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Paraguay’s Military Technology Takes Flight

first_img The first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) prototype built in Paraguay was successfully tested in August 2011, with a flight between the cities of Limpio and San Bernardino. The flight was conducted at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour and at a maximum altitude of 330 meters. The UAV’s system allows the operator to remotely control the speed, destination and altitude from a control center. Lead engineer Rodrigo Campos Cervera (pictured, left), and his team are also working on a helicopter prototype with similar technical specifications. UAV Technical specifications: Sources: La Nación, Infodefensa.com YES, in Paraguay there are also patriots that believe in their virtues…unfortunately, their authorities are formed by associations of political mafia and drug power, influencing against the interests of the republic within all three powers….with an oligarchic media in the hands of a few big shots such as mister Zukopillo from H.C.: color. Length: 2.5 meters Motor: 3 horsepower Weight: 10 kilograms Capabilities: Automatic pilot and video camera center_img By Dialogo October 01, 2011last_img read more

8 Factoids to Help You Sound Smart at a Party

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York File this under Most Badass President in the History of Ever: A gunman attempted to assassinate President Theodore Roosevelt while he gave a speech in Milwaukee. He finished giving the speech with the bullet lodged in his chest. On a related note, no, you cannot leave work early because you have a cold.The Tuna “Surprise”: According to Uk’s Daily Mail, lunches offered to prisoners are more than five times healthier than lunches given to public school elementary children due to a greater serving of fruits and vegetables.Over-exposure: More pictures are taken every two minutes than were recorded in the entire 19th century.Mon Dieu! France was executing people via guillotine as late as 1977. Kinda makes me feel better about Texas, which executes five times as many prisoners as any state in the US.On Easter, 76 percent people bite off the chocolate bunny ears first, while 5 percent bite the feet first and 4 percent eat the tail first.Easter Sunday is the second biggest chocolate eating day of the year, next to Halloween.Where are they now? The Breakfast Club is approaching it’s 30th anniversary. According to IMDB, in a cut scene, Carl the janitor predicts where each character would end up 30 years later: “Bender will have killed himself, Claire will have had 2 boob jobs and a face lift, Brian will have become very successful but die of a heart attack due to the stress of the high paying job. Allison will be a great poet but no one will care, and Andrew will marry a gorgeous airline stewardess who will become fat after having kids.”Harvard-Schmarvard: The Atlantic reports that the best bang for your student loan buck is a Bachelor of Science from Harvey Mudd College. “The small California science and engineering school, is the most valuable college degree in America,” Derek Thompson reports.last_img read more