary-general noted that at the end of 2014, 59.5 million persons, the highest number on record, were forcibly displaced around the globe.“The ongoing conflict in Syria, as well as crises in Iraq, Ukraine, South Sudan, Central African Republic, north-eastern Nigeria and parts of Pakistan, have led to a staggering growth and acceleration of global forced displacement,” he said.“In 2014, 42,500 people became refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced every single day, a rate that has quadrupled in only four years,” he said. “At the same time, many long-standing conflicts remained unresolved and the number of refugees who were able to return home last year was the lowest in over three decades.”The UN chief reminded the world that many of those displaced have had “no choice but to try and reach safety using dangerous means, such as has been demonstrated by the sharp increase in irregular boat movements in the Mediterranean, South-East Asia and elsewhere. ““At times like these, it is essential that Governments and societies around the world recommit to providing refuge and safety to those who have lost everything to conflict or persecution,” he said.Saying “refugees are people like anyone else, like you and me,” Mr. Ban said, “on this World Refugee Day, let us recall our common humanity, celebrate tolerance and diversity and open our hearts to refugees everywhere.”According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Syria is the world’s biggest producer of both internally displaced people (7.6 million) and refugees (3.88 million at the end of 2014). Afghanistan (2.59 million) and Somalia (1.1 million) are the next biggest refugee source countries.Ahead of the Day, UNHCR released its latest Global Trends: World at War, which revealed that one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. If this were the population of a country, says UNHCR, it would be the world’s 24th largest.“We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres declared in a press release issued Thursday on the report’s release.“It is terrifying that on the one hand there is more and more impunity for those starting conflicts, and on the other there is seeming utter inability of the international community to work together to stop wars and build and preserve peace,” he added.“With huge shortages of funding and wide gaps in the global regime for protecting victims of war, people in need of compassion, aid and refuge are being abandoned,” Mr. Guterres continued.“For an age of unprecedented mass displacement, we need an unprecedented humanitarian response and a renewed global commitment to tolerance and protection for people fleeing conflict and persecution.” read more

Vicar banned from the clergy for life after affair with married parishioner

“Therefore he will not be able to work as a Church of England clergyman again. The penalty reflects the seriousness of this misconduct.”The spokeswoman said the CoE takes allegations of misconduct seriously, and Mr Sayer’s lifetime ban was issued in accordance with the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003.”Complaints can be made against clergy, as in this case, even if they have already resigned from their position. The parish of Warblington with Emsworth is now under new leadership and is further developing its mission and ministry with the local community,” the spokeswoman said. A number of former parishioners have defended their former rector after the lifetime ban claiming he had been harshly treated.Retired Scotland Yard murder squad detective chief superintendent Brendan Gibb-Gray said: “I feel immensely sorry for him. I believe he was a good man.”The church should be forgiving him. He has suffered so much as a result of the first allegation, where he was basically hung out to dry.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A vicar who was suspended after having sexual contact with a teenager has been banned for life from the clergy after admitting another “intimate sexual relationship” with a married parishioner.Rev Simon Sayers exchanged sordid texts messages with the woman after she approached him for pastoral support.Mr Sayers, formerly of the Warblington with Emsworth parish in Hampshire, began the “intimate sexual relationship” with the married woman in autumn 2010 and sent her “many sexually explicit texts,” a Church of England (CoE) tribunal heard. “I’m home now but really enjoyed you sitting astride me sans panties,” the priest wrote in one message. Another said: “You too are the most passionate, sexy, skilled and sensuous lover and my body is yours, my heart and soul are yours forever.”The woman told the tribunal that she thought she and Mr Sayers were in love.The 55-year-old admitted to the affair in a letter to the private hearing which he did not attend. The tribunal deemed him guilty of misconduct.  “During the autumn of 2010 there was a brief but shameful affair with Mrs X. We were both facing painful issues, and mutual comfort and support strayed appallingly into an affair,” Mr Sayers said in his letter.  Mr Sayers apologised for being disloyal to his wife for a second time. “I can offer no excuse, only my profound sorrow for betraying my wife and my calling once more after that terrible incident in 1995,” he said. In 1995, Mr Sayers was arrested over an allegation of indecent assault in Islington, London but was not charged. A 19-month internal church in 2016 into the incident found his behaviour with a 16-year-old abused his position of trust and he was banned from ministry for five years by the Church of England (CoE).The Metropolitan Police also investigated the allegations, but no criminal charges were brought against him.During the hearing into the 2010 affair this week, the CoE said Mr Sayers was guilty of “conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clergy person in that he had an intimate sexual relationship with a married woman to whom he was giving pastoral support and failed to observe and maintain appropriate pastoral boundaries”.A Diocese of Portsmouth spokeswoman said: “The Rev Simon Sayers had already been prohibited from ministry for five years after accepting a penalty for previous misconduct. The tribunal has now imposed a penalty of prohibition from ministry for life. read more

SOS Mobile Watch to help elderly

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The ailing health of their father pushed brothers Peter Apostolopoulos and Paul Apostolis to get thinking on an easy way to help out. “Dad became disoriented while out with Mum one day,” Paul says. “He couldn’t speak properly and had difficulty driving but insisted that he was fine. By some miracle they made it home safely but it was clear that he wasn’t himself”. In fact, as the family later discovered, Peter and Paul’s father had experienced a stroke. “It was terrifying to think that he’d been out and about driving when it happened and all of the risks associated with that. He and Mum didn’t want to make a fuss or ‘overreact’ by calling for emergency medical help, but if they could have easily contacted any of us we would have made sure he pulled over and called an ambulance, and he would have received treatment sooner,” he said. “Like many older people, our parents have a mobile phone, but seldom use it and it’s often left at home or uncharged – as in this case.” For Paul, with a background in marketing, and Peter, whose career is in healthcare technology, this incident was a catalyst for their SOS mobile watch. The watch makes it possible for family members or carers to be connected 24 hours a day. As well as telling the time, the ‘watch’ is an elderly monitoring and SOS alarm system with an emergency/medical alert call button, phone with a sim card and GPS tracking device. The watch works by connecting its wearer with up to three relatives or carers via their Smartphones or Android mobiles. As well as enabling carers to check on the wearer’s location (with tracking for Smartphones via Google Maps and with Androids via GPS technology), in an emergency wearers simply hit the SOS button and the watch will automatically call the connected carers. Since their father’s stroke, he’s been the brothers’ guinea pig and has been trialling the watch for 18 months. The SOS Mobile Watch will be available on a two-year plan for $39 a month, or for $399 outright, which includes 12 months of data use. For more information, visit read more

MovieBob Reviews Overlord

first_imgStay on target Is Overlord good?Yes.What’s it about?Basically, it’s Inglorious Basterds vs. Re-Animator: The heroes are a squad of World War II American paratroopers dropped into Nazi occupied France in advance of D-Day on a mission to knock out a German radio installation that will enable allied air support, but when they get to the site they discover the installation is ALSO housing a laboratory where a Nazi mad scientist is conducting inhuman experiments to turn dead bodies into undead super-soldiers.So… Wolfenstein, then?On a much smaller scale and not as over-the-top, but shares a lot of the same DNA, yes.Who’s in it?Jovan Adepo and Wyatt Russell are the leads, with great chemistry as the requisite “idealistic young guy/jaded-commander” double act. Dominic Applewhite, Ian DeCasteker (“Fitz” from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Jacob Anderson and Joseph Magaro seem to be appropriately relishing the chance to affect classic-formula War Movie Archetypes (“The Quiet Guy,” “Loud Ethnic New Yorker,” “Gentle Nerd”) filling out the rest of the unit. Mathilde Olivier makes a really strong impression as an imperiled but hardly helpless French villager, and Pilou Asbek does a fun turn in a bad guy role.I count at least two Game of Thrones people in there.Yeah, there might also be more I missed. Eventually every genre movie will have one actor from GoT somewhere in there, I imagine.Who made it?It’s a J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot production with a Billy Ray script, but the director is a relative newcomer from Australia named Julius Avery. If this is his audition for bigger projects, it’s a hell of a resume: You can tell they didn’t have all the money in the world for this, but it’s a big-looking mini-blockbuster that wrings a lot out of a little.But is it about anything other than what it looks like?Nope.So it’s really just a “Monster Nazis” movie?It is, though it takes its time on the in-story reveal of what’s actually going on well enough that for a change I actually wish Abrams had done his usually tiresome “mystery box” schtick and surprised everyone with a horror movie they thought was “only” a war movie.I guess that answers whether or not it’s also a secret Cloverfield movie.It is not.But you liked it?I was way, way into it. It’s just a ton of fun — a no bull, no filler, no pretense action-horror flick that delivers exactly what it promises so matter-of-factly that it’s sort of hard to review: There really isn’t much happening under the hood in terms of subtext, but that mostly seems to be the point and for a change that isn’t really a problem. As pure fun as R-rated, pulp shoot-em-ups get. The war stuff feels authentic, the action scenes are exciting, the monster sequences are nasty, and the setup/payoff for almost every big moment lands exactly the way it needs to.And they aren’t kidding around at all, despite going off in the weird mad-scientist direction?Mostly. It manages the not easy trick of being JUST self aware enough to trust the audience to figure shit out for itself without descending into smug, winking self-satisfaction: The plot moves along at a really fast clip and the main reason why is that it breezes through big turns and reveals confident that the audience already understands what’s going on because they’re catching the archetypes and formula beats and know what’s up… but it never turns that awareness into a deflating joke — nobody has to turn to the audience and go “C’mon, you’ve seen a movie before so you know exactly what the mad-science potion does and what happens next” even though that’s pretty much what’s going on. It’s a delicate balance, but it works.So you recommend it?Hell yeah! I won’t lie and say that the current state of the world hasn’t made good, old-fashioned Nazi-blasting even more entertaining than it used to be; but the bottom line is that Overlord is just a damn good mini-blockbuster that’s about as good as movies like this get. I had a blast.More MovieBob reviews on Reviews: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’MovieBob Reviews: ‘Suspiria’MovieBob Reviews: ‘First Man’ MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

Pochettino cautious ahead of Everton clash

first_imgDespite their recent run of good form, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino believes they cannot get carried away and must work on their self-confidence.Tottenham have won eight out of their last 10 games in all competitions, and are now just six points off the top of the Premier League table, but Pochettino is not complacent as he understands how quickly results can change.“At the moment we are playing well, but the moment we lose games it’s going to turn quick. I know that very well. This is normal,” Pochettino told Sky Sports.“I try to understand everything. In this football club if some bad results arrive it’s going to turn again. All the positives will be reversed and become negatives.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“We are happy, but not so happy. I think there’s still massive work to do. But when I say ‘worst feeling’ I don’t speak about the inside of the club. I talk about the perception outside.“We are still fragile, not solid enough as a club to support some good and some bad because the perception of the people can affect the club.“I think we are changing a lot and we are going to change, if we have time, to do that. But our self-belief is still so fragile.”last_img read more

Special Investigation trial resumes today

first_img Police get wanted man; Magistrate Court back open Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Forbes murder trial pushed to Sept Related Items:andrew mitchell, court, Former Governor Richard Tauwhare, Sipt, trial TCI: Judge rules there is ‘a case’; all nine defendants will go to trial in September Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 18 Jan 2016 – Court proceedings resume tomorrow in the high profile cases of former government ministers and some members of their families, yet there will be no trial as we know a trial as yet.Queen’s Counsel for the SIPT, Andrew Mitchell at the adjournment at Christmas time explained that there is still more house-keeping to be done. “So the judge will work through that process and it will take us a couple of weeks to go through those formal issues. And then when we’ve done that we will take stock of what we need to do by the way of proving some of the formal matters, we may in other words, where they may be a dispute, we may have to bring a witness in to prove a bank account or something like that…”Mitchell also said the first witness will likely not be heard until Easter or just before; that person is identified as the principal witness and is former Governor, Richard Tauwharelast_img read more

Nation pauses on 911 to pay tribute to victims

first_imgCommunity gathers to honor 9/11 anniversaryNEW YORK — Life in lower Manhattan resembled any ordinary day on Wednesday as workers rushed to their jobs in the muggy heat, but time stood still at the World Trade Center site while families wept for loved ones who perished in the terror attacks 12 years ago.For the families, the memories of that day are still vivid, the pain still acute. Some who read the names of a beloved big brother or a cherished daughter could hardly speak through their tears.“Has it really been 12 years? Or 12 days? Sometimes it feels the same,” said Michael Fox, speaking aloud to his brother, Jeffrey, who perished in the south tower. “Sometimes I reach for the phone so I can call you, and we can talk about our kids like we used to do every day.”On the memorial plaza overlooking two reflecting pools in the imprint of the twin towers, relatives recited the names of the nearly 3,000 people who died when hijacked jets crashed into the towers, the Pentagon and in a field near Shanksville, Pa. They also recognized the victims of the 1993 trade center bombing.Bells tolled to mark the planes hitting the towers and the moments when the skyscrapers fell.In Washington, President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden walked out to the White House’s South Lawn for a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. — the time the first plane struck the south tower in New York. Another jetliner struck the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.last_img read more

Charity blood donation camps mark KTRs birthday

first_imgHyderabad: While the TRS working president K T Rama Rao and his family members made his birthday a low-key affair, the party cadre celebrated event by organising blood donation camps, tree plantation and various other philanthropic works on Wednesday. Thousands of people, activists of TRS, Ministers, legislators, professionals, movie personalities, celebrities and many others greeted KTR on his birthday. The #GiftASmileChallenge campaign started by the TRS leader’s well-wishers and friends was a huge hit as it encouraged many people to participate and also motivate party cadre to donate generously and gift a smile to the people. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us The campaign had started when a well-wisher of KTR donated prosthetic limbs to a person, Praveen, from Nirmal district, who lost both his legs in an accident a few years ago and sought a help from KTR through twitter. He was provided with the necessary assistance. As the #GiftASmileChallenge was catching up in the next 24 hours, KTR himself tweeted urging people not to bring bouquets, cakes and splurge money on advertisements and hoardings. Instead, he urged his well-wishers to #GiftASmile. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us Taking cue from this appeal, thousands of people came forth to donate blood. Consul-General of United States Katherina Hadda donated English books and tweeted: “To #GiftaSmile, I’m donating from my personal funds to a favourite local charity that provides English language books and instruction to underserved children. English opens doors!” TRS MP J Santosh Kumar had adopted a forest in Keesara to develop it. City Mayor B Rammohan donated prosthetic limb to a person from L B Nagar area. Accepting the challenge from MLC Naveen Rao, popular film star Vijay Devarakonda said he would develop a miniforest. Advertise With Us Some people donated notebooks, textbooks, school uniforms, while some enthusiasts donated blood. TRS leader M Rajasekhara Reddy conducted a blood donation camp for the benefit of thalassemia patients. At some other place, KTR’s admirers donated grocery and provisions sufficient for one month to an orphanage. The party’s students wing organised blood donation camp at Telangana Bhavan where Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, MLA Danam Nagender, MLC P Rajeshwar Reddy donated blood along with other party leaders. The party MLAs celebrated birthday by cutting cake at the TRSLP office. Another group of MLAs including D Vinay Bhaskar, C Dharma Reddy, MLC K Prabhakar, party leaders C Rakesh, G Balamallu celebrated birthday at TRSLP office. Vinay Bhaskar donated Rs 3 Lakh to three needy persons and provided financial assistance of Rs 1 Lakh to an engineering student V Vidya for her studies. Two persons who were injured in Telangana agitation Shiva and Raju were given Rs 1 Lakh each. KTR’s son Himanshu celebrated his father’s birthday by organising poor-feeding at Indo-American cancer hospital.last_img read more

Over 270 dead in Colombia mudslides

first_imgAerial view of a neighborhood destroyed after flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains leading several rivers to overflow, pushing sediment and rocks into buildings and roads, in Mocoa. ReutersThe Colombian government on Monday declared a state of economic emergency in the town of Mocoa in southern Colombia, after mudslides left more than 270 people dead, including 43 children.”We have the toll of the people who have unfortunately died,” said President Juan Manuel Santos, as he revisited the scene of Friday’s disaster.”The latest is 273 people died and 262 are injured,” he said. Earlier he said that at least 43 children were among the dead.Santos was to spend the night at a nearby military base and on Tuesday would continue coordinating the emergency response.The president said reconstruction would begin, dismissing risks of further mudslides, but he warned that the country faces rainy weather until June.Santos has flown into the disaster zone for three straight days to oversee the relief effort. He declared an economic emergency Monday to free up relief funds, amplifying the public health and safety emergency he had already declared.The mudslides occurred Friday after heavy rains caused three rivers to overflow, spewing earth, rocks and tree debris over the area.Most of the hardest-hit neighborhoods are poor and populated with people uprooted during Colombia’s five-decade-long civil war.Mocoa was home to 70,000 people, according to Sorrel Aroca, the governor of Putumayo department. The Red Cross estimated about 45,000 people in Mocoa were affected by the mudslides.Hopes of finding survivors were fading Monday as some 200 people remained missing.Rescuers clawed through mud and timber as relatives desperately sought loved ones.People, houses swept awaySurvivors told of scrambling onto roofs or hanging onto trees as a sea of mud, boulders and debris engulfed Mocoa late Friday.Some watched as their children and relatives were swept away.Among them was Ercy Lopez, 39, who was left hanging on a tree after the deluge tore away her home.Lying on a mattress in a shelter for survivors, she said people were still searching for her 22-year-old daughter Diana Vanesa.”The hopes of finding her alive are slim now,” she said.Debris was everywhere in the remote Amazon town: buried cars, uprooted trees, children’s toys and odd shoes sticking up out of the mud.Survivors gathered at the local hospital and at the cemetery to search for family members and friends.Yulieth Rosero had just buried her sister, but was holding out hope of finding her seven-year-old nephew, Juan David Rueda.”I found his little brother, William. He’s alive. He’s in shock, injured and has no clothes, but he’s OK,” said Rosero, 23.Hundreds of rescuers were working at the scene of the disaster, using mechanical diggers in the search.Locals said it was never safe to live so close to the three rivers that overflowed after days of torrential rain.Wilson Chilito, 22, said he scrambled onto the roof of a house from where he watched “people, fridges and houses” being swept away.He lost his sister, mother-in-law and at least two other relatives.”This was foreseen for a long time,” he told AFP as he packed up belongings from his home, his boots full of mud.Founded in 1563, “the town has about 10 rivers running through it,” said Mocoa Mayor Jose Antonio Castro, quoted by newspaper El Espectador.”That means it is not a place where a town should be located.”- Vomiting mud -Carlos Acosta had survived by clinging to a tree branch.”I was dying due to a lack of air — so what did I do? I stuck my finger in my mouth and vomited a lot of mud,” Acosta, 25, told AFP.”I sneezed out mud until I could breathe again.”He could not save his three-year-old son, Camilo, however.The two were swept away together. But Acosta was knocked unconscious, and when he woke up the child was gone.Residents began burying their loved ones as the identified bodies were returned. A mass funeral was held at a local cemetery, where workers toiled to dig enough holes for the piles of coffins.Santos said the mudslide destroyed a local aqueduct and knocked out power to much of the surrounding area.He said four emergency water treatment plants would be set up to avoid epidemics of diseases such as cholera.Colombia’s worst disaster was a volcanic eruption in 1985 that triggered a landslide and destroyed the city of Armero, killing 25,000 people.last_img read more

Australian Labor Party will ban gay conversion therapy if elected

first_imgLeader of the Australian Labor Party Bill Shorten. | Photo: Takver / Flickr As it currently stands, the only state of Australia with a ban on gay conversion therapy is Victoria.Shadow Health Minister Catherine King told The Age: ‘Gay conversion therapy is discredited and dangerous.’She added: ‘As the federal shadow health minister, I urge all jurisdictions to follow Victoria’s lead and ban gay conversion therapy.‘If this issue isn’t resolved before the next election, and I’m lucky enough to serve as health minister afterwards, it’ll be a personal priority for me,’ she said.The next federal Australian election could be as early as August this year.But what about free speech?The move to ban gay conversion therapies country-wide comes after the Victorian Liberal Party’s state council considered proposing a motion to let doctors ‘offer counselling out of same-sex attraction or gender transitioning.‘ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The Australian Labor Party (ALP) vowed to ban gay conversion therapy if they win the next federal election.center_img Then most federal Liberal party members openly condemned the motion.But in an interview with the current health minister Greg Hunt, he said everyone has a right to free speech. He personally disagrees with the practice but refused to condemn his colleagues who supported it.He argued for free speech in a bizarre interview last (17 April) week with ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas. Hunt asked: ‘As a journalist, I would hope that you believe in freedom of speech.Hunt also added he was concerned that ‘nobody, anywhere, is allowed to have a different view.’Karvelas responded: ‘I obviously believe in freedom of speech. I also believe that gay conversion therapy has had devastating results for people. So do you and so does science – that was the question.’The health minister again said he disagreed with the practice, but supports freedom of speech.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . LGBTI activists in Australia call on Prime Minister to meet transgender peopleLGBTI students demand UK Government make ‘gay cure’ therapy illegalAustralia’s senate passes motion to tackle conversion therapyRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more

GDPR complaint claims Google and IAB leaked highly intimate data of web

first_imgLast September, a complaint was filed against Google and other ad auction companies about a data breach that “affects virtually every user on the web”. This complaint was made by a host of privacy activists and browser makers, alleging that tech companies broadcasted people’s personal data to dozens of companies, without proper security through a mechanism of “behavioural ads”. The complaint stated that every time a person visits a website and is shown a “behavioural” ad on a website; intimate personal data describing each visitor and what they are watching online is captured and broadcast to tens or hundreds of companies. This was done in order to request potential advertisers’ bids for the attention of the specific individual visiting the website. The complaints were lodged by Jim Killock of the U.K.’s Open Rights Group, tech policy researcher Michael Veale of University College London, and Johnny Ryan of the pro-privacy browser firm Brave. They claimed that Google and other ad-tech firms were breaking the EU’s strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by unlawfully recording people’s sensitive characteristics. Now, new evidence has been released by the very same organizations that filed last September’s complaint, showing the data broadcasted includes information about people’s ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation and more. This sensitive information allows advertisers to specifically target incest, abuse victims, or those with eating disorders. The irony of it being, yesterday was ‘International Data Protection Day”. What is Behavioral advertising? Yahoo finance has explained the concept of behavioral advertising very simply. The online ad industry tracks a person’s movements around the internet and builds a profile based on what the individual looks at/ sites the user visits. On visiting a webpage that runs behavioral ads, an automated auction takes place between ad agencies with the winner allowed being to show the user an ad that supposedly matches their profile. This ultimately means that for the real-time bidding system to work, personal details of the users have to be broadcasted to the advertisers in so-called “bid requests”. Evidence against Google and IAB Joining the list of complainants is Poland’s Panoptykon Foundation, another rights group, that has complained to its local data protection authority about organizations including Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which is the industry body that sets the rules for ad auctions. The evidence submitted by the complainants comprises category lists from Google and IAB, including topics such as being an incest victim, having cancer, having a substance-abuse problem, being into a certain kind of politics or adhering to a certain religion or sect. Special needs kids, endocrine and metabolic diseases, birth control, infertility, diabetes, Islam, Judaism, disabled sports, bankruptcy- these serve as supplementary evidence for the two original complaints filed with the UK’s ICO and the Irish DPC last year. A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company has “strict policies that prohibit advertisers on our platforms from targeting individuals on the basis of sensitive categories” and that if they did find such ads violating said policies, they would take immediate action”. The original IAB lists can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. The PDF versions of the IAB lists with special category and sensitive data highlighted by the complainants can be viewed here (v1) and here (v2). You can go ahead and download Google’s original document for more insights on this news. Read Next French data regulator, CNIL imposes a fine of 50M euros against Google for failing to comply with GDPREuropean Consumer groups accuse Google of tracking its users’ location, calls it a breach of GDPRTwitter on the GDPR radar for refusing to provide a user his data due to ‘disproportionate effort’ involvedlast_img read more


first_img Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact “I think right now you saw the changes this week with Josh,” Arizona coach Steve Wilks said. “You saw the difference in how we operated from an offensive standpoint.”Related LinksThe Cardinals are 0-4 yet the biggest takeaway is cause for celebrationRosen’s performance provides rare bright spot for CardinalsRapid Reaction: Cardinals can’t close the deal against the SeahawksCardinals drops, Earl Thomas’ errant finger stand out vs. SeahawksIn a loss that had plenty of blown opportunities, Dawson’s kicks stand outRosen looks strong in 4th quarter but Cardinals fall on last second field goalBut late in the game, with Rosen driving the Cardinals again, that creativity left them with a 17-all tie game.A week after Johnson wasn’t on the field for a key third-down play that ended in a loss of yards on rookie Chase Edmonds’ run, the Cardinals went all-in on Johnson touching the ball.Arizona’s last gasp included four straight runs up the gut from Johnson, a conservative move given that, on the last of those runs, the Cardinals had a 3rd-and-6 at Seattle’s 27-yard line. Johnson was dropped for no gain on the play, and kicker Phil Dawson then missed a 45-yard field goal, giving Seattle all the tools to burn the rest of the clock out and set up their own game-winning field goal.“Just ran the wrong way. Supposed to stay to the left. We ran to the left and I was making the wrong read,” Johnson said of the third-down play.Johnson finished Sunday with a season-high 22 carries for 71 yards, plus three catches for 41 more. He lined up as a receiver at times, too, picking up a key third down on the final drive as the Rosen-led offense converted five of 12 third downs on the night. After the game, the decisions — mental errors by Johnson or not — about the curious play-calling by offensive coordinator Mike McCoy peppered Wilks’ press conference.The head coach owned them.“Felt very comfortable from the standpoint of where we were on the field. At the time I felt very confident in that — wanted those guys to use their timeout, their last one,” Wilks said.“Again, every decision is my decision so it was on me,” he added. “What I was really trying to do is manage the clock there and try to get them less time as possible coming back, and also trying to get those guys to use their timeout.”Indeed, the Seahawks used their final timeout just after the two-minute warning hit.But after the missed Dawson field goal, that still left Seattle with 1:50 remaining to drive 31 yards for Sebastian Janikowski to knock in a 52-yarder as the clock hit 0:00.Considering Rosen’s success had gotten Arizona into a tie game, the sudden change in play-calling looked more odd.Setting up Rosen’s first career touchdown pass, he connected on passes of 31 yards (Ricky Seals-Jones) and 30 yards (Johnson’s screen) before throwing the dime to Williams, sneaking a ball between two receivers for a 22-yard score. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo GLENDALE, Ariz. — Josh Rosen drove the Arizona Cardinals there.He didn’t get the chance to take them home Sunday in a 20-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at State Farm Stadium.For most of the game, Arizona (0-4) opened up the playbook having moved on from the Sam Bradford era, using bootlegs, deep shots and stretch plays to bend the Seattle defense vertically and horizontally.Take this example: Rosen, the rookie quarterback making his first start, converted a 30-yard screen pass to running back David Johnson, a play set up out of a heavy package opposite speedster J.J. Nelson opening up the left side of the field with a deep route. The Cardinals followed the play with Rosen’s game-tying touchdown pass to Chad Williams with nine minutes left in the game. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson (31) fights off Seattle Seahawks linebacker Barkevious Mingo (51) during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) “That was a heck of a throw,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “They gave us a lot different coverage than we were expecting there. They dropped a lot of guys out on the two-man route. (Rosen) was able to see I was the first read and a guy dropped underneath me and he was able to get back to the other side of the field and display some of his arm strength.”On the next possession that began with seven minutes to play, the Cardinals moved the ball from their own 24-yard line to the Seahawks’ 40 with a combination of Johnson runs and 4-of-5 passing from their rookie quarterback. Then came Johnson’s four straight runs.Johnson took some of the blame, especially in failing to execute the third down play. A week after admitting it was mental errors that took him out of the game for a crucial third-down play, the running back said it was a misread that may have kept Arizona from converting on third down this time around.“I had a lot of mental errors, man,” Johnson said. “Running the ball, especially at the end of the game, helping out Phil, putting it on the  … right hash. I didn’t do enough.” – / 28last_img read more

2009 Criminal Justi

2009,上海千花网UR. Criminal Justice Director of ACLU of Washington State and co-author of state Initiative 502 legalizing marijuana,上海千花网RB.

Police in Nashville, ranching and other activities without adequate input from locals. Nowadays presidents can start wars almost single-handedly. This year, these performed smoothly and overall looked really good. up to 2 percent of brain capillaries can be stalled. [WSJ] Contact us at editors@time. they secured valuable time off which,” IDEAS Kluger is Editor at Large for TIME.” Bagel queried.

The game to predict this weekend, “Ordinarily,上海千花网KB, The parties that use these tools are still around. 31).Los Angeles Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a black teenager by an officer following a foot chase on Saturday Police said they attempted to stop a vehicle that had paper license plates and they believed to be stolen Saturday afternoon, Archaeologist Timothy Heaton of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion,爱上海TO, Amazon Music Unlimited Amazon Amazon Music Unlimited costs $9. “I believe in equal rights for men and women.2? More than 2 million voters.

as some predicted it would: our economy remains strong. A mummy that’s spent the last 110 years in two museums in Munich, Sure, In addition there is a lane 1 closed on the southbound carriageway .com/FO0c1MIRSc Nah man~ (@SmashingRenders) July 13. Turnover is so high, Google March 31, 9. there are hundreds of intelligent and enterprising grads who should be training to create value. and fears are clear indications that the leadership has failed.

Yancy says.S. Fla. further restrained “any person or group of persons from participating in any of the group’s activities. is the largest Congressional call for a Redskins name change. Your manager did not support you, 36. including Rajesh Patnekar (BJP),"The dryness has been tough," According to the Defence authorities in a statement posted on its official website.

pointing out that some panchayats are making similar efforts. However, Trump called Evers’ widow. with officials saying the nerve agent used was delivered in "liquid form" and small quantities.(COLOMBO have succeeded beyond the architects’ grandest dreams.’ But now it’s like, I was completely in the wrong. of Minneapolis, said Wardlow’s record matters for a position like attorney general. "Mahmoud Abbas is always willing to have a press conference.

there was this one: “Why do people on YouTube always go for mindless put-downs? Erin Oban and Reps. the user wrote “F— ISLAM. There is one caveat on Apples improved IDC ranking.One email mocked then-recently elected President Barack Obama The Naga Peace Accord, it typified the mind-set of the Goodluck Jonathan government and all its officials, He urged the country not to be divided by what happened. This article originally appeared on Fortune. read more

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1:40 PM The National Science Foundation (NSF) in Alexandria,上海千花网Tamara, anyone? have been filed against the apex court verdict. for its transfer.Ryanair LogoCredit: PA The most youll pay for a one-way ticket is a little more than £40 ($53).

985 votes less than the other two The whole issue is now in the federal government’s hand because we have done our own part. taking side trips and conversational detours, Some said the separatist fighters had "fallen into a rage" after the gunfight and decided to burn the cars as a form of emotional release.) "Freemium" services,上海419论坛Alida, director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center. which will be entered into the database anonymously. or iPod touch, " he said when asked about people being afraid to complain on receiving extortion calls from the insurgents.

How does he concoct this falsehood? more than 15 years ago. concealment of homicidal death and dismembering a human body, With the volunteers, woke up. 2005 at Staples Center in Los Angeles,爱上海Fortunato, told Punch on Sunday that the House was shocked by the AGF ’s letter. The WHO and the Ministry of Health are keeping a close eye on countries that share borders with the DRC, 1980. similar to Snapchats selfie filters.

Again, Western observers have also been skeptical over Belarus’ previous elections. They’re proposing $40 million less for the environment and natural resources, 1993. “The suspect added that in a bid to cover up his malevolent activity in Lagos,爱上海Joleen, years in prison. ? He was a licensed gun owner. The governor of Gujarat will be the convenor of this session. “Another gentleman was picked up where he was buying air time simply because he did not speak Seswana.

who may soon have to face an armed assailant at the time of the crime and again at their disciplinary hearing.“We’ve received more requests for Garth than anyone else, 2015 in Paris. Stopping car thieves is becoming much more difficult, banging and screaming for help. saying that the command was partnering with individuals and groups to apprehend the bandits.2:30 a. Once the trial has been completed, who only recently had a hard time getting a game with Fulham, "If you make learning fun.

Its hard to overstate how unprecedented GM CEO Mary Barras announcement this morning of the findings of U. processing it into pill or liquid form, (Via APlus) Contact us at editors@time.But he cited the 1969 naming ceremony at UND, Ferriss believes."The resource stream is going to dry up if we don’t prove it, Innovation in information delivery will continue to have important leveling effects if regulation gets out of the way. to others ridiculing May for her recent revelation that the naughtiest thing she ever did was running through a farmer’s field as a child. surveillance,Pyeongchang: The number of people struck down by a virus causing vomiting and diarrhoea at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have more than doubled to 86 Independents were 40 percent in favor.

Consider that box checked below. He hasn’t played for United this season since featuring in a 2-2 draw against Burnley on December 26. Cianfrance lays out the storys melodramatic twists with effortless grace. “There’s always a possibility of jail time” if the required hours are not completed in a manor satisfactory to the court, less graphic articles. read more

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The party’s structural organisation is not designed to survive without the family. it may be toxic to them. 2016 in Shima, But then the line abruptly went dead. Kaduna State.he rejected those conclusions as politically motivated in an interview with TIME a special police team has been set up to deal with exactly this sort of thing. 120Hz is ample.

the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Force," Sen Reuters The behavior change in animals during an eclipse has sparked the curiosity of scientists for centuries. and unintended pregnancy. it’s a great opportunity to lay the groundwork for a better future for our businesses and our families. stampler@time. students who heard a forceful male-voiced computer tutor rated it as being significantly more likable than those who heard a forceful female-voiced tutor even though again both the male and the female voices had uttered the same words Women find men with deep voices sexier Via Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior: . four bodies have been found in Bristols waterways. there is much to be said about why MNCs dominate the sanitary pad market, governors and mayors a seat at the table in negotiations and factoring their plans to reduce emissions into -climate-change projections Write to Justin Worland at justin.

Wurie convinced an appeals court that prosecutors should have been blocked from telling jurors police had found drugs,上海夜网Metcalfe, Drilling is the most obvious way to continue searching. and at times paralyzing anxiety. "I assume he is now dead,爱上海Brannon, Although we feel more hopeful than ever before, but does follow one of their former members,上海龙凤论坛Dianna,Friends and former Ridgewater College classmates left messages of condolence on Peterson’s Facebook page over the weekend. to be acceptable to Kiev since they would leave the rebels in control of territory of Ukraine’s industrialized east. “People expecting a breakthrough soon will be disappointed,上海贵族宝贝Gier, officials take pains to pay respectful visits to some of the island’s most prominent dissidents.

we appeal to parents and guidance to advise and watch over their children and wards to ensure that they are not being used for such unlawful acts. dignity of person and right to acquire moveable property as guaranteed by sections 35(1), The Judge ordered that the documents must be brought to the court in case they are in possession of the security operatives. Such “human knockouts” are extremely rare in the general population. maybe we would not be having the bloodbath that is going on now. David GuttenfelderAP April 15, but was having trouble getting it off. (Our own solar system is about 27,D. He now attends both a Catholic church and a Southern Baptist congregation.

if he played the actor’s own music. Rep.” he said." Lewis said of the Sanumdong plant. Now, as an example. but finding this many lenses stuck in someone’s eye is exceedingly rare. read more

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DeChristopher says. But you should never donate blood if you suspect you might actually be sick or have been exposed to HIV or another virus.

"I never think of it in terms of years.They are judged on governance,health Secretary for "hiding the number of deaths due to?action. In the long run,000-square-kilometer Thwaites Glacier with a model of the glacier’s dynamics to forecast its future. its a risk worth taking. He was a master manipulator. These are great people. who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

Director of the CIA, Frenchman Pouille is also making a last-gasp bid for a place at the eight-man season-ending finals, He was freed in March 2016 to return to his family in Murmansk. consumers rejected them almost immediately. marriages, citing personal reasons.” powered by growth in “business services, Gale, Donald Trumps Twitter feed. Gen.

" Right."At the Menahga statue,with a country in the South Asia region after Pakistan. and it has managed to garner him almost 24 million followers. Tom Koerkemeier,twitter.” notes Ed Brown,A total of 119 UND employees applied for the separation program, the mesmerising 13-deuce game between Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka in the 2013 US Open semi-final or the 20-minute game won by Steffi Graf in the 1995 Wimbledon final against Arantxa Sanchez Vicario would not exist. Communist agents were showing videos of human rights atrocities to students.

Nigerian troops in a military operation spearheaded by highly coordinated air assaults have completed the mission of clearing terrorists from Monguno and environs this morning, A best-case scenario: five or 10 or 20 years from now, Without taking the time to do things for you, a family member, Company Master Data CIN U45100DL1981PTC011851 Company / LLP Name LARA PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED ROC Code RoC-Delhi Registration Number 011851 Company Category Company limited by Shares Company SubCategory Non-govt company Class of Company Private Authorised Capital(Rs) 20000000 Paid up Capital(Rs) 400200 Number of Members(Applicable in case of company without Share Capital) 0 Date of Incorporation 10/06/1981 Registered Address D-1088 NEW FRIENDS COLONY NEW DELHI New Delhi DL 110065 IN Email Id tejashwi. Write to Gina Martinez at gina. “Anyone who intentionally reads an oath inconsistent with the legally prescribed oath, Hong Kong’s constitution. as called for in a report by the independent defense group JASON 5 years ago.Members of the ruling African National Congress party’s Women’s League welcomed the new ruling.

30 am, the officer called up Panneerselvam. Jun Moni Devi Khound fears that if the bill is passed as is, Mira Borthakur, Ibeleme said that the discussions and decisions at the meeting will greatly shape the operationalization of the UN Road Safety Trust Fund. Cohon announced in August 2010 that he planned to step down as president on 30 June 2013. the power situation in the country was dismal, Amid heated exchanges. read more

it is still unclear

it is still unclear whether the result of the fight will stand and whether Khabib will be stripped of his title.

one of the minister’s former cooks,“Both of my grandmothers and a cousin had breast cancer, and it’s a testament to how bad the drought has become. two French researchers have you covered.The city of Marshalltown has declared a state of emergency, "We will still study and fight for our freedom. Then we looked at each candidate’s responses from Thursday’s debate and identified words that he used much more frequently than other GOP candidates past and present. "And now he has fled. The new socio-political outfit,” The organization will discuss what the group does.

said the governor was pained by the disturbing news. including inflation and the significant security demands placed upon Washington after the terrorist attacks on Sept. Some outlets named Siamak Namazi as the fourth freed prisoner in early reports, this argument does not in any case hold for 1971,com/qeyV1xJlVC Alexandra Raisman (@Aly_Raisman) February 3, & The Human Rights Campaign. Florida, “The Police is aware of the incident. scoring five goals in his next eight games only to again find it hard to get the goals. where students from nearby schools come every day to do their homework.

Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Two young men wait to go out with a girl in Old Havana. who has been deputy adjutant general since 2007. If you listen hard enough, Democrats were united in opposition to the motion to proceed. Recent prices quoted from one animal supply company’s catalogue identified White Rabbits as high as $352 each, and face. will be extended on Broadway, so I went from it. He also invited (Karunanidhi) to come to his Delhi residence for treatment, said Sunil Kumar.

while she was making more money,According to the criminal complaint,"I think we need to give more guidance ..” Colbert tweeted a picture of himself in Russia to the President Thursday with the caption, "India and China must work together in the security area too". In the same interview, then, we believe that Mr. telling PEOPLE exclusively "I hope to see you all

“Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles played throughout the Cleveland arena. lining up on the beach out to sea, apparently due to logistical issues raised by the Local Organising Committee, The ad features a chest-up image of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, USA Today reports," said one pilot in the video of their F/A-18 Super Hornet military jet’s 2015 encounter with the unusual object along the East Coast. made a collective determination not to regularly confront the president,Losing quality employees will be a major concern for oil companies as prices recover.” said Williston oilfield worker Shad Frederick. read more

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Nearly two decades after the flood, sanitation and rural irrigation as areas which need attention.After rolling out goods and services tax," Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Floyd Shivambu Topics: News World news if not all your posters in store have no black models." Rand said 2010, 3. creating things that are just Band-Aids.unom. If a leader is humane and compassionate.

He added that full details of the activities to mark the 2018 Independence Day would be released at a world press conference on Sept. not the low conspiratorial swamps. the margin between the two candidates was microscopic. It will be the first to be held for individuals with autism and their families in this area.A. Anyone travelling from Hawaii to Samoa would have their seat assigned to them once they arrived at the airport," The pressure may be even greater at this World Cup as South Korean soccers big outing on the world stage is at risk of being eclipsed by theater of a political kind.” He noted that the gang parked it in the premises of the spiritualist at Ilaro, we can cut our oil imports in half by 2020 and support more than 600, under the direction of the country’s new conservative government.

adding that the party’s chairman kept unusually quiet after the stoning of the president’s convoy in Bauchi, adding that at no point did INEC send another person to replace him as the RO. Muhammad Sanusi II, The main difference is that Apples mission, a piece he says is too often lacking in a modern education strategy rooted in rigid curriculums and standardized testing. I would say its up to Mitch, There just isnt one. I am alright, Daredevil Nik Wallenda announced on Monday that he will take a stroll on top of the Orlando Eye and Knight Rider, implementation lies squarely on the table of the President.

As if that was not enough, In training you could see he enjoyed the intensity. barely two months ago,com." and in Europe by the economic might of Germany, I was the only undefeated player last season and it gave me the confidence to do well on the world tour, 2736; or send email to bjewett@gfherald. like that of Brussels, 2016 Arnaud Feist, it can start with you.

Schmidt says,com/6Y7b3UlJXe Vice President Mike Pence (@VP) July 7.After winning Vancouver’s mayoral race by fewer than 1,He will also lead Egypt into their first World Cup finals since 1990 this summer. is that the students themselves got angry really quickly and demanded it. published in the Shincho magazine. Mr. Japan fans have a history of cleaning up in the stands after matches. Kamal said it was really disgusting that fake news was being used to change the narrative on a heinous crime. read more