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On The Exorcist Fighting Demons is Tiring Work

first_img 7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were GreatThe 11 Scariest Religious Horror Movies Stay on target While last night’s episode of The Exorcist wasn’t the scariest, it was the most hopeless the show has felt all season. Fathers Marcus and Tomas are rushing Casey back from the lake to nuns’ house where Marcus learned new exorcism techniques. Tomas wants to tell the Rance family they found Casey, but Marcus tells him not to. This isn’t a simple possession. Regan escaped the demon all those years ago, and now the demon wants to torture her daughter in front of her. He tells Tomas to lie to the Rance family.Nine days later, we learn that Casey has been staying with the nuns since the end of last week’s episode and the demon has only gotten stronger. The nuns are worried that if the demon can’t merge with Casey, it’ll kill her. Marcus says that’s no reason to give up. Tomas meanwhile is dealing with pressure from the church to give up Marcus’s location. His superiors worried about the damage to the church’s image if the media got word of an excommunicated priest performing an unsanctioned exorcism the week before the pope’s visit.Tomas knows exactly where Marcus is and is even helping him and the nuns perform the exorcism. It’s not going well. Casey bites Tomas, telekinetically throws a nun into a piano, growls and smiles unnervingly as everyone chants prayers over her. Tomas tends to his wound and asks Marcus what happened at the lake. Marcus admits he killed Casey. He drowned her in the lake, but God brought her back to life. Marcus asked why God would revive Casey only to have the demon take hold of her again. Marcus says it’s not their job to ask.Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) doesn’t trust the Friars of the Ascension. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Father Bennet meets with the Friars of the Ascension to plan the upcoming papal visit when he learns they want the pope to make a spontaneous stop at an insecure location. He also confronts the group about their finances. Specifically, he asks how a defunct landscaping company has been able to donate $2.7 Million to the group. The brush him off with veiled threats. Later that night, he investigates a warehouse belonging to the Friars and finds a room full of mutilated bodies. He is attacked by two possessed men, but despite being stabbed, is able to fight both of them off and exorcise one.At the Rance house, the media has swarmed outside. During an interview, a reporter starts asking questions about Casey’s violent behavior. Angela starts shaking and cancels the interview. Father Marcus meets with the family and Angela starts getting impatient. She points out it’s been two weeks since Father Marcus told them they had a matter of hours until the demon integrates with Casey, and they’ve heard nothing since. Henry tells her that Tomas is doing his best, but Angela says that’s not good enough. She and her mother reconcile as now Angela realizes that watching her child fight a possession is almost as bad as living through it.Mother Bernadette (Deanna Dunagan) tells Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) that she believes they will have to kill Casey. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Tomas goes back to Marcus and finds that Casey’s body is failing. The nuns have sedated her, meaning the exorcism can’t continue and she will die. Marcus demands to know why the nuns are killing her. Mother Bernadette says they grow so much belladonna to put the extreme cases out of their misery while their soul is still their own. She asks Marcus if he wants to continue the exorcism for Casey’s sake or for his own. Marcus goes to Casey and blesses her, offering forgiveness one more time. She wakes up and says, “No more.”Father Marcus begs Casey to hold on and keep fighting, while Father Tomas has another unpriestly visit with Jessica. She notices something’s wrong and offers to help, which only frustrates him more, and he storms out. He heads to the pharmacy to see what he can do about his bite. The clerk tells him he needs some antibiotics but can’t give him any without a perscription. The conversation is interrupted by a fan who saw Father Tomas on TV and pesters him for a selfie. Tomas becomes enraged and begins fighting the man. The clerk calls the police, but the man doesn’t press charges. Maria arrives to pick Tomas up and offers him some comfort.Father Tomas goes back to the Rance house. Angela isn’t doing so well and has been asking to see Tomas. She tells him that she fears Casey is dead. The night Casey ran away, Angela says, she knew things were still OK. She could feel that her daughter was still alive. She doesn’t feel that anymore. Meanwhile, Marcus is about to give Casey the belladonna, mercifully killing her. He decides he can’t do it. He tells Mother Bernadette that keeping the girl alive is part of God’s plan. Father Tomas brings Angela in to see her daughter. The demon comes alive, sits Casey up and greets her.The Demon remembers Angela. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)The Exorcist seems to be saving all of its scares for next week. Given the preview at the end of the episode, next Friday will have everything we’ve been waiting for. Two priests and a family against an impossibly strong demon that flies its host around the room making it do all kinds of unnatural things with its body. That’s next week, though. This week’s episode wasn’t all that scary, though Casey’s demon-face still creeps me out. It was effective in conveying how tiring the process is. Marcus and Tomas are spent and have all but given up hope. The episode is effective in making us feel that way too.The one part of the episode that was legitimately scary was Father Bennett’s section. His search for the truth about the Friars has turned out to be a much more interesting story than the central exorcism. If the show gets a second season, which is certainly not guaranteed at this point, I hope it focuses more on him rooting out the demonic infiltration of the church.last_img read more