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Police on hunt for money changer’s killer

first_imgPolice are reportedly on the hunt for the prime suspect in the murder of Shawn Nurse, also called “Fabulous,” who was gunned down on Sunday in the vicinity of Avenue of the Republic and America Street.Late money changer Shawn Nurse, also called ‘Fabulous’A Police source has told Guyana Times that, based on information received from persons who had witnessed the murder, the shooter is reportedly a character that is well known to the Police. He allegedly resides in Georgetown, and reportedly has had several brushes with the law, including robbery-under-arms.Detectives have reportedly visited this suspect’s home and other locations that he frequents, but he remains on the run.Police have however arrested two men who are suspected to be known associates of the prime suspect. They remain in custody and are assisting with investigations.Well-known money changer Shawn Nurse, also called “Fabulous”, late 47-year-old resident of Lot 33 Shopping Plaza, South Ruimveldt Georgetown, had been sitting in a chair at the corner of Avenue of the Republic and America Street when he was approached by a man armed with a handgun.Without hesitation, the man demanded that Nurse hand over a bag he had been carrying, which contained an undisclosed sum of local and foreign currencies.Nurse resisted the man, and in retaliation he pulled the trigger, shooting Nurse once to his head. Nurse collapsed and died almost immediately.Police have retrieved a 9MM spent shell at the scene, and have questioned several persons, who have given a description of the shooter. At the time of the shooting incident, the suspect was reportedly clad in a red hoody and a pair of brown trousers.Nurse had reportedly been robbed two months ago, when gunmen had swooped down on him as he was entering his yard. The money and other valuables they had taken were reportedly returned, and the matter was quashed.Nurse’s grieving mother — inconsolable at the scene on Sunday – could not say whether his gunning down was related to the robbery stated above. In anguish she told reporters that she was at home when she received the news that something had happened to her son. Upon arriving at the scene, she recalled seeing her son’s body lying in a pool of blood.This mother had last seen her son alive on Saturday evening, when he had gone to her home for dinner. She could not state whether he had had any issue with anyone, but was adamant that her son had been committed to his work, although, because of the danger associated with his type of profession, his daughters would often tell him to engage himself in another profession. Nurse leaves to mourn his mother, wife, three children and two siblings.The Police are confident that the perpetrator would be brought to justice.last_img read more

Avian influenza in southern Indiana not affecting grocery prices

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Avian influenza that led to the culling of 414,000 turkeys and chickens at southern Indiana commercial poultry farms is having little effect on prices of turkey and eggs at grocery stores, a Purdue University agricultural economist says.Estimates of quarterly prices show changes by plus or minus 1%, which are within fluctuations normally seen in these markets, Philip Paarlberg said.“With these price changes there will be very little impact on consumers,” he said. “At least that is how it stands now.”Some countries have restricted imports of poultry and poultry products following the Jan. 15 announcement of confirmation that highly pathogenic avian influenza infected a southern Indiana poultry flock. Canada has recognized the established control zones in accordance with the zoning agreement with the United States. Mexico, Japan and Cuba have restricted Indiana poultry products while the European Union has U.S. county-level restrictions. South Korea has imposed restrictions on the entire United States.Those restrictions have tended to offset the loss of production and to lower prices – ever so slightly — in the U.S. because of the decreased demand for exports.Turkey prices have been largely unaffected because the 258,000 birds destroyed represent only about 0.1% of the turkeys produced nationally. The 156,000 laying hens that were culled also represent a very small fraction of layers raised nationally.Any additional incidents of avian influenza H7N8, the strain that led to the culling, could result in greater price fluctuations depending on conditions such as a significant disruption of supplies or further declines in poultry exports.While the financial impact on the total poultry industry from the situation in Dubois County is small, Paarlberg said the incident will have a major impact on the farms involved and the community, including the disruption of producers’ livelihoods and any temporary reduction in jobs of workers.“So the impact is primarily local,” he said.Dubois County is Indiana’s largest turkey-producing county, growing 1.4 million birds annually. Indiana ranks fourth in the nation in turkey production.Turkeys at 10 sites infected with H7N8 avian influenza were destroyed. Besides the one flock with highly pathogenic avian influenza, eight flocks had low pathogenic avian influenza, and testing of one other flock was continuing.The laying hens were not infected with H7N8 but were culled because the laying facility was near an infected barn of turkeys and were considered at risk of contracting the virus.The Indiana Board of Animal Health said this week that testing will continue for several more weeks in the area to ensure than no more H7N8 strain remains.The Centers for Disease Control considers the risk of illness to humans from the strain to be very low. It says properly cooked and handled poultry is not a source of infection for avian influenza viruses.last_img read more

June corn lookouts

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Luke Schulte, Beck’s HybridsAs I am writing this, many corn and soybean acres have yet to be planted throughout the state. However, my hope is that by the time you read this, your crop will have emerged and will be growing vigorously.One thing that is certain for later planted corn is that the vegetative growth period will be expedited. By now, many of you have been made aware of the research conducted by The Ohio State University and Purdue University which has shown that, on average, a hybrid requires 6.8 GDU’s less per day to reach black layer or physiological maturity when planted after May 1. This is possible because of the accelerated accumulation of heat units or GDU’s. Instead of producing a new leaf every five to seven days prior to the V7 growth stage, later planted corn will more likely produce a new leaf every four to six days within this same period. Corn that is between the V7 and VT growth stage typically produces a new leaf every two to three days, and late-planted corn leaf production will likely occur even quicker.This is important for several reasons, but primarily for the timely completion of sidedress nitrogen (N) applications as well as post-application herbicide treatments. Sidedress nitrogenNitrogen is important to corn for several reasons; however, its role in photosynthesis and silk development is critical.In the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll absorbs light energy to transform carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen. Chlorophyll is primarily comprised of N. While the process of photosynthesis is key to corn at any planting date, late-planted corn has an increased need to maximize light absorption due to its condensed growing season.Nitrogen is also a fundamental component to silk development and thus, pollination. Corn begins the rapid N uptake period around the V7 to V8 growth stage and initial silk development occurs at approximately the V10 growth stage. Nitrogen is a vegetative nutrient that helps to drive silk development. Corn plants absorb N from the soil as both ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-) ions, but because nitrate N moves freely towards the roots as they absorb water, most N is taken up as nitrate. Because the process of converting ammonium to nitrate can take several weeks, sidedress applications must be made with enough time prior to the rapid N uptake period to ensure adequate soil nitrate N is available for the plant. This is even more important when utilizing anhydrous ammonia, urea, or ammonium sulfate sources of N in sidedress treatments. POST herbicide treatmentsLate-planted corn can grow extremely fast, deceptively outgrowing post-application herbicide height restrictions. See example herbicide labels below:Roundup PowerMAX: Broadcast through V8 or 30 inches, 30- to 48-inch corn requires drop nozzlesLiberty: Up to 24-inch corn or in the V7 growth stageWhile a portion of the labeled height precaution speaks to the ability of getting adequate weed coverage as the corn plant grows taller and develops more leaves, it’s also important to recall what is taking place with the development of the stalk at various growth stages. The number of rows per ear is determined between the V5 and V8 growth stages while the potential number of kernels per row is determined approximately a week before silks emerge. Even hybrids containing herbicide-tolerant traits must still metabolize any post-applied herbicides. Because of this, post-application treatments applied off-label, or too late in the season, have the potential to negatively impact ear size.Be careful when it comes to deciding whether to utilize growth regulator herbicides (those containing dicamba, Stinger, or 2,4-D) in post-applications as these products have the potential to make corn brittle. As referenced above, late-planted corn will progress through the vegetative growth stages very quickly, making it already more vulnerable to wind or mechanical injury.last_img read more

Just hangin’ with my gnomeys — Gnomesville (GCHTN7) — Geocache of the Week

first_img SharePrint RelatedKlaatu Barada Nikto! — Aliens Among Us (GC1N0B9) — Geocache of the WeekMarch 12, 2014In “Community”Connecting the World With Geocaching — Köln-Seattle Exchange Multicaches (GC1GWEV and GC1H38J) — Geocache of the WeekDecember 25, 2013In “Community”Meet the German Robin Hood. — Schinderhannes (GC23VXF) — Geocache of the WeekJuly 17, 2013In “Community” Welcome to Gnomesville! Photo by geocacher CrumpsGeocache Name:Gnomesville (GCHTN7)Difficulty/Terrain Rating:1/1Why this is the Geocache of the Week:While out geocaching, you can meet some pretty interesting folks. Sometimes it’s another geocacher who joins the hunt. Other times it’s a curious muggle who discovers their new favorite hobby. And then there are the times when you meet a horde of gnomes in Australia. What? That hasn’t happened to you? Well head out to find this geocache and it will. Aside from making new friends, one of the best parts of geocaching is that it takes us to incredible (and sometimes strange) locations throughout the world. Gnomesville is a perfect example of an interesting location filled with interesting (albeit small) people.# of Finds:261# of Favorite Points:8What geocachers are saying:“Heard about this place earlier in the year then noticed some caches here too so couldn’t resist coming to take a look. Kids loved wandering around look at all the gnomes. Had no idea there would be sooo many!!” – SpatialRiq“Heading down south with my husband who told me about gnomesville. So we made a detour to come and see this amazing place. We parked the car almost right beside the cache. I was so excited. I got to the cute little cache,signed the log book. Took lots of photos then added my little hiker gnome to the geocaching colony. TFTC it was a highlight of my day.” – Ladyjet86“Great day out gnoming around. What a collection. The geokids dropped some angry little men off to join the clan. Great place!” – polony_5Photos:Well, that’s a lot of gnomes. (See what I did there?) Photo by geocacher WandaleyWe’ve heard of TB hotels, but this is a Gnome hotel. Photo by geocacher Luna MayaGnomes EVERYWHERE! Photo by geocacher CassidyFamilyHave you met any interesting people while geocaching? Tell us in the comments.Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, leave a comment below with the name of the geocache, the GC code, and why you think we should feature it.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Forget the iTunes LP, Apps are the New Album

first_img12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… Related Posts The “iTunes LP” is just one of the many new iTunes features revealed yesterday during Apple’s announcement at their “It’s Only Rock and Roll”-themed event. But the iTunes LP, unlike the other new features which get to exist as simple and fun enhancements in iTunes 9, has a heavy burden on its shoulders. It’s supposed to revitalize the music industry by encouraging consumers to once again purchase entire albums as opposed to single tracks. With this new digital album format, the idea is to replicate the experience of buying an album, complete with lyrics, liner notes, album art, photos, and more, giving music buyers extra content to peruse while enjoying their new music. The only problem is that this so-called “interactive” format isn’t all that interactive. And what’s more, innovative artists are already discovering how to monetize their music while engaging fans in new ways that have nothing to do with a re-imagined LP. Instead, the “interactive format” of the future isn’t the album, it’s the app.The Uninspired iTunes LPNot so many years ago, consumers had little choice when it came to buying new music. If you fell in love with a favorite song from an artist or band, you bought the CD. Singles had already been phased out for the most part, so the choice was either to buy the CD or nothing at all. For this reason, artists were able to make oodles of cash even when they were only a one or two-hit wonder. Yet somehow, the music industry is convinced that people actually bought CDs for all the nifty content contained in the included booklets. With the iTunes LP, they’re reinventing that booklet for the digital age and packing it full of media like lyrics, liner notes, album art, photos, and even videos – that last one being something that you certainly couldn’t cram into the CD case in days past. With this digitally enhanced LP, labels hope consumers will once again buy complete albums, not just individual songs. Unfortunately, this “interactive” album of the future, meant to rev up album sales, is a sad, uninspired effort which tries to cram the old business model of the past down the throat of today’s new digital platform. While the extras are nice to have, the iTunes LP doesn’t offer anything more than what fan sites do, as we noted yesterday in our critical analysis of Apple’s new offerings. And unlike fan sites, which evolve and change over time, the LP is a static offering that doesn’t take advantage of the platform it lives on – an internet-connected digital music player. Forget the Album, Buy an AppMeanwhile, as record labels scramble to save themselves with this new format (and possibly even one of their own dubbed “CMX”), some artists are starting to figure out the formula for success in this new era of single-track purchases and app-laden phones…and it’s not an album. A handful of forward-thinkers have come up with a way to offer true interactive content to fans, which in turn, encourages fans to purchase more of the artist’s music. The answer? The iPhone app. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, these music-themed apps are innovative new ways for fans to interact with content produced by their favorite artists. For example, Nine Inch Nails released a multimedia application earlier this year where fans can access a mobile version of the fan site nin.com, interact with other fans through location-based chat and photo sharing, stream tracks and exclusive playlists, download wallpapers, and much more. Although the app is free in the iTunes app store, the side effect of having more engaged fans means having more people interested in buying the band’s music. NIN, headed by front man Trent Reznor, is no stranger to this sort of out-of-the-box thinking. He has experimented with a number of ways to make rockstar-worthy income in this digital age, including last year’s introduction of a creative multi-level pricing scheme for albums where consumers could download tracks that ranged anywhere from completely free all the way up to a $300 premium package. Within three days, that experiment grossed $750,000 in sales. Not a bad way to sell an album. But Reznor isn’t the only artist with an app these days. American DJ and singer-songwriter Moby has also just released an official app created by social music service iLike which offers similar functionality. Besides providing access to exclusive content, fans can interact with each other through Facebook and iLike and they can post photos directly from the app to the Moby fan community. However, unlike NIN’s offering, this app isn’t free. It currently sells for $1.99. Whether or not this particular money-making gambit will work, though, is still to be determined. The app is only a couple of days old at this point so it’s unknown whether fans will pay. While apps like those described above essentially provide mobilized fan communities, hip hop artist Soulja Boy went a different route earlier this summer. Using a new app platform called Romplr, his $2.99 application, “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em,” lets fans remix the artist’s tracks and share them with friends via email, Facebook, or via www.romplr.com. In many ways, this app represents the best use of today’s digital platform by allowing for true interactivity with the music. In fact, the press release about the launch even claimed “the next wave of fan and band interaction is going to be through the iPhone.” Perhaps it will be the future of music sales, too. The trend of artists with apps shows no signs of slowing down. Just today, popular R&B artist Usher launched his own app, too, “Usher’s Top 100.” This app, basically a streaming radio station of Usher’s favorite tunes, will appeal to fans who want to know what music has inspired the five-time Grammy award winning star. It, like Soulja Boy’s app, is not free either. The price is $2.99. Again, it’s too soon to tell how well it will sell. Only the BeginningAlthough this is only a handful of examples of the new ways artists are using the mobile platform to interact with fans, all of these methods are arguably more inspired than the iTunes LP digital album. Instead of thinking that the old way of doing things can simply be tweaked for the new economy, these artists are developing compelling interactions which will either be direct sources of income as paid applications or will indirectly encourage sales through a more engaged fan base. While it’s too soon to tell how much extra income these apps will add to the bottom line, if we had to bet on anything that could potentially “save” the music industry, we wouldn’t put our money on the LP. It looks like the future is apps, not albums. sarah perez 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Tags:#Apple#Features#mobile#music#NYT#Trends#web 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe Applast_img read more

25 days agoPSV eager to take Man Utd youngster Tahith Chong on loan

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say PSV eager to take Man Utd youngster Tahith Chong on loanby Paul Vegas25 days agoSend to a friendShare the lovePSV Eindhoven is eager to take Manchester United youngster Tahith Chong on loan in January.The 19-year-old Dutch winger, a graduate of United’s academy, has started United’s matches against Astana and Rochdale so far this season.The Sun says PSV are interested in taking Chong when the transfer window opens again in the new year.United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will decide whether or not to keep Chong at Old Trafford given the depleted ranks of his squad.But realistically, Chong is only going to get first-team football in the Europa League and domestic cup competitions this season. last_img

College Spun’s Staff Picks For Week 14 Of The 2015 Season

first_imgCollege Spun's staff picks for week 14 of the 2015 college football season.college spun staff picks week 14With the exception of the annual Army vs. Navy contest, which will be played next Saturday, college football’s regular season will wrap up this weekend. This Saturday, we’ve got a few interesting Big 12 matchups, and, of course, conference championship games. Clemson, Alabama, Iowa and Michigan State can all lock up College Football Playoff berths with victories. Stanford and UNC, meanwhile, need to both win and get help to find themselves in the field. Ohio State doesn’t play, but the Buckeyes will be glued to their televisions, hoping for chaos.In our competition, it’s come down to the wire. Matt Hladik and Dustin Tackett are tied heading into the final set of games. This week, they’ve both chosen the same teams. As such, we’ll have a total-score-based tiebreaker for the Army vs. Navy game next week.college spun staff picks week 1444Who do you have?last_img read more

Football Ohio State falls to No 13 in College Football Playoff poll

Urban Meyer prepares to lead the buckeyes out on to the field prior to the Ohio State-Iowa game on Nov. 4. Ohio State lost 55-24. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorJust like last week’s College Football Playoff rankings, Ohio State finds itself on the outside looking in. The distance from the top four, though, has grown considerably. The Buckeyes (7-2, 5-1 Big Ten) checked in at No. 13 in Tuesday’s playoff rankings, tumbling seven spots after their 55-24 loss to Iowa Saturday. Georgia (9-0), Alabama (9-0), Notre Dame (8-1) and Clemson (8-1) continued to occupy the top four spots, while Oklahoma (8-1), which beat Ohio State in Week 2, remains at No. 5. Of the six Big Ten teams in the top 25, undefeated Wisconsin is the highest ranked at No. 8. Penn State, which followed its loss to the Buckeyes with a loss to Michigan State, fell seven spots to No. 14. One of the conference’s biggest surprises, the Spartans (7-2, 5-1 Big Ten) rose from No. 24 to No. 12.After their upset of the Buckeyes, the Hawkeyes entered the rankings at No. 20.Here are the rest of the College Football Playoff rankings.GeorgiaAlabamaNotre DameClemsonOklahomaTCUMiamiWisconsinWashingtonAuburnSouthern CalMichigan StateOhio StatePenn StateOklahoma StateMississippi StateVirginia TechCentral FloridaWashington StateIowaIowa StateMemphisNorth Carolina StateLSUNorthwestern read more