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Malnutrition ‘damages gut bacteria’

first_img 35 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Share Tweetcenter_img Share Going hungry can have long-term effects on a childChild malnutrition has long-term effects on gut health that affect development even after treatment, a study suggests.A team studied the gut health of malnourished children in Bangladesh.Writing in the journal Nature they said the bacterial make-up was not fully restored to normal after food supplements were given.They say the finding might explain why children often fail to grow normally even after treatment.The World Health Organization estimates severe acute malnutrition affects about 20 million children worldwide.Moderate acute malnutrition, a less serious form of the disease, is more prevalent in South Central Asia, where it affects 30 million children.In Bangladesh, more than 40% of children under five are affected by stunted growth.Stunted growth“Friendly” gut microbes play a crucial role in extracting and using nutrients in food.It has been suggested that malnutrition damages this process.Childhood malnutrition can lead to long-term problems such as stunted growth, cognitive problems and weakened immune systems.In this study, a team at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, assessed 64 malnourished children aged from six to 20 months.Malnourished children were either given Plumpy’Nut, an enriched peanut-based food that is the mainstay treatment for severe malnutrition worldwide, or Khichuri-Halwa, which is produced in Bangladesh and has rice and lentils as its main ingredients.Both types of food include milk powder and micronutrients, such as iron.The researchers took faecal samples from the children before they were given the foods and every three days while they were being treated, which usually lasted for around two weeks, stopping when they reached a certain weight.Samples were then taken every month for four months.Supplements?In 50 healthy children of the same age who were studied as a comparison, the gut developed normally.But this was not the case in the malnourished children.All the children gained weight, but there was only a temporary improvement in the make-up of the gut. Once treatment was discontinued, it regressed to a more “immature” state.Dr Sathish Subramanian, of Washington University, said: “Although therapeutic food-based interventions have resulted in a significant decline in deaths from malnutrition, many children never fully recover.“We found that children who were malnourished had gut microbial communities that were not consistent with their chronological ages.“Moreover, the severity of a child’s malnourishment was tied closely with the degree of immaturity of his or her gut microbial community, and this immaturity could not be durably repaired with standard treatments.”The authors suggest children may fare better if they are given nutritional supplements for longer, or if they are given additional gut microbes.Commenting on the study, Prof Colin Hill of University College Cork, Ireland, said: “This is a really important and sophisticated study which focused on severely malnourished children, which further emphasises the importance of a mature diverse gut microbiota in human health.“The findings are novel, unexpected and compelling, and show that purely nutritionally based interventions do not fully restore a mature gut microbiota in these children.“In the future, we will recognise that restoring the health of the gut microbiota is an important precursor to restoring the health of the child.”BBC News HealthInternationalLifestylePrint Malnutrition ‘damages gut bacteria’ by: – June 6, 2014last_img read more

Hi-Rez allegedly not paying pro Paladins players

first_imgIn a Reddit post created by professional Paladins player Patrick “sleeppyy” Ratzow, former captain of Mousesports’ Paladins team, the player alleges that Hi-Rez studios, creator of Paladins and popular MOBA Smite, has not been paying its players.Ratzow, who won $400 (£295) at the Masters LAN Gauntlet, a LAN qualifying event in April 2017, claims to have asked repeatedly for his tournament winnings but has been ignored by Hi-Rez throughout the ordeal.In an interview with Twin Galaxies, Ratzow summarised the situation, saying: “I got a Google Forms link emailed to me on April 24, 2017 that I had to fill to get my money, two days later, I got tax papers sent that I had to fill which I did. A couple months passed and I had heard nothing from Hi-Rez, emailing them several times with zero response. I ended up having to message a Hi-Rez employee outside his employment times on Discord to finally get a response. I hadn’t filled one of the tax papers, which was totally my fault, so I accepted it and moved on, waiting for my money. More months passed and emails sent, zero response. I ended up having to post about all of this on Paladins’ Subreddit (a few days ago as of this publication) to get a response from Hi-Rez, which happened within hours of my post as it rose to the top of the Subreddit.”Since the post blew up on the Paladins subreddit, multiple pro Paladins players have come out as saying they are also owed money by Hi-Rez, including Ozon3TV who claims to have gone through a similar ordeal following the PGS Phase 3 event.Following this, Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris took part in a short AMA with Paladins subreddit moderators, claiming that they “prioritise the treatment of [our] players very highly, and it’s unacceptable that people aren’t getting paid”. Harris does, however, state that, despite the rumours, all organisations within the Paladins Premier League will have been wired their money and any issues regarding this will have been a result of something being blocked along the way, such as incorrect paperwork.Esports Insider says: This is concerning news for Hi-Rez studios that does not reflect well on them as a developer nor studio. With the Paladins League being sanctioned by WESA, one would hope this issue will be resolved smoothly in the near future.last_img read more

Jasper Conran has introduced dining for nonreside

first_imgJasper Conran has introduced dining for non-residents at L’Hôtel Marrakech. The dining room and roof terrace are now available for non-residents of the hotel to book for lunch and dinner.L’Hôtel Marrakech prides itself on its approach to serving delicious traditional Moroccan home cooking in the manner Italians would describe as cucina della nonna (‘Grandmother’s cooking’). The emphasis on dining at L’Hôtel is the use of fresh local produce, attentive service and comfortable relaxed surroundings.Tables in the dining room are set with fine Egyptian cotton. Inviting armchairs and banquettes offer comfort and ease as fresh, vibrant salads and slowly cooked tagines are brought to the table, celebrating the finest seasonal ingredients.With breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains and planted with orange, fig and olive trees, jasmine, bougainvillea, honeysuckle and geraniums the roof terrace is an idyllic place to dine in the open air. 
“There’s probably no prettier place to tuck into a tagine.” – National Geographiclast_img read more