Apple products accidentally show up on Staplescom

first_imgIt looks like Staples is on the path to becoming an authorized Apple reseller. Somehow, someone managed to come across a hidden product page at for numerous Apple products, including the Apple TV. The price was listed at $49.99, half off the normal price. However, it was impossible to add it to your shopping cart as the product was listed as out of stock.Also, the official name of the product on the site was “Apple TV, Test.” The other items, like iPad Smart Covers, also contained the word “Test.” So apparently these page were not meant to be live yet. At least, they were not meant to be seen by the general public. As such, the pages have been taken down, but it’s a little too late now, since screenshots of the product pages have been widely circulated.Although Staples is a massive retailer for computers, electronics, and various computing accessories, it has never stocked Apple products. It does have a significant selection of iPhone and iPad accessories, but only those that are made by third-party manufacturers.Obviously, Apple has made no announcement about bringing Staples into its retail family, so right now everything is just speculation. But it seems highly unlikely that someone behind-the-scenes at Staples’s corporate headquarters would create a product page for Apple products unless the company was planning on selling them.Staples has been trying to get Apple products on its shelves for years, but the Cupertino company clearly hasn’t been too enthusiastic about that prospect. However, Apple’s investors are worried about how popular its products will be in the future, so it needs to start coming up with some new strategies. It could very well be that an extended retail presence will be part of that.via MacRumorslast_img

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