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Morocco to Provide 100 Scholarships Annually to Jamaican Students

Kingston – Jamaican students will benefit from approximately 100 scholarships to be provided annually under a co-operation agreement between Jamaica and Morocco, said, on Saturday, Jamaican paper Jamaica Observer.Morocco and Jamaica signed last year a cooperation agreement enabling Jamaican students to follow their studies in numerous Moroccan academic institutions, recalled the paper, quoting Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith.Additionally, Government of Jamaica employees will be afforded opportunities to pursue short-term vocational and professional courses in Morocco, said Johnson Smith, who noted that her ministry was collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to determine the areas of study that will be focused on. The agreement with Morocco is “giving us the opportunity to align with national development goals (by allowing us to select) where we want the scholarships to (target),” she indicated.Johnson Smith added that Morocco will also be providing equipment and support for Jamaica’s soil analyses facilities and development of irrigation systems as well as guidance in determining the quantity, location and utilisation of the requisite agricultural equipment and systems. read more