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first_img Comments are closed. NetworkOn 1 Nov 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article This month’s networkIndustry support is vital to NTO effortsThe UK is in danger of exporting its IT industry, with grave consequences. To retain and increase the prosperity of the economy, a dramatic improvementin the availability and quality of technical and business skills among the UKworkforce is needed. The key objectives of the e-skills NTO, as outlined in its strategic plan,are to radically improve the image of careers in IT, improve links betweenindustry and educators to ensure the high employability of the workforce,generate an internationally respected IT qualification and create a populationcompetent in, and enthusiastic about, IT. In the 15 months since its inception, the e-skills NTO has made significantsteps towards delivering on these objectives. Backed by leading organisations,including EDS, IBM, BT Cellnet, Ericsson and ICL, it has developed the SkillsFramework for the Information Age, which provides a map to the skills andcompetencies required in IT and telecoms. SFIA can assist with a range of HRneeds, including individual/team assessment, career planning, skills audit andfuture skills planning. Other projects include the e-skills Graduate Apprenticeship, which providesa flexible training structure combining a degree, soft key skills and ITprofessional competence – based on the national occupational standards set bythe e-skills NTO on behalf of industry – and the Prove You Can Do IT project,which has linked vendor qualifications such as Microsoft, Cisco and Novell withNVQs/SVQs, and showed how they complement each other. Great work is being done to meet the aims and objectives of the e-skillsNTO’s strategic plan, but only with continued support will the UK industry beable to stand tall as an internationally respected technology innovator. Terry Watts Chief operating officer, e-skills NTO How we can fulfil the desire to learn I was inspired by your Editor’s Comment on workplace learning (October). Learning is a deep and powerful human instinct that takes considerableeffort to stifle, but so many organisations seem to manage this! Tom Peters once challenged a group of executives to find out what theiremployees did outside work. He speculated that they would discover that mostare passionate, engaged, creative, enthusiastic, giving, hard-working and smart– apart from the eight hours when they are at work! People want to learn. They want to grow. Most of all they want to do a goodjob. They want to help their organisation/employer perform better. Training, learning, education, personal development, coaching are the oxygenof ideas. Managers can provide the light necessary for ideas to grow. My top tips for creating an enthusiasm for learning? – Give recognition to those who learn – Managers should lead by example but workplace peers are powerful rolemodels – Encourage diversity in learning. Creativity often comes from the mostunexpected sources – Managers should be valued by the value they add to their people. David Exeter A Die-Hard Learning Evangelist Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Alignment and motivation are vital

first_img Comments are closed. To successfully implement e-learning, organisations must align theirlearning strategy to core business strategy, make learner motivation a highpriority and deliver quick wins in the implementation process. These were just some of the key findings of a study by e-learning providerLaura Overton Associates, which seeks to identify the common business factorsthat help sustain successful e-learning within an organisation. The Linking Learning to Business report, reviewed the e-learning activity of15 organisations across a number of sectors, including IT, telecommunications,financial services, manufacturing, retailing and government. Some 90 per cent of respondents said e-learning is recommended to co-workers,91 per cent said that following an e-learning programme they were able to usepoints learned in their day-to-day work and 75 per cent that it gives themcontrol of their own development. “For the past 18 months, we have heard much of how e-learning has failedto live up to its long-term promise, which has rightly left organisationscautious,” said principal researcher Laura Overton. “In the meantime,there are many businesses have successfully deployed e-learning oversignificant periods of time and have found ways of engaging learners and thebusiness in that process.” The study is published by Bizmedia (e-mail [email protected] for details) and asummary report is available online. Related posts:No related photos. Alignment and motivation are vitalOn 1 Mar 2004 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Dissipation of tidal energy by Antarctic ice shelves

first_imgFLEXING of ice shelves may dissipate enough tidal energy to have a significant effect on the Moon’s retreat from the Earth. It is generally agreed that tidal friction slows the rotation of the Earth and decelerates the Moon in its orbit1. The total energy dissipated can be calculated from observations of the Moon’s motion and agrees closely with estimates of the gravitational work done by the Sun and Moon on the ocean tidal bulge2. Therefore dissipation of tidal energy is considered to occur mainly in the ocean with small upper limits being set on energy losses in the Earth’s mantle and core. Because the amount of tidal dissipation in shallow seas3 and internal tides4 is uncertain it is of interest to search for additional dissipative mechanisms. In this note the possibility of tidal bending of ice shelves is examined.last_img read more

Scoreboard roundup — 3/26/19

first_imgMarch 27, 2019 /Sports News – National Scoreboard roundup — 3/26/19 Beau Lund FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailiStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Tuesday’s sports events:MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLINTERLEAGUEColorado 5, Minnesota 5Pittsburgh 5, Houston 1Chi Cubs 16, Boston 7Chi White Sox 7, Arizona 1San Diego 1, Seattle 0Toronto 2, Milwaukee 0Oakland 4, San Francisco 2, 6 InningsLA Dodgers 9, LA Angels 2AMERICAN LEAGUETampa Bay 9, Detroit 3Texas 5, Cleveland 4NATIONAL LEAGUEAtlanta 7, Cincinnati 5NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATIONBoston 116, Cleveland 106OT Charlotte 125, San Antonio 116Toronto 112, Chicago 103Orlando 104, Miami 99Milwaukee 108, Houston 94Atlanta 130, New Orleans 120L.A. Clippers 122, Minnesota 111Sacramento 125, Dallas 121Denver 95, Detroit 92LA Lakers 124, Washington 106NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUEColumbus 4, NY Islanders 0Washington 4, Carolina 1Ottawa 4, Buffalo 0Montreal 6, Florida 1Edmonton 8, LA Kings 4Arizona 1, Chicago 0Anaheim 5, Vancouver 4Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.center_img Written bylast_img read more

Uni has ‘systematically failed to listen’ to trans students

first_imgThe report argued that “these figures are evidence of a mental health crisis in the transgender community at the University of Oxford, and that this crisis must be addressed urgently.”The same report also found that 63% of students said that they have experienced transphobia or discrimination since coming to Oxford, with 83% having faced discrimination from their fellow students, 29% from academic staff.Although 83% of transphobic incidents involved fellow students, one respondent said that cisgender students are “often unaware of their transphobia”, whilst another argued these incidents “tend to be from a lack of knowledge or unwillingness to understand.”Survivors of transphobic incidents were 50% more likely to have experienced mental health problems, twice as likely to self-harm or contemplate suicide, and over 250% more likely experience problems with drug or alcohol abuse. Less than 40% of respondents said that they felt “comfortable” or “very comfortable” reporting transphobic incidents, and only 21% knew the proper process for reporting them. Meanwhile, only 42% of transgender students surveyed had considered going to “staff-led” welfare services, and most felt more comfortable with mental health efforts led by fellow transgender students.The report also cast light on the failings of university-wide welfare schemes, with just 55% of students “satisfied” with the University counselling system, and only 50% satisfied with the LGBTQ+ Society’s welfare efforts. The report proposed a number of reforms to tackle the fact that the University “is not doing enough” to provide transgender students with “the welfare support they need to cope with issues both related and unrelated to their trans identity”. The University of Oxford has “systematically failed to listen” to the needs of transgender students, leading to a mental health “crisis” in the transgender community at the University, according to the SU’s recently released Trans Report.The survey used data collected in an online survey conducted in Hilary and Trinity terms 2017-18 with 52 respondents. As transgender people make up just 0.4% of the UK’s population and the median coming out age for trans people is 42, the SU argues that the survey represents a substantial enough proportion of the university’s trans community for the sample to be significant.The report found that nearly 90% of transgender students have experienced or are currently experiencing mental health issues, compared to just 50% of cisgender students, with 65% saying the University had a “negative” or “very negative” effect on their mental health.59% of transgender students have self-harmed or considered suicide in the past, and were three times more likely to consider suicide than cisgender students and over five times more likely to experience an eating disorder.Stress and anxiety were the most common mental health issues facing the University’s transgender population, affecting over 80% of students (compared to 75% of the UK’s transgender population), followed by depression, which 75% of transgender students reported to experience or have experienced (slightly lower than the 80% of the national transgender population). These reforms included the creation of a centralised “Trans Fund”, improved training for counsellors about the problems transgender students face, and greater provisions to educate incoming students on trans issues.The co-chair of the SU’s LGBTQ+ Campaign and principal author of the report, Aaron Hughes, told Cherwell: “It’s important to recognise that while student-led welfare initiatives both in and out of college have their shortcomings, they are a vital and tireless source of support for transstudents at the University of Oxford.“Unlike welfare staff, these students are neither trained nor paid to provide such support. Nonetheless, they do so in order to address a need which is clearly not being met by college, faculty and University welfare provisions.”center_img A spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ Society told Cherwell: “The LGBTQ+ Society is committed to constantly working to improve the social and welfare support we provide; however, we would like to stress that our trans reps already work tirelessly to create safe spaces both within the society, and the wider university.“The findings of this report indicate that disproportionate responsibility falls on students to offer support to their peers. Instead of criticising the student-led welfare, which is consistently outperforming trained professionals, we should be calling on the university to stop sweeping these issues under the rug, to take the complaints of trans students seriously, and to improve its services.”The University has been contacted for comment.last_img read more

Oxford renters face eviction crisis

first_imgThey commented on the Government’s current policy: “The Government advice for landlords to show compassion is not a proper policy that can be relied upon where so many landlords will not negotiate with tenants. Rentersin Oxford are facing growing uncertainty with the end of the government’sthree-month eviction ban. ACORN Oxford, a member-led campaigning organisationworking to help renters, said: “Without a rent waiver, thousands of tenants whohave lost income during this crisis will be facing mounting debt and the threatof eviction once the temporary ban is lifted. “We arestill seeing lots of aggressive behaviour from landlords, including NHS stafflodgers being evicted by their landlord. We need real protection for renters tostop a huge rise in homelessness and stop the most vulnerable going into debt. “We’re hearing from renters, including many students, whose landlords are refusing to offer any sort of rent reduction even though they’ve asked; students who are being forced to pay the entirety of their contract even though they can’t physcally get back here or their housemates have left because of COVID-19; and shared houses where landlords or lettings agencies are still having strangers visit the house for viewings” “People are already having to choose between buying food and paying rent. No one should have to worry about losing the roof over their head during a pandemic. We need to come together in our communities to defend renters, while we call for the government to take urgent action.” Manyrenters, especially those on furlough or Universal Credit payments, may befaced with significant financial difficulties as a result of the ban ending. The Oxford Tenant’s Union, a group focusing on helpingrenters in Oxford, said: “The eviction ban the government has put in place doesnot go nearly far enough. Renters will still be going into rent arrears withreduced incomes and at the end of the eviction ban we will undoubtedly befacing a massive homelessness and eviction crisis. “Officialrecommendation has been made by the New Economics Foundation (an independentthink tank) calling for a suspension of all rent payments as a very achievablesolution to support renters. The government also needs to follow through ontheir promise to bring an immediate and permanent suspension to Section 21 ofthe Housing Act.” Theban, which also applies to buy-to-let landlords, has so far protected those whohave lost income as a result of the pandemic. However, with many rentersalready spending more than 50% of their income on rent, there are fears thatthere will be an eviction crisis once this period comes to an end. This mirrors the national picture, where according toYouGov 2 million renters may be unable to pay rent as a result of a loss ofincome from the pandemic. Oxford may prove to be at the forefront of thisnational crisis, owing to the proportion of income Oxford residents spend onrent. “While in the long term we need to fix the housing crisis, Labour have called on the government to introduce an emergency package of measures to help renters now. Here in Oxford, the City Council are also providing practical help to those evicted from their homes, and I also encourage constituents to contact my office if they need assistance.” MP for Oxford East, Anneliese Dodds, told Cherwell: “Current protections for renters are inadequate.While the government have introduced some temporary measures, like pausingevictions temporarily and heeding Labour’s call to raise Local Housing Allowance,these do not go far enough. Oxford Mutual Aid, a grassroots community support group which provides support to the Oxford community, also told Cherwell: “Until now, everyone has mostly been focusing on the progress of the pandemic and the effects of the lockdown. That’s understandable, but we all need to be preparing for the economic repercussions. Housing precarity was already a huge issue before Covid-19, and there are a lot of people in Oxford who are going to need help.” Image credit to Roger Kidd / read more

OCHS Girls’ Basketball Team Gives Back to Community

first_imgThe halftime ceremony Wednesday night featured the Ocean City High School girls’ basketball team and the Best Buddies Club. (Photos courtesy of Brenda Mirsky) Members of the Ocean City High School girls’ basketball team showed their winning spirit during two events that gave a boost to organizations involved with the care and development of children.At their game on Wednesday night, the players hosted the Best Buddies Club during a halftime show featuring cheerleaders and a color guard.The team made shirts for the Buddies that resemble game jerseys. Each year, the players hold an event benefiting the Best Buddies Club, an organization that helps children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Then on Thursday, the basketball team had a fun time while visiting with children at the Ocean City Tabernacle’s Son Club, a church-run after-school program.“It was really fun seeing all the kids smiling and laughing after school,” team member Abbey Fenton said.The kids at the Son Club came away impressed with the players.“The OC girls’ basketball team is the best,” said one of the children, Jaclyn Adams.Members of the basketball team play with the children at the Ocean City Tabernacle’s Son Club after-school program.Both the halftime event with the Best Buddies Club and the visit with the Son Club were part of efforts by the team members to strengthen their ties with the local community.“It is nice to give back to a town that gives so much to us,” said player Danielle Donoghue.Brenda Mirsky, president of the Ocean City High School Booster Club, and whose daughter, Lauren, is on the basketball team, said she is amazed by how the players are able to juggle their schedules to take part in local events.“They really do care about the community and go the extra mile for everybody,” Mirsky said.On Saturday, Feb. 2, both the Ocean City High School girls’ and boys’ basketball teams will be on hand for the annual Booster Club benefit to raise money for scholarships. The event will be held from 6-9 p.m. at DiOrio’s Circle Café in Somers Point.The visit at the Son Club is one example of how the players strengthen ties with the local community.last_img read more

Press release: Minister for Asia and the Pacific arrives in Kuala Lumpur

first_img Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Further information The historic relationship between the UK and Malaysia is today one of modern partnership, particularly in the areas of prosperity and security. Building on this strong foundation, I am confident that both our countries will be able to increase this collaboration, for instance on trade and investment, education, defence and security, research and innovation. We will continue to work together to tackle some of today’s biggest global challenges such as climate change, the illegal wildlife trade, counter-terrorism and extremism. For journalists Media enquiries During his 1-day visit, Minister Field will have an audience with the Sultan of Perak, HRH Sultan Nazrin Shah, to discuss interfaith dialogue and tackling the illegal wildlife trade.The Minister will meet with the Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhammad bin Ibrahim, as well as prominent business leader and the Chairman of the CIMB Group, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazir.He will also meet senior representatives from leading UK companies in Malaysia to discuss strengthening trade and investment ties between the 2 countries.Minister Field said: Follow Foreign Office Minister Mark Field @MarkFieldUK Email [email protected]last_img read more

New Britain Palm Oil reports strong trading, but uncertainty surrounds company future

first_imgNew Britain Palm Oil (NBPO) has reported strong trading for the first half of 2014, however the company could face a new take over bid, after its biggest shareholder revealed it is disposing of its 48.97% stake in the company.The palm oil producer saw an increase of 126.3% in pre-tax profit, for the six months ending 30 June 2014. It also reported a gross margin of 42.2%, nearly 10% higher than last year, reflecting higher selling prices and cash cost reductions.The group has also recieved a letter from Kulim, majority shareholder, proposing its desire to divest its entire equity interest in NBPO. The company do not know whether this will result in a change of control or a formal takeover offer for all or part of Kulim’s issued share capital. In a statement, NBPO said: “The Board intends to establish an independent board committee to ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained for all shareholders and to ensure compliance by the Company with its obligations under the PNG Code.”The company states that its Liverpool refinery had continued to grow sales volumes in both the bulk and bakery sectors with a record level of fully traceable and certified sustainable palm oil delivered to customers in the first half.Commenting on the half year results, Nick Thompson, chief executive officer said:  “The Group’s operational performance for the first half of 2014 was very strong with record production of FFB and total oils which, together with better extraction rates, higher selling prices achieved and lower costs of production, resulted in a profit before tax of USD 73.1 million excluding unrealised non-cash foreign exchange gains.“Palm oil prices during the period have been trading in a broad range between USD 830 and USD 990 per tonne. While the outlook for palm oil demand remains robust, the record supply of alternative vegetable oils has resulted in current prices trading at their lowest levels so far this year.“It also appears less likely that an “El Niño” event will have a materially negative impact on global palm oil production, as was previously predicted by climate models. On a positive note, increasing local consumption in Malaysia and Indonesia and a strengthening of the global economy continue to be supportive for longer term pricing.”NBPO is a major producer of palm oil from sustainable resources and employs around 100 staff at its refinery and bakery unit on Bootle’s Regent Road, Liverpool.last_img read more

Float Your Boat

first_imgThe Appalachians are filled with world-class outdoor adventures.  Within striking distance of many of the major cities in the Southeast are ski hills, mountain bike trails, gorgeous road biking opportunities, and perfect hiking and running getaways.  One of the assets that truly stands out from the rest, however, is our rivers.We have more whitewater rivers than any other area in the country. So it’s not surprising that the largest paddling community in the world has developed in this area. Whether you’re looking for scenic flatwater paddles or steep creek descents, the Southern Appalachians are the place to be.Here are a few of our top river picks for a variety of adventure recipes.WHITEWATERNEW RIVER DRIESThere are a few rivers in the world that have played very large roles in the development of freestyle kayaking, and the New River Dries is certainly one of them.  This section has catalyzed the wave-oriented era of kayaking and kayak design. At flows of 50-60,000 cfs, it is a massive, powerful river, capable of producing some of the largest river waves ever surfed.  The highway bridge that crosses above the best of the waves creates an amphitheater setting, and the photos and video of these features have graced industry magazines and video.Years ago, the previously classic Laurel Creek was flooded and turned into an unnavigable rubble pile by a huge storm.  That same rubble flushed into the New riverbed and constricted the flow to create these perfect waves.  As one classic died, another sprang to life.  Once paddlers are too tired to surf the chaotic waves and dodge floating trees, the rest of the run offers up classic continuous big water that will have any whitewater snob nervous on the lead-in, and grinning on the way out.  Fortunately, for less experienced paddlers, the Dries can be paddled with a tiered approach, and has great play from 18,000 cfs on the Thurmond gauge all the way up to 60,000 cfs and above.Off RiverFayetteville is a rapidly growing hub for climbers, kayakers, mountain bikers, and other adventure sports athletes. One popular paddler’s eatery is Gumbo’s, which features a relaxed atmosphere fostered by the extremely friendly owner. It is the only Cajun restaurant in West Virginia, and the food is as delicious as it is unique.Gauley RiverHow could any “best of” list be complete without the Gauley River?  Between its upper and lower sections, this big water West Virginia classic has absolutely everything from world-class playboating to huge lines in heart pounding rapids.  Don’t miss out on this one during the very popular fall releases.MULTIDAY ADVENTURECHATTOOGAMade famous by Burt Reynolds in the 1972 film Deliverance, the Chattooga remains a protected river corridor with miles of beautiful, untouched whitewater and wilderness. Because of its sustained high quality rapids and ease of access from the major metropolises of Greenville and Atlanta, it is our top pick for multiday river trips.The Chattooga’s headwaters flank Whiteside cliffs in North Carolina, and fall from the mountains to form the border of South Carolina and Georgia before terminating in Lake Tugaloo.  The legally boatable stretch of the Chattooga, from Warwoman bridge down, is comprised of four distinct sections, which follow a convenient curve of difficulty from class I, II, III, and IV+.  Each of these sections can be tackled in a day individually, but the Chattooga is an excellent river to pack the boats full of a couple days worth of supplies, and enjoy time around the campfire. Camping is allowed anywhere in the Chattooga River corridor as long as campsites are 50 feet from any stream or trail, and ¼ mile from any road.  Top sites include Sandy Ford, Woodall Shoals, and a host of others… we’ve got to leave some for you to discover for yourself!Along the way, check out the views that surround this gorgeous river.  For lunch stops and swimming, there are dozens of sandy beaches down its entire length, as well as Bull Sluice, which is an accessible class IV rapid just upstream of the Highway 76 bridge that provides the local sunbathing and swimming hangout.  Seven Foot Falls at low water is a fascinating maze of dry and submerged potholes that can be explored, and it’s always worth a stop at Long Creek Falls on river left halfway down Section IV.  Finally, check out the jump rocks below Shoulderbone Rapid, as well as the rock across the lake from the takeout on Lake Tugaloo.Off RiverWith Bull Sluice as a focal point of the river, one convenient destination is the Chattooga Whitewater Outfitters and Humble Pie campus. These are under the same management, and provide a good stop for gear, information about paddling, hiking, camping and fishing options for the area, as well as pizza and beer to tell stories over.New RiverThe New River as it flows north through Virginia is another classic multiday trip destination. There are myriad options available, and these sections are convenient for the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech crowds, with a backyard playspot at McCoy’s.SUPSTAND-UP PADDLEBOARDINGPOTOMAC RIVERThis river has a heritage as old as paddlesports themselves.  The first waterfall ever run in a kayak was dropped by the McEwan brothers in the Great Falls section of the river, and since then it has been a focal point and enabler for the large Washington D.C. paddling scene.  The same thing is now occurring in stand up paddleboarding, or SUP.Mather Gorge and the section below it are excellent paddleboarding destinations.  These waterways are literally in the backyard of the city, but they still exude a wild and remote feeling.  Multiple access points and rapid difficulties ranging from class I-IV mean that there is something there for every level of paddleboarder, and the moving water aspect of it means an endless learning curve is available.For advanced SUPers, check out the park and play waves at O-Deck or Rocky Island, and for a more mellow experience, it’s possible to put in below the biggest rapids of the gorge at Angler’s Inn. The Great Falls section is always an incredible sight to behold.Off RiverFor Great Falls and Mather Gorge visitors, Vie de France is a perfect nearby food fix. The smoked turkey cob sandwich is a must try, and your dining experience will be rounded out by the nonstop procession of Lamborghinis and Ferraris driven by wealthy D.C. moguls.Nantahala RiverThe Nantahala is a perfect river for paddleboarding. It is possible to demo boards and paddles in a class I controlled environment right outside of the NOC. Once comfortable, the accessible and scenic class II waters of the seven mile Nantahala Gorge are a perfect downriver run, culminating in class III Nantahala Falls for an added challenge.STEEP CREEKTOXAWAY RIVERIt’s like California… but bigger. Those words from Green Race champ Tommy Hilleke sound melodramatic, but they are a perfect description of what the Toxaway experience is like for class V paddlers who dare to venture into her gorges.  Like the granite lunar landscapes of the California Sierra Nevada, the Toxaway also has miles upon miles of smooth bedrock that host the largest and most photogenic cascades on the eastern side of the continent.  Rapids with names like Space Mountain, Energizer, Feeding Trough, 40-40, Landbridge, and Wintergreen must be navigated to safely take out and hike 3.5 miles uphill to your vehicle at Frozen Creek Road.Paddling the Toxaway truly is like operating on another plane of reality.  The first descent occurred in 1978, and took Keith Backlund and crew three days to complete.  The river remained the stuff of legends until 2002 and 2003, when modern equipment and paddler skill level sparked its popularity as a day run for the best of the best.  It is still one of the most challenging rivers in the country with brutal portages and an unrelenting riverbed that tops out at a gradient of 632 feet per mile.  If you have the skills needed, get in touch with locals who know the way, and be sure to notify Gorges State Park of your descent, especially if hiking out after dark is a possibility.Off RiverThe nearby town of Brevard is an excellent recap destination after an intense day of altitude loss. If you want to spoil yourself a bit, check out Square Root, an excellent restaurant located down a quiet downtown alley.Bottom CreekThis Virginia gem is by far the state’s most intense steep creek.  It is four miles long, and will test any extreme kayaker’s abilities on its many rapids, waterfalls, and slides.CanoeCANOE EXPEDITIONJAMES RIVERThe James is Virginia’s largest river, and by the time it empties into the Chesapeake Bay, it drains 25 percent of the state’s water.  Due to its sustained moving water for 12 successive boating sections, and the fact that its currents run the gamut from untouched wilderness paddling to urban after-work fixes, it proudly earns top honors for our Canoe Expedition category.The James originates in the mountainous western part of the state, and initially offers up many miles of pristine, untouched class I floating with excellent scenery and smallmouth bass fishing throughout.  One particularly beautiful section runs from Route 43 at Eagle Rock to Route 630 at Springwood.  This section is mostly flatwater with small class I ledges, but paddlers are treated to complete privacy, and endless national forest land to camp on.  Another option is to paddle to Alpine and camp overnight, make the trip to Natural Bridge on day two, and then finishing out the third day with the popular Balcony Falls section.Balcony Falls is the most popular beginner/intermediate section of the James, with mostly class II and one class III in Balcony Falls.  This section features surf waves and countless jump rocks, and is very accessible from I-81 and the Roanoke area.  Another very popular section of the James is the class II-IV stretch that runs directly through downtown Richmond.  Options abound on this stretch of river, and it offers a perfect way to clear out the cobwebs after a day in the office.Off RiverOne deeply rooted business in the canoe world is Twin River Outfitters in Buchanan, Va. Services run the gamut from tube, kayak, and canoe rental to full service guided overnight trips on a variety of river sections.French Broad RiverThe French Broad provides a perfect foundation for a canoe trip as it flows out of the dramatic peaks near Brevard, N.C. This river provides consistent class I for nearly 80 miles in its trip to Asheville, and it is now possible to break the long journey up with a series of new campsites from the Western North Carolina Alliance.Rent a kayak or canoe from Asheville Adventure Rentals, located right next to the river and near a convenient takeout at The Bywater.Chattooga RaftingWILD RIVERLINVILLE RIVERThe Linville Gorge embodies “wild” better than any other waterway east of the Mississippi.  This river begins its journey on the slopes of Peak Mountain and Sugar Mountain, and winds its way inconspicuously through the high country until Linville Falls.  It is there that the river drops off the face of the earth, and does not slow down until 17 miles and 2,000 vertical feet later, when it empties into Lake James.This gorge is referred to as the “Grand Canyon of North Carolina,” and draws diehard paddlers, hikers, and climbers from around the region to test their mettle and witness the spectacular scenery that the river gives up around every corner. Highlights include the Babel Tower, Table Rock, Sitting Bear, and Hawks Bill promontories.  The gorge is in fact so rugged that many areas of it were never logged, and are still covered with old growth forest.  The Linville has cut its way into the billion-year-old core of the Blue Ridge, and at points sheer walls rise straight out of the river.  This is a dream for deep-water solo climbers, and only enhances the expedition feeling of kayaking the river.For paddlers, the same granitic gneiss that has allowed for the dramatic gorge to be carved is also a serious hazard, with many hidden sieves and undercuts.  The most popular section from Babel Tower to Conley Cove requires top-notch class V water reading and paddling skills, but as long as the right lines are taken, the whitewater is nothing short of brilliant. This river is also an excellent overnighter, starting at Linville Falls, camping at Babel Tower, and continuing down to the lake the next day.Off RiverCheck out the powerful and beautiful Linville Falls. A number of vantage points are available via a hike from the parking area, and watching the entire river drop into that massive chasm is nothing short of mesmerizing.Obed RiverThe Obed River is a spectacular National Wild and Scenic River, and it carries limitless potential for paddlers, hikers, and climbers. The beautiful whitewater on the main river and its tributaries is accessible to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville enthusiasts.TUBING AND SWIMMINGSHENANDOAH RIVERIn spite of the excellent rivers and athletic destinations in this guide, some of us are still looking for a more laid-back experience.  The idea of getting away from the grind is, after all, to relax, right?The Shenandoah River is a perfect place for swimming, tubing, or even just unwinding in the sun.  One of the subjects of the John Denver song, “Country Roads,” this river lives up to that reputation.  Most of the tubing and swimming activities are centralized in the two towns of Luray, Va, and Harper’s Ferry, W.Va.  These towns can both be quickly accessed from many of the surrounding cities, and they are perfect destinations for a quiet float or swim.  While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for the native blue herons, Canada geese, and even an occasional bald eagle.Prime season tends to run from Memorial Day to the end of August, and various sections of the river can be leveraged as water levels fluctuate throughout the season.  Bring your rod for smallmouth bass fishing on the river as well.Off RiverOne of the hubs for Shenandoah tubing and swimming is certainly Harpers Ferry, which is located at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. A unique and enjoyable attraction of the town is Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, where visitors can learn about John Brown’s Raid and the area’s impact on 19th century industry.Davidson RiverThe Davidson River near Brevard, N.C., is the ideal river for cooling off on a lazy summer day.  As it flows through Pisgah National Forest, the river provides the perfect place to kick back and float in a tube, or hang out with friends.  After your float trip, check out Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock just up the road.Hartwell boatFISHINGROSE RIVERFor avid East Coast anglers, the Rose River in Virginia represents an experience not to be missed.  This river flows through Shenandoah National Park, and offers up quality-sized wild brook trout and brown trout and large, stocked rainbow trout.  The fishing is excellent, and the river is conveniently situated seven miles from Madison, Va., 25 miles from Charlottesville, and less than a two-hour drive from Washington, D.C.The Rose winds its way through Shenandoah National Park before flowing into the valley, and the scenery is stunning with views of Old Rag Mountain, Double Top, and others.  The river itself is crystal clear with very little sediment, and is loaded with invertebrates, bugs, crayfish and minnows, all of which make excellent food for the trout.  It rarely freezes in the winter, and stays cool all summer.  Catch-and-release regulations are strictly enforced along its entire length, and sections of the stream have been compared to the Provo River near Salt Lake City, Utah, and other small streams in Montana.Anglers can enjoy the waters within the park, or can opt for a more private experience downstream at the Rose River Farm.  This 1.5 mile section of river is enforced as fly angling only, and serves as a philanthropic hub for organizations such as Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.Off RiverIf possible, schedule your angling trip around a monthly Night Skies Program in Shenandoah National Park. This is an outdoor tour through our night sky with astronomers at Big Meadows. Bring a blanket and a lawn chair, and learn more about celestial dynamics through the lenses of various telescopes.Jacks RiverFor those anglers willing to put forth some energy to access a remote gem, we recommend Jacks River in Georgia. Flowing through the Cohutta Wilderness Area into the Conasauga River, this creek rewards the required effort to access it with excellent rainbow, brown, and brook trout in a wild and rugged setting. • *Southern Superlatives: A list of the best hikes, scrambles, trails, and more in the South!last_img read more