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International Students’ Day: Some common faces we see in the classroom

first_imgThe student life is a mish-mash of amazing characters with aspiring faces each hoping to become a singer, a musician or a sports person. Here is a list of some popular classroom characters that will take you back to your school life.  The Queen Bee: The most attractive girl of the class struts around with an imaginary crown on her head. Surrounded by her train of “popular girls”, she is the queen of the class, and she won’t let you forget it. The Sports Guy: The ‘Messi’ of the class may not be raking in the A’s on the report card, but you will frequently find him cutting classes to push around that football on the field, often getting mud-covered in the process.The Painter: The black board is full of intrinsic geometrical figures but he is busy in painting his imaginary characters. The ‘da Vinci’ of the class will be doodling on the last pages of his textbooks, on desks, walls, and even in exam papers if he can get away with it. The Singer: The class singer will be singing the loudest and clearest in every classroom antakshari. She will also be doing the same in inter-class and inter-school singing competitions, while collecting prizes in the process.The Copying Machine: He can hardly do the most basic of sums, and might not even know who Shakespeare is. But come result day, and his report card shows decent marks. When asked how, he gives the credit to his actively roving third eye. advertisementThe Back Benchers: The back benchers of the class have no interest in the lesson being taught. They are either playing book cricket, eating tiffin, reading something else or discussing the latest video game released.The Gossip Machine: Sharukh or Salman? Kohli or Rahane? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? The gossip machines can go on for hours and days, constantly replenishing their gossip supplies from the latest magazine or TV show.The Hard Worker: The Hard Worker of the class is the most sincere of the lot. While the others are enjoying in recess, he is calmly preparing for the next class, or finishing the homework given ahead of time. Despite all his effort, he might not top the class, but manages to bag the second place. The Bully: The “Bhai”of the class has a taunt ready for every student who isn’t quite that outspoken. No matter how unjustified the comment is, woe unto you if you try to protest. You better reserve a spot in the doctor’s room of your school before you try to go up against the Bully. The Class Bunkers: The class bunkers will slyly make their way out of the school gates without anyone realising. For them, a movie hall or a park are more attractive places to spend their class hours than the six-inch shabby wall of the classroom.Read: Country celebrates the National Education Day: Know about the educational qualification of Chief Ministers of Indian states Read: 10 English words with tricky pronunciationFor more details, follow India Today Education or you can write to us at [email protected]last_img read more