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MSC Macoisiere Offer New Cruises from Morocco to Brazil

By Shaquile GoffRabat- Beginning November 20, Moroccans will be able to book a cruise to Brazil. Macroisiere, a Moroccan online cruise reservation business, reached a deal with MSC cruises, the largest privately owned cruise service in the world. The cruise service agreed to add Casablanca as a stop on one of its itineraries to meet the growing demand of wealthier Moroccans for luxury vacations. Moroccans will be able to sail on a 12-day cruise from Casablanca to the cities of Santa Cruz and Tenerife in the Canary islands, before crossing the Atlantic and stopping in the Brazilian cities of Salvador, Ilheus, and Rio de Janeiro. Moroccans also receive a complimentary return ticket from Brazil to Morocco courtesy of Royal Air Maroc.   Read Also: Morocco, France Forge More Cooperation on Security, MigrationThe MSC Poesia is making the inaugural trip. It set sail from Marseille, France, on November 12, and will conclude its journey on December 2.Casablanca has previously been a popular sightseeing destination for European cruises,  but this is the first time Moroccans will have an opportunity to join the journey from Casablanca and travel via cruise ship from Morocco to Latin America.The decision comes as Morocco attempts to modernize its business and entertainment industry through foreign investment.The companies also predict Moroccans will receive the new route well because Brazil does not require Moroccan citizens to get a visa before entry, according to Moroccan business magnate Ismael Belkhayat. read more