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Valve video shows the Steam Controller in action

first_imgValve was met with quite a bit of skepticism when it unveiled the Steam Controller that will be at the heart of its upcoming Steam Machine push. The controller has a plethora of buttons and two clickable trackpads positioned for the thumbs. It is supposed to make PC games playable in a console sort of context, but that’s hard to picture. Valve has decided to help us understand what it’s doing by demoing the Steam Controller playing some real games.The demo starts with Portal 2 running in so-called “legacy mode” with no modifications made to the game for Steam Controller support. The left trackpad is divided into four active zones so each one takes over for a WASD key on a keyboard. The right trackpad uses 1-to-1 touch detection for aiming. This looks like a reasonably good implementation, but aiming might be a little tough with such a small trackpad at 1:1.Next up is Civilization 5, which is heavily mouse-driven. The left trackpad in this one controls the camera with the arrow keys, and the right one is a 1:1 trackpad. Zooming is handled by the back-facing buttons. You’re going to be swiping your thumb around quite a lot in this game — it seems less optimal than the first-person controls, which you get a better look at in Counter Strike. This is similar to Portal, but faster and more dependant on precision. It seems to work well, but the fellow in the video might just be a pro at using the controller already.Lastly, Valve shows off how the Steam Controller works in a game that’s entirely point-and-click oriented with Papers Please. Here, both trackpads work as mouse controls, and you can use them in tandem to move the cursor faster. That sounds hard to get used to, but potentially saves this game category if it works.Valve is soliciting requests for other games to show working with the Steam Controller, so hit the YouTube comments to submit a suggestion. And don’t say Half Life 3 — they hate that.last_img read more