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Peru Petitions for Equidistant Border with Chile

first_imgBy Dialogo December 05, 2012 As always, there is no willingness to find solutions, through organizations like OAS and the diplomacy among the Nations themselves grows when solutions are needed, through the diplomatic relations, the questions concerning each of their Countries. We shall not forget that Latin America is a fraternity. Yes, we are all brothers and sisters. Big hugs to all my brothers and sisters in Latin America the ones I know, and who I do not know. In 1954 and in 1969 Peru signed some agreements with Chile, granting CHILE the right to FISH, ONLY TO FISH in the area of the 200 PERUVIAN NAUTICAL MILES. Chile claims that those agreements also grant territoriality, AND IT AIMS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO IT, that’s why the HAGUE RULING WILL BE FAVORABLE TO PERU for supporting its right of property with reliable documents. CAPISH!!! On December 3, Peru petitioned the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a “fair solution” regarding the maritime border demarcation in the Pacific with Chile, by means of an equidistant line of both coasts. “The Peruvian cause claims that the demarcation was never set, so the border must be determined by the Court,” the Peruvian representative and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Allan Wagner, stated in The Hague while requesting an even-handed solution for both nations. In a session where some judges were wearing wigs and others ermine, Allen presented arguments on behalf of Peru, which continued on December 4 in the same room adjacent to the Peace Palace, closed temporarily for renovation. On December 6 and 7, Chilean representatives will appear before court, prior to an argument session for each country that will start on December 10. The ICJ will then proceed to set the borders between both countries on a date that has not been determined. Peru submitted a 302-page document with maps and annexes detailing its position, and explaining that “the starting point of the analysis is the axiomatic principle that Peru is entitled to have an area of 200 nautical miles.” The trial attracted further attention after the same court passed a ruling over a maritime border between Nicaragua and Colombia. As a result, Bogotá walked away from the ICJ jurisdiction after considering the ruling unfair. Chile believes that the limits were determined by two agreements signed in 1952 and 1954, which demarcated the current border, respected by both countries, especially for fishing purposes. Perú is debating that the projection line towards the Pacific is demarcated based on a parallel, and not an equidistant line, a median, more perpendicular to the coast, as indicated by the 1982 U.N. Convention of the Sea. For some historians, the dispute is the last pending remnant of the Pacific War, in which Chile, Peru and Bolivia were involved, and after which the Chileans extended their northern coastal line up to 400 km and their continental territory by 8,000 km2, annexing provinces that used to be Peruvian and Bolivian. last_img read more

Tender announced for directors of the Croatian National Tourist Board in seven markets

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board has announced a competition for the selection seven director of the representative office on the market Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia and China. The Tourist Board of the CNTB has formed for the purposes of implementing the tender Committee for evaluation of received candidatures, and which was appointed in the same composition as during the implementation of the competition last year when the directors of eight foreign offices were elected. Barbara Mesić, Chief Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, was appointed President of the Commission, and the members of the Commission are representatives of the CNTB Tourist Board Boris Žgomba, Tomislav Fain and Marcel Medak, and Professor Dragan Magaš, who is a member as an external associate. After the deadline for applications, the commission will evaluate the received applications, conduct interviews with selected candidates, which will inform the Tourist Board, to which it will send its nomination proposal.”We expect that quality professionals with creative and interesting work program proposals will apply for the competition. Among the announced competitions is the one for the director of the future office in Shanghai, where we are opening our representative office for the first time, within the premises of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to position our country even stronger in the large and important Chinese market. As a tourist destination, Croatia is very well recognized among our traditional European travelers, so our main long-term goal, while maintaining this status, is to open new and distant markets where we have great potential for further growth and development.”, said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić.In addition to the conditions prescribed by the Labor Act and the Ordinance on special conditions that must be met by employees of the tourist office, interested candidates must also meet the conditions prescribed by the competition itself. Candidates, among other things, must have completed at least a specialist graduate professional or graduate university study, have at least three years of work experience in the field of tourism and / or marketing, actively know one language with knowledge of another world language, know the tourism market for which you apply and make a proposal for its representative office work program for the following calendar year.Applications and evidence of eligibility and curriculum vitae of the candidate shall be submitted no later than 15 days from the announcement of the tender in the Official Gazette, ending on April 26, 2018. years. Read the text of the public invitation with all the information in the attachment.Attachment: COMPETITION FOR THE SELECTION AND APPOINTMENT OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF THE CROATIAN TOURIST BOARD</p>
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Promotion of Croatian tourism before the football match in Trnava

first_imgUOn the eve of today’s qualifying match between Croatia and Slovakia for the 2020 European Championships, the Croatian National Tourist Board is organizing a promotional event aimed at promoting Croatia in the important Slovak market.  Also, all visitors who join the prize draw on Facebook by the end of the day also participate in the draw for the main prize: an extended weekend in Dubrovnik (Hotel Kompas) and Istria (Valamar) with two return airline tickets from Croatia Airlines. The CNTB points out that a promotional campaign was launched on Facebook two weeks ago, in which tickets for today’s match were distributed to Slovaks and as part of which another prize game was held, which achieved a reach of 100 Slovaks.  At today’s promotional event, promotional materials will be distributed to potential tourists as part of the Croatian stand, and together with partners the Croatian Football Association, Podravka and Ultra Europe Music Festival, a prize game was organized through which Croatian national team players Luka Modrić and Ivan Rakitic balls, scarves and T-shirts, tickets for the Ultra festival in Split and Podravka’s gift packages. Photo: Facebook Last year they made more than 450 thousand arrivals, while in the previous part of the year they made about 440 thousand arrivals, which is an increase of 2 percent compared to the same period last year. center_img Photo: Facebook Side dish: Emitting market profile – Slovakia As they point out from the CNTB, all fans of the Slovak Facebook page Croatia Full of Life can participate in the online prize game, which lasts until the very beginning of the match. #MilujemeChorvatsko, ie #I love Croatia share your photo of your favorite place in Croatia. “Today is a special day in Trnava, not only because of the game but also because the traditional Trnava JARMOK is held, a very popular and largest street fair in Slovakia, which is visited by more than 100 thousand visitors over three days. It is a great opportunity to present Croatia at our stand as a year-round destination with an attractive and rich offer. I am confident in the continuation of positive results from the Slovak market in the coming period, ie in maintaining our position as the number one foreign tourist destination of Slovakia “, commented Dubravko Miholić, director of the CNTB Representation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, adding that the football match in Trnava aroused huge public interest and all tickets were sold in less than two hours. The program is held in Trnava in front of the City Arena shopping mall, or next to the Anton Malatinsky Stadium from 10 am to 18 pm.  last_img read more