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Greensky Bluegrass Welcomes Billy Strings, Tears Up NYC [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Friday night saw the Greensky Bluegrass and Billy Strings’ tour land in New York City after a week that also saw “casual Weggendsday” stop in Albany and a gig in Boston. Already this year, the traveling circus of progressive bluegrass maestros has managed gigs in Colorado, Tennessee, and Indiana, and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. As GSBG has really broken through into being able to sell out larger venues in recent years, it seems they’re taking a lesson from the band that they all met following, Phish, and are committed to squeezing as many shows into a tour as is humanly possible, and hopscotching around the country to make it happen.Fans arriving early got the treat of watching Billy Strings picking on some originals. While the Billy Strings show is necessarily hamstrung by his dearth of overall material to work with, the brief early set gave fans a sense of just how hot his licks can get, and the potential that that band really has, with a mandolin player who can rip the same 128th notes right in tune with Billy. With Playstation Theater’s back seats closed off, the more intimate space really gave fans a sense of being close to the action, more reminiscent of a mountain town bar than Times Square’s lavish basement venue.At around 9:20, Greensky Bluegrass hit the stage and came out of the gates roaring with ‘Burn Them,’ a real party-starter of a number that heated up the crowd. After showing off their barn-burning chops, the group settled in and put some of their more composed songwriting chops on display with ‘Worried Man.’Next up was ‘Living Over,’ featuring what was probably the first proper jam of the night, as Paul Hoffman stretched out a mandolin solo before nodding over to Anders Beck on dobro to take over the lead. Beck’s yearning, exploratory tone at the outset played itself out with gusto, developing into quicker and quicker loops with his licks seeming to chase themselves around the rabbit hole, before finally returning to the song’s chorus, the same lyrics they were singing as they rang in 2018 just a little less than a month ago now. A slowdown was in order after the revelation that was ‘Living Over,’ and the more conventionally bluegrass number ‘Room Without A Roof’ fit the bill. With barely a pause following the ballad, the defining banjo riff of ‘Just To Lie’ rang out from Michael Arlen Bont and the group launched into the set’s real meat.The song’s early solo ended and bled into its more improvisational section as it came back to the lyrics, “I told you that I loved you, just so I could lie beside you,” before repeating the lyric “I told you,” with an echoing reverb. This section almost seemed like trance-fusion, as the group played with the pulsating rhythm of the open space in the song instead of letting the intergalactic jam drift—though, Greensky snapped the fans back into their surroundings with the first verse of ‘Hold On,’ whose “shouted, written down, and quoted” lyric resonates enough that the group named a whole album after it. With a smoking banjo solo there, the band pressed their segue further into The Louvin Brothers’ ‘Great Atomic Power,’ whose lyrics they changed from “for your soul will fly to safety and eternal peace and rest” to “enjoy life’s pleasures like drugs and sex.” That more rock ‘n’ roll lyric got a great reaction from the crowd, as the band finally found their way to the end of a wild ride.After a minute of conferring, the band simmered the crowd down from that rolling boil with the heartwarming singalong ‘Tied Down,’ and then inviting Billy Strings to join them onstage for a pair of tunes. The first was ‘I’d Probably Kill You,’ whose lyrics the group fudged to “I’d probably Bill you,” and “I’d burn your house down, if I somehow knew Billy Strings was in it,” giving the younger Billy a bit of good-natured ribbing from some older souls who are rightfully impressed with (and maybe a little envious of) the remarkable speed and dexterity that Billy brings to the stage. Next up of ‘Miss Maggie,’ which each band member got to take for a ride, and then a well-deserved setbreak.After the jump, the band returned with the same inspired lyricism that the crowd knows them for, coming out with ‘Just Listening’. Next up was ‘Train Junkie,’ whose far out and meandering mandolin intro spent a bit of time heating up by riffing on The Grateful Dead’s ‘The Other One’. ‘Wheel Hoss’ followed the high energy ‘Train Junkie’ as the band continued to demonstrate their ability to mix in traditional bluegrass standards with their own, less conventional bluegrass originals.As the band worked its way into the heart of the set, they brought the emotion in the room to a soaring peak with ‘Dustbowl Overtures’ and ‘Handle Me With Care,’ two songs that really demonstrate the band’s ability to summon the better angels of their audience’s nature and well up real feeling from every open ear in the house. After the band’s classic ‘200 Miles From Montana,’ they returned to the world of traditionals with ‘Hit Parade Of Love,’ first made famous by Jimmy Martin. Finally, the set closed with two of Greensky’s best-known originals, ‘Forget Everything’ and ‘Leap Year’.Watching them play songs like those, that they so obviously adore, it becomes clear to even the most casual fan that if this band wasn’t performing on a stage in New York City, they might just as well be picking on their own numbers in their Crazy Creeks at a Phish festival somewhere. There’s just such a radiant joy in every person on-stage, they really look like there’s nothing else in the world they’d rather be doing. Before sending their fans out into the cold, they gave them one last treat: Rayland Baxter’s ‘Yellow Eyes,’ a rarer cover whose use as an encore gave folks something to hum as they bundled up and headed for the subway, looking forward to another night of the same great music on Saturday.You can check out a gallery of photos below, courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein.Setlist: Greensky Bluegrass | PlayStation Theater | New York, NY | 1/26/2018Set One: Burn Them (1), Worried Man, Living Over, Room without a Roof, Just to Lie > Hold On > Great Atomic Power, Tied Down, I’d Probably Kill You (2), Little Maggie (2)Set Two: Just Listening, Train Junkie (3), Wheel Hoss (4), Dustbowl Overtures, Handle with Care, 200 Miles from Montana, Hit Parade of Love, Forget Everything, Leap Year Encore: Yellow Eyes(1) w/ Guido Batista & Luke Milanese (tambourine)(2) – w/ Billy Strings(3) – Other One tease(4) – Macarena dance by PaulGreensky Bluegrass | PlayStation Theater | New York, NY | 1/26/2018 | Photo: Andrew Scott Blacksteinlast_img read more

ORVC Weekly Report (January 2-7)

first_imgORVC Weekly Report  (January 2-7)Players of the Week.Girls Basketball:  Lilly Simon – Jac-Cen-Del and Lucy Carrigan – Rising Sun.Boys Basketball:  Trystan Wheatley – Southwestern.orvc-report-january-2-7Courtesy of ORVC Recorder Travis Calvert.last_img

FIFA Best Award: Messi in rigging scandal

first_imgRelatedPosts Barca president Bartomeu says he won’t go to war anymore with Messi Messi scores twice in Barca friendly Messi becomes football’s second billionaire + Top 10 Lionel Messi has been caught up in a vote-rigging storm as several countries table complaints.FIFA’s The Best voting system has been accused of being rigged after several nations tabled complaints.Barcelona star Lionel Messi pipped Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo, of Juventus, to the gong on Monday night.The national team coach, captain and a journalist from each country gets one vote in each category.However, Sudan’s coach Zdravko Lugarisic and Nicaragua’s Juan Barrera have alleged their ballots do not represent what they actually submitted.Barrera is reported to have said: “I did not vote for Messi. I was surprised to be on the list of captains who voted for Messi and there is no explanation how it appeared there.”Lugarisic was also listed as voting for Messi as his first choice but he has taken a screenshot to show he opted for Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah.However FIFA insist the documents submitted by the Nicaraguan and Sudanese FAs were published correctly and arrived with official stamps.They have contacted the two FAs to inquire on the matter.Meanwhile, the Egyptian Football Federation claim their votes, by coach Shawki Ghareeb and captain Ahmed Elmohamady, were not included in the results.“The Egyptian Football Federation officially sent Egypt’s vote to Fifa on 15 August, four days before the deadline,” a statement by the Egyptian governing body read.“National team captain Ahmed Elmohamady voted while the Olympic team’s manager Shawki Ghareeb voted after the resignation of the coaching staff.”It “asks Fifa why the Egyptian vote was not accepted” and has decided to open an “investigation” into the circumstances of this failure.In response to Egypt’s complaint, a FIFA spokesperson told Reuters: “The Egyptian FA have received two reminders to submit the properly signed voting forms on 19 August 2019.”Tags: FIFA Best AwardLionel Messilast_img read more

GECOM ought to be ready to address…

first_imgThis is affirmed by their apparent hesitancy to pronounce on the readiness of the organisation to execute their constitutional mandate.The administrators at GECOM ought to be ready to address any constitutional requirement in keeping with their functional responsibilities. At the time of writing this; it is a monstrous shame that 41 of the 90 days have passed without a public confirmation as to whether the organisation is ready. This column supports the national call for immediate answers from GECOM.This apparent calculated delay comes during a period when there is a valid List of Voters with an expiry period at the end of April.Given that the organisation successfully executed the Local Government Elections only two months ago, and that its Public Relations Officer had already said that systems were in place to implement Standard Operating Procedures, the return to work and role of Chairman Patterson raises more questions than answers.The current position of stymie, therefore emphasises an extremely disappointing, vulgar, and flagrant bias, which signals a posture of unacceptable convenient prejudice to fuel a crisis environment. In an organisation of autonomy, fairness should prevail, contrary to the obviously demonstrated bigotry. There should be no frivolous excuses by GECOM to delay the performance of its mandate. The organisation was tooled to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of its role. Appropriations of hundreds of millions were already spent in updating GECOM’s Crystal Reporting Database system to enhance necessary responses. It is, however, notable that room for particular areas of ICT improvement still exists, such as the critical fingerprint validation addition.This GECOM ICT system, together with appropriate legislation, supports continuous updates of needed records and required data. In so doing, it provides the institution with a distinct advantage to disseminate information, conduct research, analyse data to inform budgeting and conduct training. It is customised in a manner which positions the organisation to overcome numerous previous challenges and hurdles that were associated with manual systems of the ‘70s and ‘80s when the PNC was allowed to glaringly and notoriously manipulate and infiltrate results.A number of interventions since its implementation, although not foolproof, would have made it increasingly difficult to tamper and manipulate results. Such infiltration by external persons of interests now requires surreptitious internal interplay with administrators within GECOM who have access or are otherwise involved in influencing other employed parties.Protection and preservation of security in this realm remain a matter of strongest concern. The Carter Centre interventions prior to and after 1992, resulted in legislative changes which were aligned to and instructive on neutralising the unfair overwhelming controls the PNC had on the electoral mechanism.Areas of adjustments included the approach to deciding the GECOM Chairman which was given scant regard by President Granger and the system of counting of ballots at the Place of Polls, which give some measure of limited assurance.It, therefore, places for strongest scrutiny, the known controls regarding sealing and transport of ballot boxes to prevent issues like the ‘False Statements of Polls’ finding their way into the tally.The situation is suggestive of internal infiltration and this has to be prevented by the mandatory ICT Sign-Off system of results, and the transparent use of fingerprint validation technology in the future.It is noted that the ICT Sign-Off was not done in 2015 although this is provided for in law, while examination of the ICT fingerprint enhancing approach was indeterminately put on hold by Chairman James Patterson who had refused to meet the United Nations team after they had concluded their analysis.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img read more